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Precautionary gritting routes are the roads we treat when snow or ice is forecast. They cover about 52% (1,190 km) of the South Lanarkshire road network and include: routes to hospitals, schools, ambulance depots, fire stations and police stations. class A and B roads. roads in Clydesdale that are the only way in and out of towns and villages With the snow in full swing, South Lanarkshire residents can now track the county's gritters on a map. Gritter Thunberg, Lewis Caploughdi, Spready Mercury and friends are on the live map along. A South Lanarkshire Story Map about air quality. The air that we breathe. Web Mapping Application. Track our gritting lorries live on the map. Track our gritters. Web Mapping Application. Find the local councillor for your postcode or address. Who is my councillor. Web Mapping Application It is best to spread grit before snow falls - if this isn't possible you should shovel away as much snow as possible before spreading grit. You can also collect small amounts of salt from grit bins inside our roads depots at: Carnwath, ML11 8LR. Lesmahagow, ML11 0DZ. East Kilbride, G74 5HA. Larkhall, ML9 2GA

ArcGIS Web Applicatio Council and government. Councillors, performance, information requests, elections, voting, Brexit, comments and complaints, petitions. Council Tax. What you pay, how to pay, apply for a reduction and tell us about a change to your household. Education and learning. Nurseries, schools, transport, pay education fees and school meals. Environmen

A full map of Scotland's gritter trackers can be accessed via Traffic Scotland's Trunk Road Gritter Tracker. Anas Sarwar says SNP Glasgow council leader 'posted missing' during deadly pandemic News UK News How to track Scotland's brilliantly named gritter fleet - including Sir Andy Flurry and Luke Snowwalker Scotland's roads are being patrolled by a band of gritters with puntastic name South Lanarkshire Council's 'Gritter Thunberg' will top the euphoria that comes with being named after a South Lanarkshire gritter. does not feature on Traffic Scotland's gritter tracker

The Trunk Road Gritter Tracker page provides live tracking of gritters on the trunk road network. Built with Web AppBuilder. South Lanarkshire Council has created a story map to assist with the movement of staff to homeworking. South Lanarkshire Council Working from Home. Web Mapping Application Trunk road gritter tracker. The winter fleet now has a total of 230 gritters operating from over 40 depots around the trunk road network, as well as incident response vehicles, and includes an enhanced patrol provision around parts of the network SOUTH Lanarkshire Council has revealed its very own GRITTER Thunberg will be keeping local roads clear this winter. Schoolkids were impressed by eco warrior Greta Thunberg's work and wanted to. The 21 names were chosen by the council's winter team and gritter drivers from more than 100 names suggested by members of the public via Twitter and Facebook following an appeal in January. Mike White, group manager of Technical Services at East Riding of Yorkshire Council said: This has all been inspired by Theo, because he wanted to. Find out which roads and pavements your council grits in icy or snowy weather. Postcode lookup. Enter a postcode. For example SW1A 2AA Find. Find a postcode on Royal Mail's postcode finder

South Lanarkshire Council Today at 7:27 AM Two streets in Hamilton are to benefit from traffic calming measures following an extensive consultation exercise

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  1. South Lanarkshire Council named its gritter 'Gritter Thunberg' last year and said: Our school kids choose the name and I think that is a reflection on all the good work she has been doing.
  2. 25 July 2017 25 Change of gritter registrations Amended Winter Service Operatives. Date changes from 2016/17 to 2017/18. East Ayrshire Council 13 South Lanarkshire Council 14 Scotland TranServ 15 . plan covers footways, cycle track and lay-bys as defined in Appendix B
  3. Scotland's snow-busting vehicles therefore have their work cut out and Transport Scotland's Trunk Road Gritter Tracker shows where The official Twitter for Doncaster council replied: The live.
  4. South Lanarkshire Council has marked Armistice 2019 in remembrance of all lost in two world wars and conflicts across the globe. Top primary school athletes from across South Lanarkshire met in East Kilbride for the 2019 Track and Field Championship Finals. Support for vulnerable children in South Lanarkshire. Published: Monday, 08 July.
  5. Gritter Thunberg to be joined by more celebrity puns. Published: Monday, 19 October 2020 South Lanarkshire Council is well on track to deliver hundreds of new nursery places. South Lanarkshire Council has marked Armistice 2019 in remembrance of all lost in two world wars and conflicts across the globe

