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1 - regardless of where you are in the library, i.e. Moments, Collections, albums, smart albums or projects, select the photo(s) you want to delete and use the key combination of Command+Delete to move the photos to the Recently Deleted smart album. 2 - use theFile ➙ Show Recently Deletedmenu option to go to the Recently Deletedsmart album Click on Launchpad and open ' Disk Utility ' under Utilities Choose the hard drive volume that contains files that you want to remove Click on ' Erase ' button at the top Enter a volume ' Name ', choose a ' Format,' and click ' Security Option For instance, if you wish to use the drive only for one of the Mac OS versions, select Mac OS Extended. If you wish to install the Windows OS on the hard drive, then choose MS-DOS (FAT). 7) You can also give the name to the partition in the Name text box (under Format option) 1 - Shut the MacBook down and then connect the drive you want to wipe to it. 2 - Turn the MacBook on, then immediately press and hold the Command (⌘) and R keys simultaneously. 3 - If asked to do so, enter the Administrator password for your user account. 4 - Select Disk Utility, then click Continue The photos delete from here will be moved to the Recently Deleted folder which will be be removed within 30 days by default. If you wish to delete them at the same moment, then choose all images from the Recently Deleted folder and click on Delete All button to remove all of them

Basically I just got myself the latest MacBook as an upgrade from an old laptop. With my old laptop I had no problems what so ever when using my external hard drive. To delete any files I didn't want I would just right click and press the delete option. However, when connected to my new Mac, there is no such option when right clicking on a file Delete documents, pictures, videos, files, word file, excel file, folders, png, jpg.... Part 3: A Complete Process to Erase Hard Drive on Mac. By following the above-listed techniques, you would be able to overcome the Disk Utility erase process has failed issue. Though, if you don't want to encounter it in the first place, then make sure you take all the right steps to erase a hard drive on Mac

If you have previously partitioned your Mac's hard drive in order to download a macOS beta or install Windows, but now you need that storage space back, you can remove the partition and recapture the much-needed space.Here's how to remove a hard drive partition on your Mac. Getting rid of a secondary partition on the Mac is a two-step process 1. Remove Restrictions: By default only your main hard drive is searched — to allow searches of any drive, open the Photos Duplicate Cleaner menu and select Preferences. Select /Volumes in. Computer Information: MacBook Pro/ macOS Sierra Version 10.12 I have a Seagate Backup Plus Drive and it would not let me delete any files off of it. I get the following error, The operation can't be completed because backup items can't be modified. I check on the Get info for this hard.. Nov 18, 2016. #2. Disconnect Amazon drive from your computer (Sign Out) then delete photos from computer. Be warned that when you sign in again it's likely to sychronise again. Saying that, looking at the blurb it does infer that your files are 'backed up'. I'd be inclined to do a test with some samples

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  1. um case has a handy power button. Mac users have rated it as the best hard drive for photographers because of its hardiness, silence and unfailing performance. 9. WD My Book Desktop External Hard Drive
  2. For a Mac: Open the Disk Utility application by clicking the icon in the Applications folder. Then select your external hard drive in the left pane and then click the button Delete in the right pane, now click OK to format the disk.; Note: When your delete or format your internal hard drive, the data is not completely deleted but it only erase.
  3. Hi all, any tips will be much appriciated, when i pluuged my portable hard drive into a mac laptop, i was unable to delete my files- photos and video files. it said it could not allow this? have i set up a lock without realising? i used the cmd - backspace (delete short cut for Macs) and nothing happened

