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https://macmost.com/e-2137 You can turn any standard sound file into a ringtone right on your iPhone using the free GarageBand app from Apple. You can also u.. For some reason, it is much harder to set a new ringtone from an MP3 file in an iPhone device in comparison to an Android device. However, it is still possible by using the GarageBand app which is. Open the music file, then you can drag the slider to set the duration of the ringtone. After finishing it, click the Import to Device button to transfer the ringtone to your iPhone. Then, you will see it in the tone list on your iPhone, and you can set it as a ringtone now. Set the Duration of the Custom Ringtone and Import to iPhone

You can buy one or download one onto another device (ex. a laptop) and then send the file to the phone. Plug the phone into the laptop and open the file explorer. Be sure that your phone is unlocked while you do this. Drag the ringtone file from your laptop's files to the phone's directory and it should appear in your audio files Open your iPhone's Settings app. Tap Sounds and then Ringtone. Tap Tone Store, then search a tone that you like. Tap on the price to buy the tone. You can now set the song as a default ringtone, text tone or assign it to a contact. If you prefer doing that later, tap Done After downloading the app and connecting your iPhone to this computer, click Toolbox from the left panel and tap the Ringtone Maker. 2. Select the music file to make a ringtone. Either click Add a file from a device or Add a file from the PC, choose the desired song from the list, and hit Select to import the music into this program

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Go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics. Under Sounds and Vibrations Patterns, tap the sound that you want to change. Tap a ringtone or alert tone to hear and set it as the new sound. Set a ringtone or text tone for a contac Select the ringtone file in File Explorer and press Ctrl+C, or right-click it and select copy. Next, click inside the Tones list inside iTunes and press Ctrl+V to paste it. iTunes will sync the ringtone to your phone and it will immediately appear under Tones here. Step Six: Choose the Ringtone

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  1. How to Set a Song as a Ringtone on iPhone Open the Settings app and tap on Sounds & Haptics
  2. You have to create a ringtone from your song using iTunes, then sync it to your phone. See http://cnettv.cnet.com/create-free-ringtones-itunes-10/9742-1_53-50093086.html
  3. Click Sync in the bottom right. This will sync all ringtones to your iPhone. To add more ringtones to iTunes, click File then Add File to Library while in the Tones folder. Select a ringtone from a saved location on your computer
  4. In the File tab on top select Add File to Library You can also drag the ringtone file to iTunes with a mouse. In the window that came up, select the ringtone you created. The ringtone you added should appear in the Tones (or Ringtones) folder
  5. On your iPhone, open the Phone app and touch the Contacts tab at the bottom. Press the name of the contact you intend to add, followed by Edit. Touch Ringtone to choose the ringtone you need and then hit Done. 2
  6. Tap and hold the project and select Share from the list. Here, select Ringtone, then continue, name the song as per your choice, and tap Export. Once the process completes, tap Use sound as to set it as ringtone directly or OK to do it manually. Note: While exporting, iPhone automatically trims the ringtone at 30 seconds

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  1. Step 3: Set iPhone ringtone with GarageBand. Download iPhone ringtones right on the phone. Before setting iPhone ringtones, you need to download music files. Now iPhone supports file manager and Safari has the function to download and manage downloaded files. So very we have a lot of ways to download iPhone ringtones. Just choose the one that.
  2. In this tutorial you will learn how to turn any non rights-managed audio file into a ringtone for your iPhone without a Mac or PC, using only the built-in fe..
  3. Open iTunes and go to File on the top-left corner to select Add File/Folder to Library to import the song you would like to set as iPhone ringtone. Step 2. Right-click on the song and choose to Get Info > Option. Step 3. In the pop-up new windows, you can set the start and the stop time for the ringtone which should be in 40 seconds
  4. Like many iPhone users, I always want to set my favorite song as a ringtone, but it seems that I'm not able to accomplish the task directly on iPhone. As iPhone doesn't recognize a MP3 file as ringtone, so we have to convert the song into a M4R file, and then we can sync it to iPhone as a ringtone
  5. Tap the small + icon in the right corner. Tap to edit Section A. Press the up or down arrows to set Manual to 30 bars (to create your 30-second ringtone). Tap Done . Select the arrow, and My Songs to see your saved audio files. Your new ringtone will be labeled My Song. Press and hold your new ringtone to rename it
  6. Download Song to Files App on iPhone. Download and Install GarageBand App on iPhone. Import Song from Files App to GarageBand. Select 30 Second Clip from the Song. Export the Song Clip to Ringtones; While the process to Set Song as Ringtone on iPhone may appear a bit laborious or difficult, it actually becomes easy, once you get used to the.
  7. Go to Settings app > Ringtones select your ringtone. Within just 10 seconds you have your song all set up as a ringtone. If you have M4A track it becomes even faster, since you don't have to convert MP3 to iPhone ringtone. Change its extension to m4r manually and drop into WALTR

