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Behind The Scenes Video :https://youtu.be/VoQrPsQZsFcMy InfoInstagram https://www.instagram.com/irenerudnykphoto/@irenerudnykphotoFB https://www.facebook.com.. Flare issue fixed by using hand to block the sun. But now we need to remove the hand from the shot easy! The second step is to place your hand above your lens and move it around until you block the rays of the sun that are causing the flare

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In this Lightroom tutorial, I will show you how to bring back color, depth, and contrast to a washed out sun flare photo.Check out our website for more Light.. Hold alt to make the stamp selection. Then I just move in small circles to get the line out. I try to keep the light/dark line there still because it's natural, but just get rid of the harshness. 4 Locate the Spot Removal Tool You will find the Lightroom spot removal tool in Develop Module, under the Histogram tab. Just click on the spot removal icon in the local adjustments tool bar (highlighted below). As a shortcut, you can also click Q on your keyboard to open this tool and click Q again to close it The brush settings: Size: 9.0, Feather: 45, Flow 26 with Density 100. I use these settings for this image, but you may need to edit these according to your base image colors. I also use low flow brush to make smooth transition with the adjustment brush. Select the Adjustment Brush to Fix The Light Leak. Brush With the Adjustment Brush With Low. If you don't use Lightroom, you can open both images in Photoshop, then drag the first image into the second one to bring it up as another layer. Now we have two layers to work with: Make sure that the Finger layer is on top of the one with the sun. Next, all you need to do is erase the finger from the first layer

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  1. To do this click inside the sun, hold down ctrl and click where you want the sun ray to end. You then need to increase exposure and warmth. Make sure you do a few (usually around 5 like a star) so it looks natural. If you find the brush tool too difficult to use to create sun rays check out the Lens Distortion app
  2. The sun shines through the evergreens and rhododendrons in the middle of winter at the New River Gorge in West Virginia. The sun's rays leave behind an explosion of colors as the storm clouds break over the New River Gorge from Beauty Mountain. Here, both the horizon and clouds worked to diffuse the light. 4.) Color Correctio
  3. Remove Lens Flare Lightroom. If you want to know how to remove lens flare in Lightroom, or how to remove sun glare in Lightroom, you are more limited than if you were using Photoshop, but it is still possible to a degree. If you want to know how to remove light streaks in Lightroom, it is very tough, but you can try the workflow below
  4. Look for the direction of the light and where the sun is located, and place your sun flare close to that spot. Light flares or sun flares in Lightroom won't look natural if you place them on the shadow side of your image or somewhere other than where the sun should be. Here's an example of what NOT to do
  5. Step 5: Convert The Sun Rays Layer Into A Smart Object. Step 6: Apply The Radial Blur Filter. How do you add bokeh in Lightroom? Steps to Add Bokeh. Step 1: Open or import the photo you want to work with. Step 2: Switch to Lightroom's Develop mode. Step 3: Select the adjustment brush to create a background mask
  6. The Spot Removal tool in Lightroom Classic lets you repair a selected area of an image by sampling from a different area of the same image. For example, you can clean up a picture of a landscape by removing any objects that are unnecessary (people, overhead electrical wiring, and more). The photograph of a landscape contains a person (image left)

The Sun is a Star (starburst) Our sun is the massive star at the center of our solar system. It is our most vital source of energy. The colors emitted by the sun change throughout the day. Before sunrise and after sunset, known as the blue hour, the colors in the sky feel soft and a bit cooler. After sunrise and before sunset, the golden hour. To do that, create a new layer on top of the color layer. Select the stamp tool, set the brush opacity to about 50% and flow to 100%. Make sure the align sample is set to current and below. Set the brush to the size slightly bigger than the lens flare, sample the surrounding area and slowly paint over it

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In the lightroom version it needs an 'erase' function to remove the light rays from some areas. Thanks for noting this app! Bob 13 April, 2011 at 17:21 Repl Excire - Experience the best photo organizer for your photo library and discover your photos by color, subject — even people. Try the new Excire Foto application, or use Excire Search 2.0 as a plugin with Lightroom Classic. Tamron - Take your photography to the next level with Tamron's lightweight and high-quality mirrorless lenses. Check out the new 17-70mm f/2.8, the first lens of.