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South Lanarkshire Council is the fifth largest council in Scotland by population with more than 300,000 residents. It comprises a diverse area of heavily populated towns and extensive rural areas. The council is responsible for delivering a range of services including education, housing, social work, roads, planning, environmental health. South Lanarkshire Council's 'Gritter Thunberg' (Image: EAST KILBRIDE NEWS) The inspiring power of teen eco-warrior Greta Thunberg is known across globe, confronting world leaders such as US President Donald Trump. She has won several awards for her tireless work in getting the message out there about climate change Gritter tracker 2020: funny names of Scotland's snow plough fleet and how to track them on Traffic Scotland map One of the snow ploughs this year is called 'Gritter Thunberg' By Finlay Grei Requesting a Grit Bin for your street. If your street does not have a grit bin, and you believe it should have, you can request one from South Lanarkshire Council. You can do this in the following ways: use the online Customer Service Enquiry form which can be accessed here. OR. phone 0800 24 20 24

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South Lanarkshire have themselves a new Gritter. Close. 8 3 6 638. Posted by 11 months ago. Archived. South Lanarkshire have themselves a new Gritter. 9 2 29. comments. share. save. hide. report. 99% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. You can track Darth Spreader. A MAP that tracks gritter lorries reveals the funny and bizarre names local councils have given their trucks. The live tracker reveals where the salt spreaders are currently laying grit to stop ro Change of gritter registrations. East Ayrshire Council REDACTED 12 South Lanarkshire Council REDACTED13 South West Operating CO REDACTED 14. WINTER SERVICE PLAN 2020/2021 M77-OPS-004 M77 (Fenwick to Malletsheugh) covers footways, cycle track and lay-bys as defined in Appendix B It comes a few days after one Hamilton man's suggestion that South Lanarkshire Council's new gritter be named 'Margrit Ferrier super spreader' - after the disgraced MP - topped a local newspaper poll

Change of gritter registrations. East Ayrshire Council George Davidson 12 South Lanarkshire Council Martin Muir13 Scotland TranServ Andrew Adam 14. WINTER SERVICE PLAN 2019/2020 M77-OPS-004 plan covers footways, cycle track and lay-bys as defined in Appendix B Public Gritter Naming Appeal Today, Amey announced its Winter Service Programme for the Scottish South-West Trunk Roads network (NMC SW), which it operates on behalf of Transport Scotland. At the heart of the Winter Service, which runs until May 2021, is a fleet of new 56 Econ gritters and snowploughs, 16 new footpath gritters, 12 tractors and. gritter registrations. 20 January 2016 24 S MacKenzie F Croall Change to gritter registrations. East Ayrshire Council 13 South Lanarkshire Council 14 Scotland TranServ 15 . cycle track and lay-bys as defined in Appendix B Schmidt | Stratos D 1.1 - 1.7 m³ The small Stratos D series was specially developed for mounting on narrow track vehicles. Schmidt | Stratos D 4.0 - 6.0 m³ The Stratos D series is particularly suitable for de-icing in difficult locations, such as mountainous regions, and the 4.0 - 6.0 m³ spreaders can be mounted on a Unimog or truck

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The Council's Vision to 'improve the quality of life of everyone in South Lanarkshire' remains at the heart of the South Lanarkshire Council Plan Connect 2017 - 2022 and along with our values, influences everything that we do. This Fleet Strategy will support the delivery of all ke The gritter tracker is just one way Transport South side flat might have the most incredible ceiling in Glasgow without million pound price tag Strathclyde Country Park North Lanarkshire.

South Lanarkshire Council is well on track to deliver hundreds of new nursery places. Lewis Caploughdi joins the council! Published: Thursday, 30 January 2020. A pun-tastic array of names are now displayed on South Lanarkshire gritters thanks to pupils from across the area A cheeky suggestion to rename a council gritter 'Mar-grit Ferrier' after Hamilton West's under-fire MP has proved a big hit. South Lanarkshire launched a competition to come up with puns for. track specific applications which you are interested in receive notification of changes to applications that you are tracking If you wish to comment on an application online you must provide your name and address to ensure your information is used as part of the decision process Council tax will be frozen across South Lanarkshire and there will be no changes to school transport after councillors thrashed out a budget deal. The local authority is today expected to approve. THOUSANDS of Scots homeowners face years of legal limbo over who will maintain their streets, The Herald can reveal. As many as 10,000 new-build houses are on roads which have not been adopted.