1. Presently, the maximum length of a ringtone is 30 seconds. 2. For Andrew's problem, before importing a song, click the small + icon beneath the setting icon in the top right of GarageBand screen, followed by pop-up small screen Section A; then, adjust the numerical number from 8 to whatever number that is large enough to cover the total length of your song ( 1 numerical number = 2 seconds. Sometimes, people want to uninstall it. In this video, I show you how to convert any audio or video file on your iPhone or iPad to an MP3 file using the very cool Worklow app in iOS. Setting MP3 files as a ringtone on an Android device is easy, but many people face difficulties in doing so. Steps 1. Open File Manager 3. Then, tap on 'Ringtone' to export your project as the iPhone ringtone (.m4r or .m4a file type). Note: Bear in mind that your custom iPhone ringtone must be 30 seconds or less. If it is longer, the GarageBand app will automatically shorten its length at the time of exporting the track as an iPhone ringtone. Tap on Continue to proceed Bonus Tip: How to Custom Ringtone on iPhone 12. After adding the ringtones you like to your iPhone, now you can follow the steps below to set a custom ringtone on your device. Step 1. Go to Settings on your iPhone. Step 2. Tap Sounds & Haptics > Ringtone. Step 3. Click the ringtone you like to set it as the custom ringtone on your iPhone

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  1. Part 1. Customize Ringtones for iPhone 12. Ringtones are saved as m4r audio files instead of mp3 files. If you want part of a song to be customized as a ringtone, you need a ringtone maker. If you need a free ringtone maker, this Syncios Mobile Manager can offer help. Not only is free data management provided by this program, but also it offers.
  2. Choose Browse items from the Files app at the bottom of the screen. On the next screen Choose Browse at the bottom and then On My Phone. You may also be able to find your ringtone file in the Recent tab. Choose the Zedge folder. Then select the ringtone file you want. Touch and hold the ringtone to drag it into the Tracks view.
  3. To transfer ringtones to iPhone from computer: Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and run EaseUS MobiMover > Tap Trust on your phone and click Allow to enable this program to access your iPhone > Click Audio from the interface > Select Ringtones to continue. Step 2
  4. So to set your custom ringtone as your ringtone or text tone: Go to Settings on your iPhone, then tap Sounds. Tap Ringtone or Text Tone, whichever one you want your custom sound to be for. Select..
  5. How to import a song to iTunes: Open iTunes. Click the File menu in the upper left corner. Select Add File to Library from the submenu. Choose the audio you need and click Open. The custom ringtone iPhone shouldn't last over 30 seconds, so you need to select a portion of a song if you want to use it as your ringtone
  6. 6. Transfer the Ringtone to Your iPhone. Plug your phone into your computer via USB, and open iTunes. Go to the iPhone icon at the top left to open the files on your phone. Then, select Tones under On My Device. From the folder where the AAC file is, drag that file into the Tones window on iTunes. Hit Sync and disconnect your phone once synchronization is complete

Mac users may find that omitting step 7 from the steps in Create a ringtone means that iTunes/Music is still attached to the ringtone file as an entry in the music library, if so it will be blocked from copying to a device. Add ringtone to device, iTunes 12.6.5 or earlie Connect your iPhone to the PC or Mac. Open SynciOS. After it detects the iPhone, go to the Toolkit tab on the toolbar. It should look like this: Click on the Toolkit tab. Now click on the Ringtone Maker option under the Common Functions section. Click on Choose and select the desired media file you would like to set your ringtone as