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  1. Go to Edit > Fill or use keyboard shortcut Shift + F5. Make sure the use option is set to Content Aware and hit OK. Repeat on all the rest of the glare, if applicable. We'll get rid of the edges that are around the edges of the Content Aware repairs the same way we did above, by using the Patch tool. Select the obvious edges and use the areas.
  2. For sun rays in the water, I like to paint in lines parallel to the sun rays, clearing up some areas but keeping some with backscatter, so as not to remove the details of the run rays Note: if you paint over too much, instead of having to undo, you can just paint black over any areas you want to remove the dust & scratches filter from
  3. ar 4: Right-click your image in Photoshop and convert the panorama to a Smart Object. This will allow you to change the filtering later as needed. Go to Filter / Skylum Software / Lu
  4. ance and color noise reduction applied in Lightroom Classic. Camera settings: 1/1250, f3.2, ISO 500. Taken at 8.25pm in the last rays of sunlight. I had to use a high shutter speed to freeze motion, so had to increase the ISO. 1. Lu
  5. g from. If you're after sun rays you should check out the Lens Distortion app
  6. How to Add Bokeh, Sun Flare & Sun Rays in Lightroom 4 Easy Steps to Create & Add a Watermark in Lightroom. Home / Lightroom Tutorials. 127-147 of 855. 6 Important Lessons I Learned from Photography. How to Remove Dust Spots in Lightroom
  7. Adding Bokeh, Sun Flare, & Sun Rays in Lightroom, Creative Cloud and Lightroom Mobile Do you want to add gorgeous light, sun flare, sun rays, haze and bokeh to your images in Lightroom? How to Remove Color Casts in Lightroom. Fixing Color Cast in Lightroom I am SO EXCITED to share this little tip with you today

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  1. Well, in my Lightroom (Classic CC v8.2), that doesn't work. Here are results from my experimenting in Lightroom with changes to several of the brush properties between the 1st click and the 2nd (shift) click: Size: smooth gradation along the line from the start point's value to the end point's value, as brilliantly demonstrated by your video
  2. Since you also have Lightroom, just going to add an answer for that software too. To make it pop and bring in the warmth of the sunlight, I did some tweaks to white balance (Temp), exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, white and black, clarity, dehaze, and vibrance
  3. The starburst effect isn't limited to the sun - any light source can produce these rays, even when you're shooting at night. Image by Xuqing Jia. As seen in the image of the bridge above, you can comprise an entire image of small starbursts which can add so much interest to an otherwise dull photograph
  4. CoffeeShop Golden Sun Rays Fine Art Photoshop/PSE Action Tutorial: Open your image and run the CoffeeShop Golden Sun Rays action. When the Gradient Fill 1 prompt comes up, click OK. This Gradient Fill pane will pop up that allows you to automatically and easily add the beautiful sun rays. Click on the sun rays in the image and move them.
  5. Removing them using Photoshop tools. If you didn't managed to avoid them, and you don't like to have them in your photo, you can remove them in Photoshop. Photoshop has many tools for photo retouching and some of them can also work on Lens flares. The most useful are Patch tool, Healing brush tool and Content aware fill. In a way, they all.

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You need at least a basic photo editing app for this, either on your mobile device or on you computer. Some suggestions for mobile are Adobe Lightroom, Adobe. As such, this tutorial has been put together to help you learn how you can put a different reflection in sunglasses easily using Adobe Photoshop. To start the process, we need to have the image that we want to use as the replacement on top of the sunglasses. We will drag it to our original photo and put it on top and then hit Command/Ctrl +T to. If you're wondering how to make sun rays in Photoshop, this is the guide that lays out the process. Sun rays can add an extra layer of interest and depth to an image, but if you weren't lucky enough to capture them in camera, don't despair - adding them in with Adobe Photoshop or an alternative image editor is fairly easy.. Of course, as with just about everything in Photoshop, there. Navigate to Filter > Blur Gallery > Iris Blur, then drag the center of your blur over the center of your rays. Expand the edges to fit the overall shape of your rays and use the radial slider to adjust how much blur you want. This will cause the center to remain in focus, but the blur to increase as it moves farther away, just like real light Hi all, We're going to continue on with another Lightroom Tutorial. For this Tutorial, I'm going to be looking at how to use Tool Overlay in Lightroom.. So I'm assuming you know the basics of Lightroom when it comes to Importing your image in so I'll leave that out of this Tutorial as I did a brief in my last. If you also look at many of my past Tutorials you will find all this.