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1. Connect your external hard drive to your computer. Double click on My Computer/This PC to open File Explorer. 2. Double click the external hard drive. Browse through the files/folders to find the one you want to remove, right-click it and select Delete from the drop-down menu The G-DRIVE looks like it was designed to go with a Mac, with USB-C connectivity and brushed aluminum body. Pros. Available in sizes from 4TB to 18TB. Designed for Mac. Sturdy aluminum frame. Connects at USB 3.1 speeds directly to current Macs with USB-C jacks, and to older Macs with USB-A To delete a photo from Lightroom, follow these steps: Click on the photo you want to delete to select it. Go to Photo > Remove Photo. Choose to delete your photo from your disk or just from Lightroom. Now your photo has been deleted! The process of deleting photos is simple. However, if you need to delete a large number of photos at once, there. Step 1. Run Recoverit (IS) for Mac. Download and install hard drive recovery mac software on your computer. Run it and connect the hard drive to your Mac. From the main window, you can choose the data types that you hope to recover with this program. Remember to hit the Next button to proceed. Step 2. Choose a Drive So how to delete the backup from the hard drive on Mac? Never manually delete Time Machine files or directories from the Finder. Time Machine makes heavy use of directory hard-linking, which the Finder doesn't really handle correctly. There is only one way to delete old backup by Time Machine-> Enter Time Machine-> Choose the date that you want.

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  1. When you deleted photos or files from external hard drive they are not permanently deleted from the drive. Every external hard drive has in built hidden recycle bin folder which acts similar to the recycle bin folder you have in Windows. So, when you delete a file on your Windows 10, you can recover them from recycle bin. NOTE:As you soon as.
  2. Symptoms of a Cluttered Hard Drive. If you are not sure that your MacBook Pro needs a clean up, here are a few symptoms that often mean your hard drive is a mess and is due for an easy tune-up. A cluttered hard drive is pretty normal, especially if you've had your computer for a while so don't worry if any of this is happening to your machine
  3. Depending on how you lost the photos, you will have different ways to recover photos from a hard drive. If you deleted your pictures using the Delete key or by right-clicking the photos and choosing Delete, you can easily retrieve your pictures from your computer hard drive or external hard drive by going to the recycle bin on your PC
  4. Using Image Capture to save your photos from your iPhone or IPad to an external hard drive. This method uses software on your Mac to do the transfer but the photos go directly from your iPhone or iPad to the external hard drive. 1. Use the lighting cable to connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac. 2

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Step 2. Run Seagate external drive photo recovery software, and then in photo recovery program, select the drive letter represent the Seagate external hard disk, then press Start to start scanning for deleted pictures. Step 3. You will see a list of deleted photos. Select those you want to recover and press Recover button to save them Gemini 2. Free Download. Locates duplicates by more than 10 parameters. Try now! Because that's what a good duplicate finder does: makes things simpler This is thee quick and secure way to permanently delete all data on a hard drive or device under macOS Catalina. Mode 3: Erase already deleted files in macOS Catalina. This mode can help you erase free disk space of Mac hard drive to permanently erase already deleted data on the hard drive. It will not affect the existing data on the hard drive I'm trying to clear space on my computer hard drive and want to clear out all items that are already backed up on my google drive. Is there an easy way to delete items once they have been backed up? (I'm thinking similarly to how Google Photos on the iPhone app has the option to Free Up Space and deletes photos that have already been backed. AweEraser for Mac is a good choice. It supports to permanently delete files in OS X 10.10 Yosemite, erase hard drive under OS X 10.10 Yosemite. With certified data erasure algorithms, data erasure software for Mac - AweEraser will help you permanently destroy targeted data, beyond the scope of data recovery. Download for Mac Download for PC.

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Mac file shredder can delete the files and overwrite the disk space of the deleted files to permanently erase the files on your Mac. Here, AweEraser for Mac offers secure Mac file shredder for you to permanently deleted files on Mac, or delete files from USB flash drive, memory card, portable hard drive, digital camera, etc When you write on my desktop I assume you mean your desktop PC or Mac. There's one thing you might do if you have a good amount of space on at least one source computer (i.e. a PC or Mac with a big hard drive) but have a very limited amount of space available on another device (e.g. my old 2011 Macbook Air which had 128GB on the SSD)