Set Ringtone On iPhone - Hello guys, today we are going to teach you that how you can set ringtone on iPhone of your favorite song and you can do it on iOS 12 too without jailbreak. So basically you can choose any song from your music library and set it as a ringtone or you can get any song that you want from the internet and set it as a ringtone for your iOS 12 device. so let's go further. Transfer purchased ringtones or your created ringtones files from your computer to iPhone. You can turn any songs from your device or computer into ringtones. iOS Transfer supports to transfer photos, music, videos, contacts, messages and other types of data from iPhone to computer, or the verse direction In the Phone app, choose the person from your contacts list and tap Edit, then swipe down and tap Ringtone.; To change a contact's vibration setting, go to the Ringtone screen, then tap Vibration.; Before you can assign unique ringtones to contacts, you'll need contacts added to your address book and a few ringtones 1. Download and install AnyTrans on your Windows/Mac computer, and connect your iPhone to it. 2. Click on Device tab on the home page of AnyTrans, and then go to the Category page. 3. Scroll down, click on Audio button, and choose Ringtones. 4. Click the + button in the right-hand corner, browse the song you want to set as ringtone from. 1. Set Your Local Music as iPhone 11 Ringtone or Alarm Sound. If you have local audio files like .mp3 or .aac stored on your Windows PC, now let's do it by using PanFone Ringtone Maker. Just check out the tutorial on how to set your favorite music as ringtone or alarm sound for iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max

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The following steps will enable you to access your favourite ringtone music from your iPhone device also. Step 1 - Install Dr.Fone on Windows PC and choose Transfer. Connect your iOS device to the PC, and wait for your Phone to appear on the transfer window. Step 2 - Click the 'Music' sidebar and click on the ringtones icon When you explore the folder, you will see a file with .m4a extension. iTunes ringtone is in .m4r format. Now change the extension from .m4a to .m4r by simply renaming (press f2) the file. Step4: Move Ringtones to iPhone. Now your ringtone is ready on your computer and needs to move into the iPhone. Connect your iPhone to your computer and open.

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Tidy up the file name and change the file extension from yourfile.M4A to yourfile.M4R and, when prompted, choose Use .m4r in the dialog box that appears. We recommend creating a Ringtones folder in your Documents or Music to keep your M4R ringtone files, so everything is in one place. Now sync the file to your iPhone How do I make an mp3 into a ringtone? To set an MP3 file for use as custom ringtone system-wide, do the following: Copy the MP3 files to your phone. Go to Settings > Sound > Device ringtone. Tap the Add button to launch the media manager app. You will see a list of music files stored on your phone Unlike the Android Operating System, Apple does not allow direct transfer of MP3 files from your PC or any other source and set ringtones. However, there are a bunch of other ways Apple provides to set a custom ringtone for iPhone users, including iTunes Store Tactic 2: Setting a ringtone on iPhone XS Max, XS or XR using iTunes. You just need to follow these steps to get this done: Open iTunes and then pick a song that you want to set as the ringtone from the iTunes library.. Right-click on the track and then select to Get Info.. When the panel for Get Info shows up, click the. To make a custom ringtone for an iPhone, you'll need to edit a song using iTunes on the computer. You can tweak the start and stop time, save it as an AAC file, and change the file extension

Step 4: Select the Files tab and find the song you want to add to GarageBand using the Files app interface.Navigate to the song location in the Files app and select it. Step 5: Drag the long vertical bar to the point on the song where you want your custom ringtone to start.You may use the play button to achieve the perfect starting point of your tone Go to File menu > select Add File to library/Add Folder to Library, then you can choose the ringtones on your computer and transfer them to iTunes. Step 3. Click on your iPhone, click the Tones to open the ringtones tab. Check the box for Sync Tones and then check the boxes for the ringtones you want to sync Part 1: M4R - iPhone Ringtone Format. The M4R files are created by Apple and are widely used to make custom ringtones on the iPhone. In fact, M4R files use Apple's AAC format, and the file extension is usually M4A. In other words, M4R is an iPhone ringtone file, which is essentially a renamed file of AAC (M4A)

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You can also import a MP3 songs to the software to make ringtone for iPhone. Step 8. Set the Converted Apple Music track as iPhone Ringtone After importing the M4R ringtone to your iPhone, then follow the below simple guides to set your ringtone on the iPhone. 1. Open the Setting button on the iPhone and choose the Sounds option. 2 Step 3. Set Output File Format as M4R - iPhone Ringtone Format. Click the format section at right side of interface. Select iPhone Ringtone icon at Audio section. Step 4. Detailed Parameter Settings for Output M4R Files and Start the Conversion. Click the Parameter setting button at right side of interface Find the files you just created and add it to iTunes library. Step 6: Then there will be a Tones folder under the iTunes library. Connect iPhone to computer and sync it with iTunes. Step 7: Go to Settings on iPhone, tap Sounds, Ringtone to find the custom ring you just added. Click the song to make a custom ringtone on iPhone successfully