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Lightroom vs Photoshop - Adobe Image Editor Comparison. Download Free Lightroom Presets (Mobile & Desktop) How to Remove Blemishes in Photoshop. How to make sun rays in Photoshop. How to Buy Photoshop in 2021. What to do when Lightroom Keeps Crashing. Guide to Moving from Lightroom to Capture One Lightroom 5 - Sun rays editing. Lightroom 5 sunrays edting Tutorial, Lightroom 5 Retouching, Lightroom Essential Training with Arun Kumar. in this tutorial we will learn how to edit sunrays... Saved by Vickie Hoy. 2. Photoshop Youtube Camera Shots Sun Rays Sunlight Lightroom Country Roads Tech Couple Image If you ask me what I would do next, I'd go for trying some interesting presets as a way of giving a dramatic look to the entire image. Here we have a good collection of preset you can check up. Another approach would be going to Photoshop and create some sun rays coming through that huge tree we have next to the people at the beach

How do i remove a sun glair spot on a face in photoshop? the spot covers most of the subjects face. Not sure how to remove the spot without affecting the look of the face. Question. 4 Black and white. 50 lightroom presets to be the king of black and white Click ok to apply and we have a much more romantic looking image. We aren't done yet, 1 final touch. We are going to add some pollen to sell the effect. 9. Making a pollen / faerie dust brush. Click on brushes in the tool box (B key) At the top of the screen choose a soft round brush and set it to 0% hardness and 11 px

Well, Jimmy McIntyre's here to save the day and show us how to use Photoshop to create those gorgeous light rays that didn't quite make it back to the landscape in front of our camera. It's interesting to see frequency separation being used on landscapes, used in the video to remove a lens flare from the sun Dec 29, 2015 - Many times it's not until the end of drawing when we notice a mistake that was there from the start. It's very, very frustrating to see it ruin our whole work. If only there was a way to fix it at.. The Sun's UV radiation can burn the retinas in your eyes, and cause permanent damage or even blindness. To watch a solar eclipse safely, wear protective eclipse glasses or project an image of the eclipsed Sun using a pinhole projector. Only Safe during Full Eclipse. It is safe to view a fully eclipsed Sun, totality, with the naked eye

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The items you see in this store are all created by Nicole, who works full-time to provide photography training and other resources for photographers and artists Here to show us how to easily add light rays to photos is Aaron Nace of Phlearn. In the eleven minute tutorial, Nace walks through the process in Photoshop, showing how a few brush adjustments, a filter and a range of blending mode can make realistic light rays in a matter of minutes. As with many tutorials, each step can be adjusted to your.

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Jun 15, 2016 - Explore Sara Altman's board Lightroom on Pinterest. See more ideas about lightroom, photoshop lightroom, lightroom tutorial Retouch a photo and turn it into a memory. Remove a blemish with Photoshop Fix, adjust development settings with Photoshop Lightroom for mobile, and then apply the Adjustments to a photo burst with Photoshop Lightroom for desktop. Add to Favorites Sleeklens is your one-stop-shop for the best Adobe Lightroom Presets, Photoshop Actions and Photoshop overlays on the internet. We provide professional, well-crafted, high-quality Lightroom presets, thereby helping you take your creative needs of all next level We'll show you how to add some awesome sun rays into your image in Photoshop, but first make sure it makes sense in your image! How to Add Color & Lighting Effects to Photos in Photoshop Learn the principles of color in Photoshop and use color theory to color correct, add dynamic colors, add movement, and create light flares I want to post more fine art editing tutorials, textures, and actions, and this week I figured out a way to add gorgeous sun rays and golden light to images WITHOUT using overlays. I call this Photoshop/PSE action Golden Sun Rays and it is so easy to use and I hope you love it as much as I do! I have posted a step-by-step tutorial below

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Step 1 - Removing The Background. So as always the first step to combining photos in photoshop is removing the background, and in today's example, the best way of removing this image's background is by using the pen tool, because the background is busy and also the pen tool is more accurate than the other tools Sometimes sunlight behind your subjects can make their ears look too bright or overly saturated. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to fix backlit ears in Photoshop. | Photographers, find more free tutorials at www.morganburks.com #backlighting #brightears #photoshopututorials #photographytutorials #photoshopediting #freephotoshoptutorial No results available for your search. Processing your request... Free; PRO; Sign Up; Searc