At the Festival of Remembrance on 4 November, at the Town House, there were a range of representative bodies including the Salvation Army, Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, South Lanarkshire Council, Poppy Scotland, Hamilton schools and ex-services organisations Updates will be published on the Ayrshire Roads Alliance website. For information regarding the bus service please contact Stagecoach customer services on 01292 613 541, Monday to Friday between 6.30am and 6.30pm. Ayrshire Roads Alliance joins NHS Ayrshire & Arran to tackle inappropriate use of disabled bays Residents in West Dunbartonshire have renamed the council's eight gritters. A competition was launched last month to rebrand the trucks ahead of winter. After more than 300 entries, the winning names picked were: Humphry Clinker the Grit Sprinkler, nominated by George McKeown. Singer Salting Machine, nominated by Sheila Donnelly As our photo shows Greenhall Park in High Blantyre proving very popular and nice to see family units all socially distanced. It was a cold one. Heading to work this morning it was -9 degrees in Blantyre around 6am, almost as bitterly cold as South Lanarkshire's lowest road surface temperature recorded at -10 °C at Lesmahagow Nearly 17,800 tonnes of salt were used on South West Scotland's motorways and trunk roads, more than double that used in 2016/17. South Lanarkshire and West Dunbartonshire in dealing with.

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A Met Office warning is in place for much of Scotland amid fears of treacherous icy conditions. Forecasters have issued the alert, warning of potential injuries from falls on untreated surfaces. A yellow alert was put in place at 6pm on Sunday until 11am today, covering widespread areas across the country A council gritter driver has been hailed a hero for saving Sir Chris Hoy today after the Olympian's car got stuck in a snow bank. South Lanarkshire, Dramatic pictures showed the 10ft-wide. Includes pay Council Tax, how much is Council Tax and view your account. Planning & Building Standards. Includes search, view and track an application, building warrants and Local Development Plans. Bins, litter & recycling . Information on bin collection days, recycling centres and bulky waste collections

Select Page. recycling centre hamilton. by | Mar 10, 2021 | Uncategorized | | Mar 10, 2021 | Uncategorized A Met Office weather warning for ice is in place for much of the country, with many waking up to dangerous conditions on the roads. In the dash to get to work, many might be left frustrated at the need to de-ice your car windscreen and head straight to boil the kettle Please refer to South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture's website for all the details. Leader of South Lanarkshire Council, John Ross, said: I would like to wish everyone all the very best over the Christmas and New Year period, and most importantly, please stay safe and adhere to the Scottish Government guidelines in relation to Covid-19

It's operated by the City Council. Aberdeen City Castlegate Webcam This webcam is located near the top of the city's historic Town House facing the Castlegate. Webcams Scottish Islands. Orkney Webcam Stromness Harbour viewed via 2 web-cams set up on the first floor of 12 South End, Stromness. The page doesn't refresh automatically but. South Lanarkshire Council was well prepared for winter when New Holland beat the clock to deliver a fleet of nine T5 tractors. The line-up of the famously versatile range was secured in a repeat deal with Lanark-based Bryson Tractors Ltd and included four units kitted out with New Holland loaders BCP Council is using Navtrak and Map-a-Route solutions to optimise winter maintenance route planning, drive efficiencies, and keep gritter drivers safe. Challenge The winter months are notoriously challenging in the UK, with snow and icy conditions making it harder for people to travel The online tracker shows the locations of Scotland's gritter drivers Image caption: The online tracker shows the locations of Scotland's gritter drivers. He added: The police are advising in the.

