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This free pack of Photoshop custom shapes features a set of 160 Social Media Custom Shapes Icons in 4 different styles (Polygon shape, Circles shape, Circle Rings shape, Rounded Corners shape) all in one single.CSH file in this video content i am creating whatsapp logo in photoshop using polygon tool elliptical marque tool and just little bit use adjustment layer and make.. 912 Best Shapes Social Media Free Brush Downloads from the Brusheezy community. Shapes Social Media Free Brushes licensed under creative commons, open source, and more 938 Best Social Media Custom Shapes Free Brush Downloads from the Brusheezy community. Social Media Custom Shapes Free Brushes licensed under creative commons, open source, and more

Download over 351 icons of whatsapp in SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS format or as webfonts. Flaticon, the largest database of free vector icons 1028 icons (custom shapes for photoshop) By. anulubi. 128 Favourites. 40 Comments. collection of 1028 icons which are used for making icons for mobile themes. eg: icons for launchers (go laucher ex,nova,apex..etc) these icons are not made by me..i'm just a collector. i collected them from DA and from other sources. Published: Jul 14, 2014 50 Photoshop Sun Shapes. Clocks Pattern (Vector PSD, PAT) 30 Cookware and Tableware Photoshop Shapes. Code Geass Symbol Set. 32 Fancy Stars Photoshop Custom Shapes. 50+ Photoshop Random Shapes. Red Faction Guerrilla Shapes. Isometric Shapes II. 34 Creative Photoshop Custom Shapes 350 Free Vector Web Icons Shapes icons. Speech Bubble Shapes florals and ornaments. Photoshop Scotch Tape Shapes other. Frame and Border Custom Shapes florals and ornaments. Free Photoshop Shapes for Windows Phone 8 icons. Free Vector Trucks vehicles. Medieval Flowers Heraldry Shapes symbols. Divider Line Photoshop Shapes florals and ornaments Photoshop Custom Shapes are pre-made vector elements that you can install and use. Today we have curated a collection of useful free photoshop shapes for you to use in your design projects. So, go ahead and download them all

Photoshop Custom Shapes Custom Shape is a simple tool for inserting monochrome vector shapes in Adobe Photoshop. The fact that they are vector allows you to scale them freely without losing quality. Some examples of custom shapes are included in Adobe Photoshop, such as flower custom shapes, trees, custom shapes, animals, and boats As Photoshop brushes, custom shapes save you a lot of time and energy when you're in the middle of the creation process. Besides the ability to insert a good-looking object into our designs instantly, they can be used in any size as they are vectorized. You can also create a new copy,change color and layer style of the custom shapes It is known in the whole world that it has not been easy to buy psychedelic online overnight. buy magic mushrooms gives you the opportunity to buy psychedelic drugs online. https://ourpsychedelicsshop.com Buy LSD online from us and stand a chance of 100% guaranteed fast delivery to all destinations worldwide Download photoshop custom shapes - free for personal and commercial use. These vector shapes are available in CSH file format .CSH Custom Shape file for Adobe Photoshop's shape toolbar .PNG's: 16px, 24px, 32px, 48px, 56px, 64px, 72px, 96px, 128px, 256px, 512px .SVG files for using on websites or making your custom web fon

Free Custom Shapes for Adobe Photoshop. Graphics • Resources Andrian Valeanu • March 24, 2020 • 22 minutes READ Free custom shapes are one of the many helpful utensils that come with Adobe Photoshop, the most popular graphics editor. Along with brushes, they help artists- both professionals and amateurs - to bring into life true. Available as photoshop custom shapes (CSH), as well as SVG vector files. As usual, these vector flag silhouettes are free for personal and commercial use

Whatsapp icon collection Premium Vector 3 years ago. You may also like. Whatsapp logo icon collection isolated on white. lemugraphics. 14. Like. Pack of social media icons with shapes. Vectorium. 529 16. Like. Collect. Save. Golden pack of social media icons. Vectorium. 685 29. Like. Collect. Save. Lower third social media banners template. Custom shapes offered with Adobe Photoshop are examples of such tools that are not just used for modifying an image. Sets of free Photoshop custom shapes can also be used for creating new designs

Custom shapes are really useful Photoshop resources and I am using them all the time. Not only that I use shapes made by other people but I also like to create my own shapes. This new freebie is a set of 10 emoticon shapes, an exclusive resource that I have made for an website that I am partner with. I really hope you will finde these free shapes useful Photoshop custom shapes are useful, if you can't create the shape yourself, don't have the right brush or just need that element in high resolution and really sharp. Custom shapes are easy to use and edit. If you're familiar with pen tool, you can easily create your own shapes. Shapes differentiate from brushes because they are actually created from vectors which will let you get them in.