Use TunesMate the way we described above to transfer or import the ringtone to your iPhone. Part 4: How to Set a Custom iPhone Ringtone. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Sounds Ringtone. You can find the added ringtones at the top of the ringtone list. You can change the ringtone there by clicking Choose a contact you want to set a ringtone for. Tap Edit. Tap Ringtone or Text tone to choose a tone for each notification alert. Once you've made your selection, tap Done to save. Method 4: How to create a ringtone in iTunes. How to make a song your ringtone on iPhone - iPhones are restricted to only use files which are 0-30 seconds long as. Adding ringtones to your iPhone by using a USB cable or your local network is a great solution when you're at home. But if you don't feel like dealing with iTunes or you want the freedom of being able to exchange files between your device freely, then using the power of cloud services is another great method

Most Phones: Settings > Sound > Phone Ringtone. Choose the tone, and press OK or Save. Samsung: Settings > Sounds and vibration > Ringtone. Choose your ringtone, and press the back arrow. This article explains how to set your ringtone on a variety of Android phones as well as how to download new ringtones and transfer them to your phone Follow the below step-by-step guide on how to add a custom ringtone to iPhone 12/XS (Max) with the help of Dr.Fone-PhoneManager software: Step 1: To commence the process, open the Dr.Fone software on your computer and then, connect your iPhone to your computer using a digital cable. Step 2: Now, select the Music file type from the menu. Double click on the ringtone file from your desktop to set it playing in iTunes. Now go to the Tones section in iTunes and check the box next to the new ringtone file, followed by Done. Approve any requests that pop up. Set your new ringtone. Now all that remains to be done is to set your new ringtone on your iPhone. This bit's the easiest stage

Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer. Click the Ringtones icon. Drag and drop an audio file to iMazing's window. Go to Settings > Sound & Haptics on your iPhone and pick a default ringtone. Edit contacts in your iPhone's Contacts app to set contact specific ringtones. YouTube When you go to set a tone now for phone calls, texts or other alerts, your newly-exported custom ringtone will appear as a selectable option at the top of the list. That's it Restore Ringtones from iCloud. Step 1: Tap the iTunes Store app. Step 2: Select More, then Purchased and finally tap Tones. Step 3: Choose the ringtones you wish to download and tap Download to save icon

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Method 2: How to Add Ringtones to iPhone In 1-Click. If you do not want to add a ringtone on your iPhone using iTunes, then dr.fone - Phone Manager (iOS) is the best option for you if you are still struggling with how to add ringtones to iPhone. It is one of the best and even the most powerful tools to transfer data 2. Choose ringtones to transfer to iPhone 8. Click on the name of iPhone and go to LIBRARY > Ringtones. You can click Add icon at top middle to choose Add File or Add Folder. Or right click anywhere in the right interface to choose Add > Add File/ Add Folder Set custom ringtones from device Using file managers. If you want to set a custom ringtone from the device itself, and you don't have a file manager installed, first of all, you need to grab a suitable file manager app from Google Play. Also note that all file manager apps won't support ringtone selection (Ex. OI File Manager) Step 6- Selecting the Ringtone on Your iPhone. The ringtone has now been synced to your iPhone. To set the same as your preferred ringtone: Open Settings on your iPhone. Navigate to Sounds & Haptics. Scroll down and click on Ringtone. Now select the custom ringtone you just synced using iTunes Your iPhone should show up in your sidebar under Devices. B) Drag your created ringtone from the Tones folder in your iTunes library to the Tones folder on your phone. Do this by clicking on the file, holding the mouse button down, and moving the file over onto your phone's Tones folder

Go to audiotrimmer.com. Upload the audio file you want to turn into a ringtone. Trim the audio clip to less than 40 seconds. Select m4r as your audio format. iPhone ringtone files are m4r files. Click Crop and your file will download. Open the file it in iTunes. If you're using Google Chrome, click on the file when it appears at the bottom of. Let's start from the beginning using an mp3 audio file, so if you already have your audio file or song in AAC-m4a format then you can skip to step number 4.. For this example we will use switch.mp3 as our base mp3 song for reassignment as an iPhone ringtone Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone. Step 2: Tap on Sounds. Step 3: Under Sounds and Vibration Patterns section, tap on the type of alert for which you want to set a custom ringtone. Step 4: A list is displayed with all the available ringtones to choose from