Note: If you want to make some adjustments in the photo like removing a person, swapping the face with a smiling face, adding a person, swapping the background, or anything else, just let me know.I can do it for you at a very minimal cost. You can hire me to edit your photo.. GET MY FREE DEM Take multiple images and combine them in post. C. Remove it in Photoshop. # 4 Processing Sunstars in Photoshop (blending) A. Choose which images you want to use and open them as layers in Photoshop. B. Align the layers in Photoshop. C. Start blending the layers. #5 Can you photograph sun rays in a single exposure May 7, 2020 - Explore Maureen Daly's board photo editing on Pinterest. See more ideas about photo editing, photoshop photography, photoshop tips STEP 10. [space height=20″]Now apply the gradient as shown below couple of times. [space height=20″] Note: If you want to make some adjustments in the photo like removing a person, swapping the face with a smiling face, adding a person, swapping the background, or anything else, just let me know. I can do it for you at a very minimal.

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At wider apertures, the sun appears larger and more diffused, and the flares are softer shapes. If you choose to shoot wide open, watch for the narrow depth of field and make sure your subject is in focus. Smaller f-stops such as f/16 let in less light, which allows the lens to pinpoint the sun as a small, star-like pattern Step 4: Remove the Spots. This is easy. Just click on each spot with the spot removal tool that you've already selected, and they'll be removed automatically. Lightroom will choose a similar area to blend over the dust spot, although you can drag and move this selection around if you wish. The tools you see on the right (size, feather. Step 1: Insert your image to the lightroom software and click on the Develop module. Step 2: Go to the Detail right hand down section and go to the Noise Reduction area. Step 3: In the Noise Reduction area you will see three options which are Luminance, Detail, and Contrast Open images as Layers in Photoshop. To open up your images as layers in Photoshop from Lightroom, make sure all of your photos are selected and then right-click on any images. Select 'Edit In' and then choose 'Open as Layers in Photoshop.'. Once Photoshop launches, you will see all of your photos presented as layers in the Layers Panel

Summer is here, and those of us who spent a cold winter indoors are venturing outside, only to come back in extra crispy a few hours later. Here's how to quickly remove sunburn in Photoshop and. This preset is most often used for modeling chrome film, adjusting main colors, reducing brightness and removing diverting shadows. This Lightroom preset also increases clarity and temperature. Sun Rays Overlay Photoshop A Touch of Bronz These sliders can be particularly useful if you want to enhance sun rays or dappled light. Advanced Tip: The HSL panel can be transformed into a powerful local tool via Smart Objects, Smart Filters and layer masks in Photoshop CC. 1. Select an image in Lightroom, and go to Photo > Edit In > Open as Smart Object Adding Sun Rays in Photoshop. Follow these steps to add sun rays to your photograph. This is the original photo I'll be working with: Create a new adjustment layer and select Gradient.. Now we're going to play around with angles and style. Change the Style from Linear to Angle.. Then click on the box next to. Brush Over Bright Spots. One of the quickest and simplest ways to remove glare in Photoshop is by brushing over it. You can add a new color layer and clone a nearby sample to brush over it, or you can simply click the Brush Tool. It's best to set the opacity to around 50% to ensure that you have a smooth, seamless transition

thanks for the pointer. I would like to see the tinting is made with a colorswatch to override the color of sun and sky, like in adobe lightroom for example. the ozone and Turbidity is so theoretical.white balance is not a choice because it is tinting all other parts of the image too. an option to exclude an object from the white balance would be great, too Lens flare is when the light rays from the sun enters your lens and hits your camera sensor directly. This occurs when you are shooting directly into the sun. It differs from backlighting in that the rays of the sun are not only lighting the back of your subject, but also entering your camera's sensor. This can result in low contrast haze.