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89 Social and People Custom Shape #GraphicRiver 89 Social and People Custom Shpe Icons in one CSH file Photoshop custom shape file Scalable to any size CSH file included Install file included Created: 1July13 Add-onFilesIncluded: PhotoshopCSH MinimumAdobeCSVersion: CS Tags: csh #customshape #icons #people #photoshop #socia Click custom shape in the toolbar (shortcut-u). Then select the shape. Draw the shape of the image Open a new Photoshop document to use the custom shape you created, then press Ctrl+n. Step 16. To fill in with a foreground color press alt+delete and right-click on the shape tool in the toolbar and select the Custom Shape Tool from the pop-up window. Step 17. You can select your custom shape

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60+ Attractive Photoshop Custom Shapes. Brushes get a lot of attention for Photoshop users. There are large amount of high quality resources that are freely available but for the appropriate situations Custom Shapes are also extremely useful. Custom Shapes can save your time in your design. There are lots of varieties of Custom Shapes available Find a vector icon or shape you'd like to make into a custom shape within Photoshop. Copy it to your clipboard. 2. Past into Photoshop. Past the vector icon shape into Photoshop. Make sure you paste it as a shape layer. 3. Define the custom shape. Click on the pasted layer in your layer panel

2 MB. Download. adobe csh custom shape download free freebies photoshop pressets ps psd ressources share. View all tags. Posted on Jun 19, 2014. 214,125 Some hero shapes I made. Mostly superheroes. To use: (if you don't already know) Download the .csh file and save it anywhere. Go into Photoshop, go to your custom shapes, click the small arrow on the menu, and go to Add. From there, find the file and append. UPDATE September 2012: Avengers log Today we are presenting 200+ free beautiful food icons, This icons are free to use in your next project, don't forget to read the author license. 50 Food Icon Set (PSD) Vector shape food icons made in Photoshop. Easy scalable vector illustration for restaurant & Bar website. PSD food icons for mobile apps. Download [ Create & Enhance Photos, Illustrations & More w/ Improved Tools & New Tutorials

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Also if you skip to 0:12 (the video is in fast foward motion unfortunately but if you pause a couple times and look you can see he goes to custom shape tool and the shape he has is a ferris wheel type shape and he makes overlay in the background. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device 1. Create Symbols With Custom Shape Picker In Photoshop This is the first way to insert copyright symbol in Photoshop.You might don't know but Photoshop comes preloaded with all the special symbols and characters such as copyright symbol (©) , trademark symbol (™) , registered symbol (®) and many more 3. Use the Custom Shape Tool. If you can't find the symbol you need or want to modify it, you can create a custom shape: In Photoshop's Tool Bar, find the Shape Tools, e.g. Rectangle Tool / Line Tool, and select the Custom Shape Tool. You can choose from many special characters in the drop-down menu Step 8. Make the shape. Choose Edit>Define Custom Shape . To quickly recap. 1. Select the shape; 2. Make a Work Path; 3. Make a Custom Shape from the Path; Making icon badges from the custom shapes Step 9. Using the shapes. Here we will create some icons from the shapes and save them for future use. Create a new Document