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Step 9: Set Ringtone on iPhone from setting. Now you have to go to the Setting of your iPhone. Next, you have to go to Sound & Haptics > Ringtones. Finally, you can see your custom ringtone in on the top of the list. Further, to set as a ringtone on iPhone you have to tap on custom ringtone. And here you go Hello, First off, I recognize that I may be biting off far more then I can chew. I want to be able to somehow load a MP3 file on to my iPhone 4S and then make it a ringtone. Can someone please tell me what I need to do in order to make this happen? My task is being hampered by the simple fact that my current PC is unable to access either iTunes or iCloud because I'm not able to change the. Type File Explorer in the search box, click on File Explorer Options, then on the View tab and uncheck the box Hide extensions for known file types.. Plug in your iPhone into your computer and drag the newly created ringtone from the Windows Explorer window into the Tones section in iTunes

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The iPhone comes with 25 ringtones, with the ability to set a different one to different contacts. MP3 and AAC .m4a file formats, so any files you drop in the ringtones folder will be. If you want to set your favourite music as your iPhone's ringtone, 3uTools allows you to realize it. Download the ringtones on 3uTools, then import them to your iPhone. Operations: Step 1 Start 3uTools, connect your iPhone to the PC. Click Ringtones, and click the download icon on the right side. Then you can import the ringtones to iPhone. Simply connect the iPhone to your PC or Mac and click Sync if you use the older version of iTunes; or click on the Tone section and drag-drop the file if your iTunes is latest. The sync process will copy the ringtone to the iPhone and it will now show up in the ringtone list. Step 4. Set the Voice Recording as a Ringtone for iPhone Use TunesMate the way we described above to transfer or import the ringtone to your iPhone. Part 4: How to Set a Custom iPhone Ringtone. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Sounds Ringtone. You can find the added ringtones at the top of the ringtone list. You can change the ringtone there by clicking

On the main interface, click the Music icon above and then click Ringtone on the left pane. Click Import button and upload the music file you want to create as a ringtone. Wait until the transferring process completes, and customize the ringtone on your iPhone. Simply select settings > Sounds > Ringtones, and. 1 Answer1. First you'll need to add the audio file as a custom ringtone to your iPhone. For doing so, follow the instructions in the linked answer: Once you have the custom ringtone into your iPhone (you can check the same by going to Settings app → Sounds & Haptics → Ringtone), you can also use it as an alarm tone in Clock app Now, drag and drop your ringtone file in the Finder sync window, exactly as you would in Music. Step 5: Set Your Ringtone on Your iPhone. If all goes well, you should find your new ringtone in Settings -> Sounds & Haptics -> Ringtone. You'll find this tone and any other custom ones hanging out above the stock sounds. Just tap the new.

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How to set any song as iPhone ringtone without using iTunes Step 1. Download or import the song that you wish to be your ringtone into your Music Library. You can also save or import songs in the Apple Files app. If you skip this step you will not be able to find the song within GarageBand. Step 2. Open GarageBand The iPhone doesn't really let us convert a song into a ringtone immediately. So, in order to set your favorite song as a ringtone on your iPhone, you must convert the file from an mp3 format to m4r. An m4r file is a file used in iPhone for setting up your favorite song as your iPhone's ringtone because you just can't set any music file as. Before syncing ringtones to iPhone with iTunes, you need to keep in mind that iPhone ringtones are different from other audio files, especially iPhone ringtones, which is in m4r format. Therefore, making sure that your are transferring ringtones files, not music files when you sync ringtones from iTunes to iPhone on PC Step 1: Download and install Ringtones to iPhone Transfer and connect iPhone to the computer via a USB cable. Step 2: Click Music in the left > Select Ringtones in the right > Choose Add file from PC > Tick wanted music from the list > Click Select to add music to this program. This is how to put ringtones on iPhone

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Sync your iPhone. Set the ringtone. (Select the Settings app > Sounds > Ringtone. Then select the song you want to use) The instructions above should change the specific ringtone for one individual contact on your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. While all other calls will use the standard default sound from settings, and any contact you customize. Part 2: Set the Converted Apple Music as iPhone Ringtone After conversion, now you need a ringtone maker to help you turn the converted Apple Music songs into ringtone. Syncios Ringtone Maker is a great choice for you, which is a simple freeware to make your own ringtones of your favorite song and transfer it to your iPhone You can transfer a file from your iPhone to another device using AirDrop. Now you know how to get custom ringtones on your iPhone! Create your unique iPhone ringtone sound by recording voice memos. You can create an original GarageBand ringtone for all your calls, text messages, or assign a special sound for all your loved ones Step 3: Export. When you've got your ringtone configured to your liking, go to the Share menu in GarageBand and choose Send Ringtone to iTunes. It'll export the file to the Ringtones section.