Delete Images On Hard Drive free download - Sure Delete, Hard Drive Inspector Professional, Erase Your Hard Drive, and many more program Mac users prefer to delete the applications and programs when they don't need them so that they can release more free space on the Mac hard drive. Apple offers 2 easy ways to help users delete apps from Mac: using Launchpad or Finder Warning: This operation will delete all data on the external hard drive and you can back up necessary files in advance.. 1. Install and launch it. Then, right click the partition on the external hard drive and select Format Partition. 2. In the next dialogue, you can choose format external hard drive to exFAT, NTFS, FAT32, or, based on specific demand

the drive is likely formatted NTFS. your ideal move is to copy all of the items you want to save from this drive to either your mac, or another external. then reformat the old external as either HFS+ or FAT32 (if you'll be sharing the drive with a windows machine and have no files over 4 GB to store). Then move your data back to the old external To wipe your mechanical drive, open Disk Utility, which you'll find in Applications > Utilities. Connect the drive you want to securely delete, then click it in the sidebar. Make sure you click the drive you want to securely delete: you do not want to erase some other hard drive by mistake! When you're ready, click the Erase button Insert the flash drive, open Windows Explorer, select the flash drive, select the file you want to delete and either right click on it and then, from the drop down menu, click the Delete option or simply press the Delete button on your keyboard The hard drive, USB drive, or external hard drive has disk errors. The hard drive or external memory storage device can be corrupted. Viruses and malware attacks. This how-to article will teach you how to delete a corrupted file or folder on Windows 10. You can try deleting corrupted files in Safe Mode, or using CMD, or fix the hard drive.

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How to Delete Files from Computer Hard Drive but Not OneDrive? Since OneDrive offers cloud backup services, the files and folders in it will not take up disk space on your computer. To free up disk space on Windows or clear disk space on Mac, you can delete files from your computer but keep them in OneDrive At times, when your SD card driver on Windows is outdated, you can't delete photos from SD card on Windows 10. Due to the outdated SD card drivers, you might even not see your SD card disk on Windows to delete photos from it. In such cases, one must update the SD card driver first to delete photos from the memory card

Step 1. Delete your Web browsing history inside the browser control panel. From Internet Explorer, click on the Tools button and select Internet Options. Under the General tab in the Browsing History section, click on the Delete button. Click the check box next to each type of data you want to erase, and, if you want, leave the check. Step 3: Recover Photos and Videos from External Hard Drive. After scanning completed, you will see a list of recoverable image and video files. You can preview them and select the files you want to recover, and then click the Recover button to get deleted photos and videos back from damaged or formatted external hard drive

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Hard drives typically have a lifespan of 3-5 years, so even if you did not accidentally erase the drive yourself, the drive can end up failing and cause data loss. Data backups have become much easier to do, and with the Data Backup software from Prosoft, you can run scheduled backups on the files that are most important to you 3. Find and Remove Large Files. To find particularly large files on your Mac's hard disk, the quickest way is to use Finder: Open a new Finder window; In the search field just enter a space asterisk this will ensure that all items are included; Click on the little + icon located just below the search field; Change filter #1 to File Size.Click on the drop-down menu and choose Other Here are the simple steps for how to delete duplicate files on Seagate Backup Plus. 1. Download the Duplicate File Remover on your computer. Install it. 2. Use the digital cable to connect your Seagate Backup Plus with your computer, making sure it is detected by your computer as an external hard drive. 3 Delete items from your OneDrive, your hard drive, or both. Delete from your OneDrive but not your hard drive. If you want to keep a file, photo, or folder on your computer, but not on OneDrive, use File Explorer (or Mac Finder, if you're on a Mac) to move the file outside your OneDrive folder to a different folder on your hard drive Windows (and other operating systems) keep track of where files are on a hard drive through pointers. Each file and folder on your hard disk has a pointer that tells Windows where the file's data begins and ends. When you delete a file, Windows removes the pointer and marks the sectors containing the file's data as available

Its Free version has options to view all the duplicate photos in the Mac, get a visual report, check the cleanup hints, and even delete the duplicate files in the Trash. When the Pro version is being discussed, this duplicate photo remover mac software offers to remove similar photos, merge folders and even restore the removed duplicates 1. Connect the external hard drive with your Mac. Click to open the recycle bin on your Mac. 2. You can scroll down to look for the deleted files or type in the names of the files one by one in the search box on the top right to search for the deleted files. 3 This is very common and often happen incident, where you might accidentally delete some of your important files from WD external hard drive and lose your data permanently. Since any external drive does not support Trash Bin, so deleted photos and other files will not be found out anywhere in the hard drive even if you want to restore them back Delete Hard Drive Permanently free download - Hard Drive Upgrader, Sure Delete, Hard Drive Inspector Professional, and many more program As you know the Windows native Delete operation doesn't permanently delete files, in fact most of the files deleted via the recycle bin can be easily recovered. This tool can completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive in a fast and easy way. Shred and wipe important files, permanently delete files on your PC