Whatsapp Profile Photo Size. Whatsapp Profile Pic: 192x192 pixels for smartphones with 4-5 inches screen and 140x140 pixels for smartphones with less than 4 inches screen. Ideally, it should be 500x500 px; The best size for WhatsApp Stories is 750x1334 px Photoshop users are able to benefit from the vast amount of high-quality resources that are freely available to the community. Brushes get a lot of attention, but **custom shapes** are also extremely useful in the right situations. Finding a custom shape that has already been created can save you some time and headaches in your design, and fortunately there is a very wide variety of custom. Photoshop learners often ask such question and are mostly advised to learn path drawing. But I would say the method of path drawing is for the serious Photoshop professionals. Writing text around free-form shape requires path drawing but if you just want to write text around a circle or other geometric shapes, here is a quick and easy method You can draw custom shapes by using shapes from the Custom Shape pop-up panel, or save a shape or path to use as a custom shape. Select the Custom Shape tool from the shape tools in the toolbar. To view all the custom shapes that come with Photoshop, click the gear icon on the right of the Custom Shape picker in the shape tool options bar 1.With the Custom Shape Tool selected, in the Options bar at the top of the Photoshop screen, click on the Shape drop down. Then click on the sub-menu (it looks like a cog wheel) and choose Talk Bubbles. 2. A dialog box will open asking if you want to Replace or Append the current set of Shapes

We will go step by step and cover Photo Editing. The goal here is to help you. A) Setup an Account with Adobe Creative Cloud. B) Have the ability to Download and Install Photoshop 2020 App. C) Deal With Photos in Photoshop 2020 and learn how to edit photos Imagine, below are 750 Photoshop layer styles of realistic effects to choose from. With a simple click, you can instantly apply distinct layer styles to your text. Every designer knows, depending on the project of course, that adding beautiful layer styles can truly bring your projects to life. I think this collection of free Photoshop layer. Rectangle Tool is a rectangular vector path shape in Photoshop toolbar. If you need a rectangle shape drawing, you can use this tool. Custom Shape Tool is a CC version Photoshop Tool. It lets you select and custom shape. Hand Tool (H) Share on whatsapp. Share on email. Share on mix. Share on vk. Share on tumblr. Aslo Read En este video les enseñaré a cómo instalar nuevos Shapes o Formas en PhotoshopProductos recomendados (Para todos los países) Photoshophttps://amzn.to/33nHf.. Koleksi Custom Shape Photoshop Keren. Dalam artikel blog kali ini... saya akan share kepada teman-teman koleksi Custom Shape yang bisa teman-teman gunakan untuk mempercantik desain yang teman-teman buat. karena ini merupakan custom shape, maka dijamin semua gambarnya pasti high resolution. nah, dari pada berlama-lama, langsung saja di download.

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  1. Goodies: Fancy Labels Custom Shapes. August 27, 2014. 5. 2596. Fancy freebie! Fancy Labels Photoshop Custom Shapes are FREE for personal and commercial use. Comments and credits are always greatly appreciated. To download just click the download button
  2. Banyak ragam dan juga bentuknya yang tersedia di custom shape tool ini bawaan dari aplikasi photoshop itu sendiri. Tetapi jika kita sering mengedit gambar pastinya tidak puas dengan bentuk-bentuknya yang hanya itu-itu saja dan jika harus terus menggunakan gambar custom shape tool sendiri pasti akan ada yang sama dengan punya orang lain.. Salah satu caranya adalah dengan membuat custom shape.
  3. Use with the pen tool, or the custom shape tool set to custom shapes or paths. In this case, grab a heart custom shape and choose Shape for the options. I have made a heart custom shape. Step 2. Next to the stroke, choose the color and width from the top menu. Click on the line next to size to reveal the Stroke Options
  4. Custom Shape biasanya di gunakan untuk membuat bentuk-bentuk gambar yang sudah jadi, dengan menggunakan Custom Shape kita dapat dengan mudah membuat design yang kita inginkan. Nah pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan mengajarkan bagaimana caranya menginstal atau menambahkan Custom Shape yang belum ada di Photoshop
  5. Triangle brushes come in various triangular patterns and designs. Best used for decorating the corners of your photos and images, to add to psychedelic party flyers, to add to music album covers and various other places, these templates are available in multiple formats and are easy to download, edit and use as per your requirements

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to create a paintbrush Select the area for brush creation and then go to edit>define brush preset. find it in the brush menu, voila! you can also change the brush preset in the brush settings like a standard one. alternatively you can use a layer mask which allows for better flexibility than the Eraser and it uses ye old paintbrush tool After selecting a Marquee tool or Lasso tool, select the area of an image you want to censor. Next, go to the File menu and select Pixelate -> Mosaic. Set the cell size on the appearing property box and click the OK button to apply it. Go to Select -> Deselect ( Ctrl+D) to deselect the selected area. If you want to use a different censor style. Shape. Create shapes with the Shape Crop tool to make your image pop on your design or to turn your image into the perfect shape for a button or sticker. For added customization, use the Remove Background feature to cutout the subject of your photo and choose a color to fill the background of your new shape crop. Crop your images no So, to create a sticker in Photoshop we only need some simple layer styles that you can add to any text, vector or raster layer. Start with a colorful background. Type any text you like using your favorite font and/or add a custom shape like shown in the image. Open the layer style window and add the following layer styles for the Text Layer Photoshop 7.0 Tutorials in tamil, Learn basic to advanced on photoshop, to create a banner design, wedding invitation, visiting cards etc.