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Placing the sun near the rock to gain the most from the burst (it works best when there is something for the sun rays to contrast with). Taking a chance and shooting blind from a unique angle. Listening to the advice of others. Being courteous to others wishing to get their own shot. Minor edits to bring the vision to fruition The final step in creating sun rays using Photoshop CS6 involves selecting the 'Photo filter' option after selecting the 'add adjustment layer' option in the layer panel. Now the filter is set as 'Warming filter (85)'. The density value is to be changed to 91% and then 'preserve luminosity' option is turned on 8. Sunset Preset. The Sunset Preset makes your images lighter, more vibrant and almost dreamy. It adjusts most colours, especially red, yellow and blue. It is also the best preset to replace white balance with daylight. Great for vibrant, colourful photos that require just a bit of editing. Presets in pack: 30 Lightroom not only has a fantastic image catag system, it also allows for more control and flexibility when making edits and doing fine-tuning. You can use it to remove blemishes, dirt.

How to remove flickering in post-production? 1. Deflickering with LRTimelapse. This is very effective, and it can also be used with Bridge + Camera RAW, but is more suited for certain pairing, such as combing with Lightroom. It is currently the only solution for reducing the flickering directly on the RAW files, where it is known to work well How to Make Light Rays in Photoshop Hello and welcome to the Light Ray tutorial for Adobe Photoshop! In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to make realistic looking light rays using the gradient fill in Photoshop. Follow along with this step by step tutorial and be sure to check out the video below. The [ Having your subjects face the sun is a great way to ensure that they're bathed in beautiful, even lighting. Front lighting during golden hour looks good on anyone - and does wonders for skin tone. Additionally, since the sun is low enough in the sky it's more diffused and less bright, which means that your subjects won't be squinting

Step 1 > Rays. Let's go straight to the point and create a new layer. Pick the Polygonal Lasso Tool (L) on your toolbox and create a quick selection in the area where you want to add rays of light.Next, fill the selection with black color and press (Ctrl + D) to deselect Lightroom Mobile - Free presets for color correction iOS | Android; You can remove all unnecessary flaws and objects from your photos including spots, dust, random people, or animals. You can also find out the direction of the sun rays to catch the last rays the setting sun against a beautiful landscape. Overall, this is an. Go to Filter > Blur > Radial Blur and make these settings to create the rays of light. Press Control-F to apply the Radial Blur multiple times. Step 4. Set the Blend Mode to Screen and move the rays over the sun. 4. Create a Sun Flare in Photoshop Step 1. Create a new layer and fill it with color #000000. Step 2. Go to Filter > Render > Lens. 20 high resolution Sun Flare overlays JPG and PNG versions included Suitable for photos up to 5000 x 3300px and smaller 300 dpi — high resolution, great for prints Works with all versions of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, Gimp, Affinity Photo, and any other editing program or app that allows layers. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE LIGHTROOM

The Best Lightroom Presets in 2021 (13 Beautiful Options) 3 Simple Steps to Make Your Skies Pop in To exaggerate the sun's rays. To enhance contrast and inject drama. To hide unwanted clutter. add a layer mask, and using a soft black brush, remove some of the sunflare from areas you want to protect such as faces (make sure to paint on. At some point you've almost certainly encountered lens flare, that bright glaring light that sweeps into photos, causing them to have a blurry, dappled appearance. Lens flare can happen when any bright, non-image forming light from the sun, or another light source hits the front element of your lens. It often appears as a polygonal shape, and is usually accompanied by a haze that lowers the. Technical info: Nikon D300, Nikkor 16-85mm; f/16 at 1/250 sec, ISO 200; +1 EV (should have been +1.5 EV, edited in Lightroom). Sunstar Creation. Like much of life, we often find ways to find beauty in supposed flaws, and that's the key to sunstar creation. Rather than opting for the absolute sharpest image when shooting into the sun.