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  1. to South Lanarkshire Level of primary school meal uptake (as proportion of total primary school meals which could be taken up over the period) This indicator will continue to be monitored over the course of 2019-20, and will provide a baseline for 2020-21. Contextual -----61.67% ----- ----- -----Council pupils Level of secondary school meal.
  2. Anna Clements covers the South Lanarkshire area. Your local Dementia Advisor can: provide information and advice. help you find the dementia support that you need. connect you to local groups and services. help your local community be more dementia friendly. help you influence the policies and services that affect you
  3. Contact Name: Stephanie Irvine. Email: transport@scotland-excel.org.uk. Successful Suppliers. Below is a list of all successful suppliers for this contract. Suppliers can also be selected for specific LOTS (if applicable) and may also have one or more subcontractors which can be added via the Subcontractors tab. LOTS
  4. Highland Council chiefs kept 150 sites shut and 30 campuses turned away pupils in South Lanarkshire. whose online Gritter Tracker showed fleets bypassing the town's treacherous roads
  5. Among South Lanarkshire's tweets has been what was on the menu at its schools - including chicken fried rice and sausages, beans and mash. Council starts a gritter Twitter. Published.
  6. g cold months. It was reported that the road salt stocks are at the highest level ever held by the council, at something in the region of some 39,000 tonnes

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Hetal Lallubhai Patel was driving south on the A702 in Lanarkshire before crossing lanes and crashing into an electricity pole and tree in the village of Lamington. A Fatal Accident Inquiry found Mr Patel had made no attempt to negotiate a left-turn bend in his rented Mercedes van at around 8.34am on Wednesday, May 30, 2018 Chapelton is a small village in South Lanarkshire, Scotland.The village is located approximately halfway between the towns of East Kilbride and Strathaven, on the A726.It resides in the former Parish of Glassford, which takes its name from the nearby village of the same name When South Lanarkshire Council originally came to us about the T3000s, it was the summer. We talked to them about what we could do and they told us they needed ten tractors with snowploughs on the front and gritters on the back. Once we'd discussed all the specifications, the order was put through in September Gritter Tracker - https://t.co Midlothian Council Scottish Borders West Lothian East Renfrewshire Glasgow North Lanarkshire Renfrewshire South Lanarkshire West Dunbartonshire 1 comment.

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With the Council facing the most severe round of cuts since its inception, Labour have launched a South Lanarkshire-wide fightback against austerity. Millions of pounds of savings options have now been released into the public domain and the Leader of the Labour Opposition has written to other parties to warn that: The SNP Government areContinue reading Contact us via the website. Email contact@dumgal.gov.uk. Call 030 33 33 3000. British Sign Language (BSL) users can contact us by using Contact Scotland. Visit a Customer Service Centre. Write to Council HQ, English Street, Dumfries, DG1 2DD. Like Dumfries and Galloway Council on Facebook. Follow @dgcouncil on Twitter South Lanarkshire Council have delayed starts to schools in Clydesdale this morning. Rather than starting at 8.15AM they will be starting at 10am due to the 'adverse weather conditions'. 09:4

Dudley, 10. Sandwell and 48. Walsall. Even though they experience fairly average mean temperatures, we can safely say that the heart of the Midlands feels the cold! Dudley and Sandwell feature high up on the list and certainly give a grit about winter maintenance! Search trend graph**: Birmingham (blue), Dudley (red), Sandwell (yellow) Information for residents, businesses and visitors on Falkirk Council, council tax and what's on in the local area context. full comments (12) report. give award. Following this weekend's tournament results and analysis of play data over the last few weeks, there will be a ban update tomorrow (10/12) impacting Standard, Historic, and Brawl. by belisaurius in MagicArena. [-] IadUmboros. 11 points. 12 points. 13 points

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  1. The council had complained that the supplier who delivered less of the rough stuff than the council had expected and they needed help to source an alternative supply. Bob McLellan, the council's head of transportation, said: Our supplier has let us down badly and we are now in the position that we are likely to run out of salt altogether..
  2. South Lanarkshire Council have got better at bus stops - they did a few bypass ones on Hamilton Road in Cambuslang. Sadly, they're isolated examples, not part of a protected bike path like the South West City Way. Invisible lane Gordon St - I guess making the bike lane stand out was secondary to the look of the pavin
  3. All the latest Glasgow news, Celtic, Rangers and other sport plus fashion, showbiz and opinion from the Glasgow Times
  4. A yellow alert was put in place at 6pm on Sunday until 11am today, covering widespread areas across the country. The public are to expect some injuries from slips and falls on icy surfaces, and probably some icy patches on untreated roads, pavements and cycle paths.. There is a @MetOffice Yellow ICE warning in place this morning
  5. As the winter weather season gets into full swing, Transport Scotland has been making the most of the available technology to develop a new Gritter Tracker which is new information source available to the public to help them make better informed travel decisions. The application, using vehicle tracking data, has evolved from a prototype developed by Esri UK on behalf of Transport Scotland.