Photoshop Custom Shapes Ultimate Roundup by admin Custom Shape is the most straightforward tool that allows you to import monochromatic vector forms into Adobe Photoshop 441+ Bird Photoshop Brushes - Free ABR, PSD, EPS Format Download! Birds are very serene, calm and peaceful creatures. Including these wonders of nature in an image is never a bad idea. They provide a feeling of peace and serenity. The fluttering wings, majestic patterns formed by flying birds, or even shadows of birds give the image an. 14 Free PhotoShop Alternatives Tools For Windows. Nowadays everyone wants to post a nice image on social media that may impress their friends and gather. Ashutosh KS. Web Design Goodies: Dividers Custom Shapes. April 8, 2017. 6. 2979. Just a small collection of decorative dividers. Hope you find them useful! Dividers Custom Shapes are FREE for personal and commercial use. Comments and credits are always greatly appreciated. To download just click the download button Cara membuat custom shape di photoshop - Aplikasi Adobe Photoshop adalah salah satu program desain grafis profesional kelas paling populer di dunia. Dimana peminat dan hasil dari aplikasi sangatlah baik. Ini memungkinkan para desainer dan fotografer untuk mengubah ukuran dan memperbaiki foto, membuat dan mengedit file gambar berbasis layer, menambahkan filter dan efek, dan membuat [

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  1. Give a new look to your favourite photos by applying custom shapes , patterns, effects and filters to it, and Save and share it to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks instantly. Create amazing custom Shape photos. Cropping Free tool to change the shape of your pic. Enlarge, shrink or rotate photos with easy-to-use Finger touch
  2. In this tutorial, you will learn 5 different ways to apply color swatches in Photoshop and improve your workflow! In Photoshop 2020, the easiest way to add colors from the Swatches panel is to drag a color swatch onto a layer in the Layers panel. You don't have to select the layer because Photoshop will automatically select the layer as you drop the swatch onto it
  3. Mastering Shapes in Adobe Photoshop CC + 10 Projects [2019] Udemy Free Download Create Stunning Vector Arts using Shapes and Pen in Adobe Photoshop CC by Covering 10 Real World Projects from scratc
  4. To find and add Pantone colors in Photoshop: Click the active color box in the Photoshop toolbar. This will open the color picker dialog box. Click color libraries in the dialog box. Click the drop-down and select the Pantone Color book your swatch is in e.g Pantone Solid Coated. Now quickly type the first few digits of the specific.
  5. for Adobe Photoshop, just have one file, Design xxx.psd 2.Modify the Flat Design template. for Adobe Illustrator: There will be a Flat Design-xxx.ai file in each folder, open it, just like following picture, you can make your socks design on that. for Adobe Photoshop: You can find a layer called Flat Design. You can find a.

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  1. Image Shape Pro. Image Shape Pro is the number one photo cropping app because it gives you hundreds of stunning shapes in which you can easily set your faces. Beautiful symbols and geometric shapes will give a modern look to your pictures. Almost all the shapes are captivating and if you use the colorful backgrounds then your pictures will glow.
  2. 00:36 As for the shape of the circle, there's a very handy custom shape that; 00:39 comes with Photoshop that's gonna work great for a design like this. 00:43 Go ahead and grab the Custom Shape Tool from your Tools bar and; 00:46 then on your Options bar at the top. 00:48 Open up the shape picker. 00:50 By default, the shape that we're looking fo
  3. A new little 3d style embossed gold foil Photoshop Text effects templates. This free PSD gold text effects easy to use and edit, just place your logo or text on the above of all layer, smart object layer. Happy Download. File Info: Available Format: Smart layer .psd fileDimensions: 5000×3750 PixelsLicense: Free for your personal an
  4. . Open images and work with cloud documents in Photoshop on your. Watch, 5
  5. Adobe Photoshop is the most popular graphic design software used by many design and creative professionals. download and install WhatsApp for Windows 7/8/8./10 Mac. Step by step guide for you to enjoy this most popular messenger app on your desktop. Learn how to use the custom shape tools to give your photos a more artistic feel. 15
  6. Learn latest techniques of adobe Photoshop at web development institute in Affordable Price. Give us call on: 7683072463 to join us
  7. November 7, 2015. Posted in: Tip Of The Day. While in the Custom Shape tool, pressing on [ or ] (the bracket keys) will change the shape to the next or previous shape in the Custom Shape Picker (found in the Options bar). Holding the Shift key while pressing the bracket keys will select the first or last shape. « Previous Photoshop Tip: | Next.