CoffeeShop Creating Custom Sunray/Sunburst Overlays Tutorial: This is one of many ways to create your own custom sunray overlays. I start off creating a new black document 6000x6000 pixels . Grab the circle marquee tool and set Feather to 250 px. Hold shift and draw a small circle inside the black background About These Free Lightroom Presets. Get the best free Lightroom Preset Packs and quickly style and edit your photos. These Free Lightroom Presets from ON1 and ON1 partners work with Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and Classic CC. Lightroom Presets will quickly speed up your photo editing workflow and inspire you to find new ways to style your photos 15. Dec. Photoshop Actions Photo Flow Beautiful Photoshop Actions: The Photo Flow Collection is perfect for all types of photography! Stylize your images with vintage and cinematic actions, film fades, light leaks and Orton Glow effects! Sharpen like a pro and remove noise in one simple click! Enjoy the huge selection of customizable light. Introducing the ON1 Professional Plugins. Every photographer wants the best in class editing software for their workflow. ON1 plugins work with YOUR specific software of choice at a level of integration no other plugin does, including working with multiple photos in editing, keeping photos re-editable across applications, or batch processing photos On bright sunny days photographing subjects in white can be especially troublesome. The harsh sun light bouncing off a white wedding dress for example can completely confuse a cameras internal meter and create darkened backgrounds or total underexposure. The cure for this dilemma is to reduce the contrast range, or put simply, move into the shade

Jan 15, 2019 - Explore emily's board Ps and Lt Quick Edits on Pinterest. See more ideas about photoshop photography, photoshop tutorial, photoshop lightroom Here is a screenshot from Lightroom, showing the above changes: If you are struggling with making the sky appear more blue, take a look at this tutorial on how to do it. Just be careful about using the blues on the clouds - it might be best to use Lightroom's Adjustment Brush and apply the effect on the sky alone Hello guys I am Vaibhav and in this tutorial I am going to show you how to create sun rays using Photoshop. Last time I discussed about a famous technique of Placing an Image Inside a Text and you should check out that tutorial if you want to learn it too. For this tutorial basically what I am going to do is to create new layer and then I will play with Blending Modes to give a nice effect

We have some awesome Free Holiday & Christmas Overlays that you can download & use to make your Christmas Card this year, including instructions on how to create your card & apply them in Lightroom! Happy Holidays Light Rays Photo Overlay Collection: A collection of 15 White Light Rays and 10 Color Light Rays, these lighting overlays will help you add the effect of warm rays streaming across the sky and down onto your scene. Quickly add warmth and colorful life to your images with a few simple clicks Realistic Rays and Dust. 158 high-quality files: - 80 Dust Overlays (5000 x 2813 px) - 60 Realistic Rays Overlays (5000 x 2813 px) - 18 Rays Brushes (2500 x 5000 px) Detailed illustrated instructions included. Just place one of the overlays onto your image and change blending mode to screen. For a more realistic effect, you can - rotate the laye Free Sun Preset Lightroom. Free Sun Ray Presets Lightroom. Free Sunflare Lightroom Presets. Free Sunflare Preset Lightroom. App Lightroom CC Mobile is a free complete photo editor app for android and ios all that I could think of doing was removing all of my recent downloads from Lightroom, and starting over.. 40 Cool Photoshop Effects Tutorials (Part 1) - The Photo Argus. Photoshop offers unlimited potential to photographers for editing and retouching photos. However, the downside to Photoshop is that its wealth of tools. In this tutorial, you will learn how to change the color of anything in Photoshop

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Let's get started! In Photoshop, create a duplicate layer by clicking Ctrl + J. If you don't use Photoshop, skip the first three steps and simply load the image into Luminar AI. You can continue along with us on step four. Convert the layer to a Smart Object by right-clicking on the Layer 1 copy. Then, select Convert to Smart Object The goal of the Starter FREE Lightroom Collection is to cover different aspects of Travel Photography how do you correct. projectedProductContext the first thing that I like to do is right-click in the Preset panel and create a new folder for my downloaded presets. Preset Lightroom Mobile Landscape, vivid and realistic Free Sun Ray Presets Lightroom. Free Sunflare Lightroom Presets. Free Sunflare Preset Lightroom. Free Sunlight Lightroom Presets. Free Sunlight Lightroom Presets. When you copy the settings like this you're not removing any history so you can still revert the image to an earlier version using the history list to accomplish this, the. Sun Rays Lightroom Preset Free. Sunflower Lightroom Presets. Sunlight Lightroom Presets. Sunlight Lightroom Presets Free. Sunlight Presets For Lightroom. using some common sense when you apply the preset and subsequently make other changes to the image you can easily remove the effect of the preset without having to wind back all the. Jun 14, 2017 - The Curves Tool must be one of the most versatile tools in Photoshop, and you can do so much with it! It's also looks seriously scary with all those grids, lines, and points - so much so that many people shy away from using it. That is all going to change today my friend! You and I are going for a little walk thro