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Pick the 20 to 30 seconds you want to use as your ringtone, and save the file as an MP3. Next, add the shortened file to your iTunes library, then right-click on it in iTunes and choose Convert. On Mac, open Finder and select the iPhone from the sidebar, then check the Manually manage music box. Now drag the ringtone file onto this same Finder window. On Windows, having plugged your iPhone in, hit the iPhone symbol in iTunes. Go to Summary > Options and check the Manually manage music box. Hit Apply, then drag the ringtone into. How to Set MP3 as iPhone Ringtone. Here is how to cut your song: Open iTunes. Right click on the song of your choice and select Get Info. Select the Options tab. Now, you can edit the Start Time and End Time of the song. Once you are done, click OK. Next, right click on the song, choose Convert and select Create AAC version

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In general, iPhone only supports the M4R ringtone format, a variant of the M4A audio file type. However, Apple Music is streamed at 256Kbps in AAC format. So, if you want to set Apple Music files to your iPhone ringtone, you should convert Apple Music to M4A firstly 9. Drag ringtones to your iphone OR (if this doesn't work) 9. Click on your iphone ringtone folder 10. Go to the file menu (top of your computer screen) and choose 'Sync (John Smith's) iphone' Doing it this way should give you as many custom ringtones as you like. Worked for me. Good luck Although you can buy ringtones from iTunes, you can also make ringtones for your iphone for free. This tutorial will show you how to convert any unprotected audio file (wav, mp3, etc) into a ringtone. Step 1: Download the iPhone ringtone creator (Windows version or Mac version) and install it. Step 2: Find files

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Step 8: Set Your Ringtone on Your iPhone. If done correctly, your ringtone should now show up on your iPhone. Go to Settings -> Sounds (or Sounds & Haptics for newer iPhone models) -> Ringtone. Your new ringtone should be nestled above the stock options. Just tap it, and you'll be ready to go Launch iTunes on your computer and add the M4R ringtone files to the ringtone section. Get both iPhone and iTunes connected. This way, you can sync the lovely ringtone to your iPhone. To set ringtones on your iPhone, open the Settings app on your device, select Sounds, tap the Ringtone option, and select your new ringtone from the list.

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The sync process will copy the ringtone to the iPhone and it will now show up in the ringtone list. Step 4. Set the Voice Recording as a Ringtone for iPhone. Now, just head over to Settings > Sounds -> Ringtones in your iPhone. You should be able to see the voice recording available as a ringtone option. Just select it to set it as the default. Follow our step by step guide below to add custom ringtones to your iPhone using iTunes on your Windows 10/8/7 PC or Mac:. Step 1: Set up iTunes and Create a Ringtone File. Many users will dread the prospect of using iTunes since it is so bloated and complex. However, it is necessary to the process

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If you have already got a new iPhone, you might wish to know how to create a cool ringtone of your favorite song instead of the boring standard sound. Unfortunately, it's not possible to just upload an MP3 file onto your iPhone and set it as a ringtone. You need to convert your audio file first. Here are several ways to do it on your PC or Mac In this article, you'll learn how to make ringtone without iTunes for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. We will be using 'GarageBand' app, which is Apple's official free app in the App Store. The GarageBand layout has been updated with iOS 13 & iOS 14 and this article is also updated for the respective changes and will help you to make ringtone without iTunes Set Ringtone From Built-in Options. Note: As with all things Android, the exact options might differ from one device to another based on Android version and manufacturer. To change your Android ringtone, first go to Settings > Sound (could be listed as 'Sound and Vibration' in some devices).; Scroll down and select Ringtone.If you get a confirmation popup from the Ringtone Manager, asking. When you find the ringtone that you like, tap on it and then click the download option on the bottom left. After the ringtone has been saved to your iPhone, you can go to Settings and set it as the new ringtone. Extra Tip: How to Change Ringtone on Your iPhone. Now you have learned how to get Zedge ringtones to iPhone for free