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Find Whatsapp icons in multiple formats for your web projects. Create stunning designs with many free Whatsapp icons available in PNG, SVG, AI, EPS, base64, and other formats • Craft unlimited sticker packs for both Gboard and WhatsApp. • Access to the camera in capturing shots or upload from the library directly. • Create stickers with simple finger cut-outs and fixed shape selection. • Scale stickers correcttly, add drawings and text to the stickers Shapego is a modern, fully featured wordcloud generator with many useful features in a streamlined, intuitive interface: - Choose a shape that defines your wordcloud. - Create a new shape by. 1. Pertama teman teman harus membuat lembar kerja dari photoshop. 2. lalu teman teman buat sebuah obyek dengan rectangel tool , elipse tool , polygon tool atau rounded tool , disini saya praktekan dengan rectangel tool : 3. jika sudah , lalu teman teman pilih custom shape tool : 4. Lalu pilih combine shapes untuk menggabungkan Download this free Contour Photoshop pack. This free Photoshop preset contour comes 139 unique styles. Made for Photoshop CS5, probably works with older versions too. File Info: 139 CONTOURSAvailable Format: .SHC fileLicense: Free for personal and commercial useFile Size: 19 KBDownload file type: .shc fileShared by: James To use these you need Adobe Photoshop Instructions:Ho

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Today we'll be taking a quick look at how to create an Instagram post template in Adobe Photoshop! Whether it's for a hot sale your site is having, you're announcing a huge giveaway, or maybe you just want to wish your followers a happy holiday, having a blank Instagram post template that's ready to be filled in and customized with only a few clicks is a must for any booming Instagram account We want to create our own custom T-Shirt design or just to present a vector design to a client. Thus, there's a serious need for a T-shirt template that we can easily edit in Photoshop. You'll find lots of neat looking T-shirt template options for Photoshop in here. T-Shirt Mockup using SmartObject .PS Today we created new 40 Cad Human figure / Sanaa People set of Photoshop Brushes for Architects. Months ago we added SANAA Style Human Figures Brush Pack 1. After request of Architectures we create more unique Sanaa People Silhouette Photoshop Brush in high resolution (1500 px). Happy download! enjoy your freebie. File Info: 40 brush

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Photoshop is the worlds's #1 photo editing application. This full course is the best way to learn how to use it. Edit photos and design graphics the way you imagine them! Download practice photos and Photoshop files. At the beginning of this course, you'll download a folder of photos and project files so you can practice and learn Don't be afraid to reach out to clients to find out what they want before diving much deeper into the process. You want them to be happy, so you'll need to stay in touch! Step 3: Create Frame Animation This step couldn't be simpler. Click the Create Frame Animation button within the timeline. Changing to this layout will adjust the Timeline mode to a frame-by-frame style Photoshop Basic Sikhe Sirf 10 Minutes Me in Hindi. Photoshop ek bahut hi bahtari application hai, iska use kai blogging me infographic design karne me bhi kiya jata hai aur sath me main iska use business me kai log wedding images ko design karne me bhi lete hai. lekin kai user confuse ho jate hai yah soch kar ki ise kaha se sikhan shuru kare