Consider deleting any files that you don't need and move the rest to the Documents, Video, and Photos folders. You'll free up a little space on your hard drive when you delete them, and those that you keep won't continue to slow your computer down. 3. Get rid of monster files Follow this procedure to delete duplicate photos on your Mac: Launch Disk Drill. Select Find duplicates. Drag and drop or add folders to the list to be searched. Click the Scan button in the upper right to locate duplicate images; Select Pictures to filter the scan results to show duplicate photos. Choose the files to be deleted and click Remove

how to make Lightroom delete photos from all parts of LightroomIn the LIBRARY GRID view- Select file/s in the Grid you want to delete, Press Keyboard [Delete], click [Delete from Disk {D} ].Note: You cannot delete files from the Hard Drive if you are viewing photos in a Collection. (Delete here only removes them from the Collection While both options bypass the Trash to permanently delete files from the Mac, Secure Shred also overwrites the data on the hard drive so that it cannot be recovered whatsoever. Shred deletes much faster since it doesn't overwrite the data on the hard drive, but the files may be recoverable until your computer reuses that space on the hard drive

Click Permanently delete button located at the top of the file browser. Quick Tip to ensure your Photos never go missing. Photos are precious memories and all of us never want to ever lose them to hard disk crashes or missing drives. PicBackMan is the easiest and simplest way to keep your photos safely backed up in one or more online accounts Clone your hard drive on a Mac Your Mac already has everything you need to clone its drive, right in the Disk Utility tool. To avoid copying over gigabytes of unnecessary files, broken registry items, duplicate photos, programs you no longer need, and more, you should deep clean your Mac before cloning How to Reformat External Hard Drive Mac. For you to be able to reformat your external hard drive Mac, here are the steps you need to follow. Step 1. Plugin Hard Drive- The first thing that you need to do is to have your external hard drive be plugged into your computer. Step 2

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This happens either due to a virus on the external hard disk or due to a large number of duplicate photos and videos. Removing these photos from the drive is quite a tough ask especially when all the photos are scattered across multiple folders and partitions. The only way to detect and remove them is through a software solution Unable to delete folders on external USB hard drive There are folders that I can't delete on my external USB hard drive that I'm beginning to suspect are connected to Windows updates associated with Visual Studio that fail each time I try to apply them (that's another issue that I've been waiting in vain for an answer for on Microsoft Connect) Cannot delete folder from flash drive Flash drive won't delete files troubles and sometimes it won't be deleted even after reformatting the usb flash drive or usb disk. It seemed nothing could be done to it just like it draw some kind of magic to get it protected from any change Connect the Seagate external hard drive to PC. Open Disk Management by pressing the Windows key + R, typing msc and then pressing Enter. Right-click the partition and select Format. In the format wizard, choose a file system, leave allocation unit size as the default, and then click OK

Open macOS Finder —> Applications —> Utilities —> Disk Utility. Select the USB disk in the left panel. Then click the Erase button at the top of the right panel. Select ExFAT in the Format drop-down list and begin to format. After the format process complete successfully, you can copy files from macOS to USB disk successfully. 2 Click Delete button located in the toolbar and click Delete button to confirm it. If you want to delete an entire album, go to Library and select the album which you want to delete. You will see the Album Actions section on the right side of the page. Click Delete Album button. Quick Tip Before Deleting Your Photos, Videos & Albums on. To publish photos to a hard drive connection, do one of the following: Select a hard drive folder and click Publish. Right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac OS) a hard drive folder and choose Publish Now. If prompted, click Replace to update published photos with newer versions. Manage Account This will display a list of all your Mac's hard drives. What you need to copy is the Identifier number beside your selected disk. In my case, I want to securely erase the free space on the disk. Recoverit for Mac is a trustworthy and easy-to-use tool that recovers deleted, formatted or even corrupted data from your Lacie hard drive. It helps you easily recover lost files, including photos, songs, and office documents from LaCie hard disks with no hassle

