The operation could not be completed (com.apple.imagecapture error 4294957375) (9921)

I have an HP Office Pro 8615 connected via Bluetooth to my iMac and have not had any problems until now. Trying to scan a document 5 hours ago I got the following message: The operation couldn't be completed. (com.apple.imagecapture error*****) (-9921) and cannot scan (printing from my iMac works)

The operation could not be completed (com

Re: After update to OS X Catalina, MF229dw SCANNER does not work. 11-04-2019 09:46 AM - edited ‎11-04-2019 09:48 AM. What might help. Remove the printer and uninstall all Canon related software and drivers. Now install Catalina Specific Drivers for your device As you are not able to scan from any of the scanning application, let us check the hardware functionality first. Try making a standalone copy and check if that works. By this, we can conclude if this is a hardware or a driver issue. Now, check the connectivity between the printer and the MA Close out of your Xcode Project. 2. Open up the Xcode launch page. 3. On the top bar, go to 'Xcode' -> 'Preferences'. 4. Remove the Apple ID you currently have registered by selecting the ID on the left panel and hitting the '-' sign on the bottom. 5. Click '+' -> 'Add Apple ID..' and re-sign in with your Apple ID

I'm using UIImagePickerController in a part of my app that allows the user to pick a video from the camera roll. The problem I'm having is that when choosing certain specific videos from the image picker view controller at runtime, I get a dialog box saying The operation could not be completed, and the app freezes Click on the TOOLS icon in the upper left corner. Click on SELECT to the right of the Product Name. The IJ NETWORK SCANNER SELECTOR EX window opens. Confirm/Select the MX450 series printer is selected and ensure Do Not Use is not selected. Click on SCAN-FROM-OPERATION-PANEL SETTINGS at the bottom of the window Hi, what Operating System are you using? Maybe there is some issues between the OS driver or the Photoshop plugin. Try to use the scanner software outside of Photoshop Of course the Image Capture software is not HP's responsibility, but it does seem to signify that the scanner isn't just broken irreparably Trying to scan a document 5 hours ago I got the following message: The operation couldn't be completed. (com.apple.imagecapture error*) (-9921) and cannot scan (printing I need help getting my scanner to.

If you have ever imported photos from a digital camera or an iPhone to your Mac, you have likely used the Image Capture app. It is a built-in app on your Mac that lets you import photos from various devices to your machine The operation could not be completed (com When I look in the devices folder it's the same as Freidels, 3 Canon and 1 EPSON but no PTPCam. Searched for it by name and looked in any possible other folders but it's nowhere to be seen which makes me think that's the reason both iPhoto and image capture says no item iMac mit HP Scan verwenden. Seit kurzem erhalte beim Versuch mit meinem HP-LaserJet zu scannen, immer wieder die Fehlermeldung Der Vorgang konnte nicht abgeschlossen werden (com.apple.imagecapture-Fehler 4294957375.) (-9921). Im Netz habe ich über die mangelnde Verständigung zwischen HP und Apple gelesen - finde es jedoch unerträglich, das. The operation could not be completed (com.apple . Justanswer.com DA: 18 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 78 (com.apple.imagecapture error*****) (-9921) and cannot scan (printing from my iMac works) Earlier today I had another warning :HPDeviceMonitoring.framework will damage your computer; This warning now keeps appearin

Use the Library Inspector to define local (not NAS) folders on the machine to store (1) The proxies and (2) Cache. Keep the library on the local machine. Media can be on the NAS. Try creating proxies like that. That is done using library inspector>Storage Locations>Modify Settings>Media (set to a folder on the local machine, subsequent proxies. (com.apple.imagecapture-Fehler 4294957375.) (-9921) Zu allem Übel hatte ich selbst mit Windows hier Probelme, aber das könnte ein eigener Post werden Was war denn nun schief gelaufen? Wie üblich sitzt das Problem vor dem Monitor und verlässt sich, durch Apple'sche Werbemantras eingelullt, vollkommen auf die tolle Software, die sowohl

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Com.apple.image capture fehler 9921 — if you attempt to ..



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