Custom Design and Colors. Make your QR code look really unique with our design and color options. You can customize the shape and form of the corner elements and the body of the QR code. You can also set your own colors for all QR code elements. Add a gradient color to the QR code body and make it really stand out Locate the design you wish to add stickers to and click the vertical ellipse on the far right of the products. Choose Edit Products. Click on Tech in the category nav and then hover over the Sticker. Click Edit. Drag & drop your newly created PNG into the Upload Customer Image box. Now, adjust size and position to your. 1. Click on the text tool. Within your Photoshop document, click on the text tool that looks like a capital T in the tools palette. Click on the layer of the text you want to justify in the layers panel. Then, select the text tool by clicking the T in the tool menu or pressing the T shortcut. You can choose either the horizontal. Hexels is an grid-based art program for Mac and PC that lets you paint with shapes. With Hexels standard hexel draw mode, a few bonus shape modes, and the default glow feature. You can paint all. Get Photoshop on desktop and iPad for just S$27.62/mo* (incl. GST). Transform photos into flights of pure imagination. With one-click selections, easy masking, and virtually unlimited layers, you can quickly create what your camera can't capture. A thousand brushes with greatness

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Free shipping, free online proofs, fast turnaround. Sticker Mule is the fastest and easiest way to buy custom printed products. Order in 60 seconds and we'll turn your designs and illustrations into custom stickers, magnets, buttons, labels and packaging in days. We offer free online proofs, free worldwide shipping and super fast turnaround 5. Pixlr. Another free online photo editor that lets you cut out objects into various shapes is Pixlr. First, upload your image and then select the Cutout tool from the left pane. Choose the shape.

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Mini square business cards are creative and cost effective innovation. Small square business cards are custom shape and professionally design business cards. Each card is fully editable, very easy to use and customize in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. You can easily change the color of the element itself in just on To make your own, start by opening up Photoshop. Create a new 8.5×11 image. Now, go to View>Grid and make sure it's checked. The grid will help A LOT in getting things lined up. You'll notice how some of the lines are darker. Pick one of the dark crosses toward the middle and zoom to 300+%. Use the custom shape tool to create the. Insignificon Social icon set contains 38 unique social media icons made of lines, dots, and awesomenesses, that look perfect in 32px, 48px, 64px, etc.. Easy to use and edit on Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw or other graphic softwares.. Suitable for website, portfolio, mobile app, desktop app, and print. This icon set is including: Single icon transparent PNG files in 32px, 64px, and 128px.

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Get started with Adobe Photoshop. Find tutorials, the user guide, answers to common questions, and help from the community forum How to Build Stronger Compositions Using Shape. Part of learning to see, and improving the composition of your photos, is training yourself to see the subject in abstract terms. Converting photos to black and white helps with composition. It is a form of abstraction that helps make other elements, such as texture and tonal contrast, easier to see

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Brushes in Procreate, Custom Shapes & Brushes in Adobe Photoshop and drag & drop Symbols in Adobe Illustrator. So whether you have an iPad, Surface, Wacom or Desktop Computer there is an option that can work for you. Want to use it with your pens and pencils? No problem, compose them in one of the above programs and print it off Second, Photoshop's Save for Web colour reduction algorithms are quite old-fashioned, and (far) better methods are available. Not in Photoshop, however. For a good conversion you will have to look elsewhere. Here is the original version @2x zoom (32101 colours): Photoshop's version Custom shapes are available so feel free to let your imagination run wild and dream up a shape consistent with the theme of your event. WhatsApp. SMS TOO! Text 718-932-2700. .tiff and .eps files.We can also accept native files from Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe Indesign.However, sending us native files can potentially. 1. Edit 3 Projects from Scratch 2. Edit Thumbnails 3. Edit Wallpapers 4. Photo Touchup on my Udemy Profile Picture 5. Learn Photoshop 2020 Tools 6. Move Tool 7. Rectangle Marquee Tool 8. Lasso Tool 9. Object Selection Tool 10. Crop Tool 11. Frame Tool 12. Eye Dropper Tool 13. Spot Healing Brush 14. Brush Tool 15. Clone Stamp Tool 16. History Brush Tool 17. Eraser Tool 18. Gradient Tool 19

How to Move Body Parts in Photoshop | Quick Tips - Dezign ArkKoleksi Custom Shape Photoshop KerenDownload 50 Sets of Free Photoshop Shapes & Increase yourFree Round Shape Wall Clock Mockup PSD - Good MockupsHow to create Arrows in Photoshop – davrophotofx