Most of the options on this list of the best external hard drive models will work across platforms -- whether you have a Windows PC, Mac computer, PlayStation 4 or Xbox -- so long as the drives. Type in ~/Library/Messages. Click on Go on the lower, right-hand side of the Go to Folder. That will take you to the Messages folder. That will locate files from your iMessage app. Now you can finally delete the photos that have been sent by iMessage. This will also clean up some space on your Mac How to remove your old iPhoto library. 1) Click the desktop and in the Finder menu choose Go → Home. 2) A new Finder window will open. Navigate to your user account's Pictures folder, or click Pictures in the lefthand column in the Finder window.. 3) Locate an old iPhoto library you wish to remove, right-click the file and select Move to Trash in a contextual menu That's hard for me too Brooke, so I always look in my photo library for the most recent photo and make sure I only upload after that. I do use Lightroom over my folder structure, which makes it easy to view just photos from certain devices but I can usually tell just by knowing a.) who took the photo and b.) does it look like it came from a phone or camera I can't figure out how to delete photos from iphoto on my macbook. I've tried dragging them into trash but they don't show up there, I don't have a delete button so can't use that. Even tried right clicking to go to 'show file' and drag them to trash from there, which seems to do the job but then they show up again in the library when I go back.

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Delete files from standard hard drives Eraser can blitz specific files and folders or regularly clean up empty disk space. For a Mac with a mechanical hard drive, the process depends on the. Use the drop-down menu below Devices to select the USB drive. Use the drop-down menu below Boot Selection to select Disk or ISO image. Click Select to the right of the drop-down menu. Select the DBAN ISO file and click Open. Click Start. Click Ok to confirm that it will erase all data on the USB

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1. Check the file's lock status. Select the file, go to File > Get Info. A checkbox labeled Locked will tell you the file's current status. If the box is not greyed out, simply uncheck the box and try deleting the file again. If the box is greyed out it means you do not have the proper permissions for the file Therefore, when a user deletes a file, the hard drive will simply note the command, then write over the deleted file the next time it receives a write command. To put that in a practical example, let's say that you decide to delete file A. The hard drive removes file A's entry in the file tables

If it's a newer drive without pesky I'll help you back-up your files software, you delete them like any other file: move them to the trash/recycle bin and empty trash/recycle. This merely frees up the space for other files, so if you want to mak.. Locate your external drive from the list of Devices and Drives. 5. Right-click on the drive. 6. Select Format from the list of options. Make sure the Quick Format box is clicked! If it is not ticked, you will lose all of your data. Leave all the other settings the same. 7 Remo MORE software is capable enough to delete duplicate files on external hard drive on all versions of Windows and Mac computer. Simple steps to remove duplicate files from external hard drive: Step 1: Connect your external hard disk to your computer on which you have installed Remo MORE software

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Using a recovery center may be the only way to restore the data from a badly damaged external hard drive. Preventing Data Loss on External Hard Drives. Preventing the loss of your valuable data from a failing or damaged external hard drive requires you to take protective measures with the information stored on the device The Mac OS X Disk Utility app provides an ability to erase free space on traditional hard drives, which overwrites vacant disk space on the drive to prevent any potential recovery of deleted files (that is, files that have been removed traditionally, rather than through secure methods). For most users this is an unnecessary procedure, but if. Smartware will not delete anything either on your source drive or your backup destination drive. It is back-up software, not synchronisation software, so one likely scenario is that you will actually want to recover a file that has been deleted from the source drive later on, and of course if it had also been deleted from the backup destination. Right! Disk Drill does all the hard work for you. It will check hard drive space on Mac and build a disk map with a list of your files with the largest ones first. That way you can see which files are taking up the most space and decide whether to delete them, move them to another drive, or leave them where they are Yes, it's possible to find your accidentally deleted files and recover them back. But please note that, don't do any writings to your external hard drive on Mac from now on. Find and get a data recovery software to do your a favor. I would suggest..