Roadworks. This information is provided as a guide only. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided various unforeseen factors may affect whether the works are carried out on the advertised dates South Lanarkshire pupils asked to name council's gritter fleet Scots police chief vows to catch 'disgraceful' Bonfire Night yobs after cop hit in the head with lit firework Massive fire in Glasgow's Shettleston Road as police and fire crews race to scen The Community Council works with, and for, the people of Biggar supporting and listening to them as individuals, groups and organisations. It is the main communication link between the town, the Council and other bodies including utilities, services and other national bodies. Biggar Community Council is also in the process of developing a local. A well-stocked local authority such as South Lanarkshire Council has less than 10,000 tonnes, which is enough for five or six days. Many local authorities are worse off and have much less stock. We have a stock target of 25,000 tonnes in Scotland, whereas Wales has a stock target of 70,000 tonnes Highland Council said a significant number of routes across the local authority area had been covered in snow and were being gritted according to priority. In South Lanarkshire, snow also.

Transport Users Group for North Lanarkshire Council. The recommendations made in this report have all been based upon liaison and consultation with the main transport users of the Council 4. Transport Charge - Out Rates 4.1 In April 1996 the new Council inherited a range of different charge - out rates for transport North Lanarkshire Council have suspended bin collections for the rest of the day due to the wintry weather. The local authority announced the decision online earlier today due to the snow. The. Nicky Maxey of the Met Office said: It is going to be very cold in Scotland overnight with -5C (23F) in Glasgow and -3C (26F) in Edinburgh. Many places had snow today so that melting and then. Lothian Buses is the only remaining example in Scotland of a municipal bus company. There are a number down south—they are companies that were put at arm's length from councils back in the 1980s. Through deregulation most of them were sold off to the private sector. At the time, however, Lothian Buses was not sold off, so it remains council. SNP members of North Lanarkshire Council have called on extreme weather plans to be beefed up following recent problems with environmental services including bin collection, gritting and fly-tipping

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  1. The provision of education is a statutory responsibility for the appropriate local authority, which is South Lanarkshire Council in this case. In discharging their legal duties, authorities are responsible for setting school admissions policies, which include procedures for dealing with placing requests
  2. ological Psychology 5 , 107 - 21 . Wiley Online Library Web of Science® Google Scholar. Barton, J. , Vrij, A. & Bull, R. ( 2000b ) The influence of field experience on excitation transfer by police officers during armed confrontations . In A. Czerederecka , T. Jaskiewicz‐Obydzinskam & J. Wojcikiewicz, (eds), Forensic.
  3. The Official Report is the substantially verbatim transcript of the meetings of the Scottish Parliament and its committee
  4. All the latest news, sport, weather and travel from across Scotland on Thursday 11 December 2014
  5. g weeks. As part of the council's £126million Roads Investment Programme, the package of works will see resurfacing carried out along the A726 East Kilbride Road, B743 Muirkirk
  6. The City of Edinburgh Council's roads and flood prevention teams have been working throughout the night to respond to surface water and flooding as a result of extreme weather on Sunday. Scotland's largest 'net zero' housing development granted approval . Proposals to create Scotland's largest 'net zero' housing development in Edinburgh.

Weekly Coronavirus Briefing - 20th November 2020. Navigate Politics produces a weekly roundup of all the key announcements in the UK's attempts to tackle the coronavirus outbreak, from the four governments across the nation. If you'd like to sign up to our daily updates for free - please get in touch South Lanarkshire Council faces proposed cuts of £23.5 million, which will include the cutting of library services and a proposed reduction of 225 jobs. Those are the painful decisions that councils face. The City of Edinburgh Council faces £24 million-worth of cuts, including a reduction in leisure facilities Tough job: A gritter battles the drifting snow near Bowes, County Durham. This time last year, swathes of the country had already been covered in thick snow, causing hundreds of schools to be.

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In West Dunbartonshire in September 2016, 515 people had been in receipt of unemployment benefits for 12 months or more, a decrease of 25 people since August. North Ayrshire has the highest rate of long-term unemployment at 1.1%, with Dundee following at 1.0%, West Dunbartonshire and East Ayrshire at 0.9%, and Eilean Siar at 0.8%

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