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This HD video shows you how to grind and sharpen a Swept Back, Irish or Ellsworth grind on a woodturning bowl gouge. My setup uses the Oneway Wolverine Shar.. The Crown® Pro-PM Ellsworth Gouge features a unique grind, developed by professional woodturner David Ellsworth, which is able to quickly and efficiently remove large amounts of wood as well as make finishing cuts. Crown® Pro-PM tools feature advanced powdered metallurgy technology that's combined with traditional English craftsmanship. These bowl gouge grinds allow you to do a variety of cuts but they are: hard to master. hard to sharpen. You can spend anywhere from $60 to $200 for a bowl gouge with an ellsworth grind already on it, all you need to do is learn how to use the tool and keep it sharpened. To keep it sharpened you need a sharpening jig similar to or a Oneway. Turning an older or cheaper woodturning bowl gouge into a ellsworth grind will allow you to practice using this unique grind at little cost. If you break a 20 or 30 dollar chisel you won't go busto! Maybe the most important aspect of this whole process is that you can learn and fine turn your woodturning gouge/chisel sharpening skills. It won.

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  1. Product description. This 1/2-Inch 13-mm Powder Metallurgy Ellsworth Gouge is one of Crowns exclusive new range of 'elite' Pro-PM turning chisels. Made from an advanced Powder Metal, the molten steel has been compressed and sintered, giving the tool a cutting edge which lasts up to four or five times that of a conventional High Speed Steel tool
  2. Odie, the grind does not make a great deal of difference to me except for some specific things like shear scraping. I have more bowl gouges than I ought to and they all are a bit different -- Glaser, Irish, Ellsworth, Michelsen, Böhme, unknown lineage, and almost-but-not-quite traditional
  3. Chris Marshall: David Ellsworth is credited for developing the sweeping grind profile on bowl gouges, hence the name Ellsworth grind.. It's the first change I made to my favorite bowl gouge when I bought it, and I don't regret it. I think it gives the gouge a much broader range of cutting action when turning away the insides of bowls.
  4. an Ellsworth Grind Bowl Gouge and have been unable to use your Tormek to sharpen it, you now have the information to get another way to sharpen your tool and another excuse for adding a Tormek to your sharp-ening tool inventory if you don't already own one. Title: July 2005.pd
  5. An Ellsworth/Irish style 60°grind (bottom right) and a 40°Bowl Gouge Grind (left) and you can get a nice Spindle Grind (not shown). Using properly shaped and sharpened tools are paramount to successfully turning wood. Don Geiger----- Turning on an American Beauty is an.

Topic: Ellsworth Bowl Gouge But the Jig settings are as follows For the Elsworth grind, Jig setting 6 (the turning jig has numbers 1-5 marked on it, 6 is just the next notch), 65mm protrusion, and set the tool rest to the first hole on the setter Jig, and you should be all ready to go.. THE ELLSWORTH SHARPENING JIG ••• Recommended for use with 5/8 diameter, bowls gouges with parabolic- shaped flutes only. ••• When using this jig with the Wolverine sliding arm, change the 2, 4, 7 measurements listed below to: 2 1/8, 5 1/4 , 7 1/8 respectively. Setting up the Slide: See drawings included a

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  1. First, do you use bowl gouges with all the different grind styles? I mainly use two styles. My bowl gouges are a large 3/4 and a smaller 1/2 swept-back grind bowl gouge each with about a 55° bevel angle and a micro-bevel bowl gouge which has about a 65-70° cutting tip. These are the only bowl gouges I use and need on a regular basis
  2. This is the best way to create and maintain the Ellsworth grind on bowl gouges; We sell gouges with this Ellsworth grind (Item # CN24201) and (Item # CN24202) This grind is a refinement of the traditional Irish or fingernail style grind; Product Videos. Custom Field. Brand Mfg David Ellsworth Studios
  3. Fingernail is a grind and bowl gouge is the tool. People also call it Ellsworth. However, the fingernail shape allows greater flexibility. Thus, the woodturner better performs the pull cuts. Conclusion. So, the best bowl gouges and carbide bowl gouges have been listed here in this article. The best bowl gouges must be durable and the blades.

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In terms of exterior design, the Hurricane Turning Tools HTT-242KW Bowl Gouge and the Pinnacle Cryogenic Fingernail Grind Bowl Gouge may look similar. The flute width is the same for the two bowl gouges, as is the handle length. Another thing the two gouges have in common is the cryogenic treatment of their M2 HSS shanks in production The word Fingernail refers to the grind of the bowl gouge. A fingernail bowl gouge has 50 to 55 degrees of bevel angle with swept-back side wing. The fingernail grind is also known as Ellsworth grind and Irish grind. Final Words. Hurricane Woodturning Three-Piece Bowl Gouge is a set that we call best for the money. It is perfectly suited. Glaser bowl gouges, but again, for me, the Ellsworth/Glaser grind has proved to be the best. Now as to those Texas grinds, I know when I'm in over my head! :-) Lyn. BTW, no particular endorsement of Cutting Edge Tools one way or another. It's just that they have one of the best photo explanations of gouge styles and grinds tha This tool is shipped already sharpened with a standard grind. We do this intentionally so you can have the freedom to shape it the way you want. The Ellsworth grind is only one of many types of grinds. Most brands charge a premium to sell you a shape that you most likely will change over time anyway. 5 Hurricane M2 Cryo 5/8 Bowl gouge

Ellsworth Crown Pro-PM gouge jig settings. I have a new 1/2 Crown Ellsworth Pro-PM gouge and was trying to set up the SVD-186 following the Tormek instructions for the Ellsworth grind (75 mm projection, #6, and hole A). The jig settings get the middle of the gouge bang on, but would make the wings quite a bit higher angle than the factory grind TURNER: Joel Hunnicutt TOOLS: Various bowl gouges COMMENTS: The top gouge is my 5/8 Glaser. The grind is close to a factory grind. It is my workhorse gouge, but very easy to control for fine finishing cuts. The middle gouge is an artisan gouge that was my first bowl gouge Now, if you want to grind them the same, you might get a similar outcome out of their job. But the high wings of the bowl gouge make it way easier to grind than spindle gouge. That is why, a bowl gouge comes in many forms of grind, namely Ellsworth grind, Irish grind, etc. Although, the tip of an Ellsworth gouge can only cut a rounded inside.

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Crown Tools 242EW Ellsworth Signature Gouge. This gouge was designed by internationally recognized woodturner David Ellsworth with a special hollow, fingernail type grind. This allows its use for a wide variety of cutting actions, making it extremely versatile. Its comfortable 17-Inch tapered handle adds to its stability and helps reduce. Parabolic flute design; David Ellsworth Signature Series Tool with Ellsworth Grind. Usable Flute Length: 8 | Handle Length: 16 | Overall Length: 24. Crown Tools Pro-PM 1/2 Flute (5/8 Bar) Bowl Gouge David Ellsworth Grind 242EPMW 791943537561 | eBa The Ellsworth bowl gouge is distinguished by its steep bevel and side-ground wings — a versatile grind useful for a wide range of cuts, particularly shearing. It can be used both for interior and exterior bowl surfaces and deals with heavy wasting or finishing cuts equally well. The 5/8 diameter blade is high-speed steel hardened to Rc61-62

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Photo 4 is the classic. This is the David Ellsworth 5/8 bowl gouge sharpened using his jig. This gouge belongs to a friend and he sharpened it. You'll notice one wing is longer than the other. That often happens on the Ellsworth and Irish grind tools if you're not very careful when grinding them. David's has a sort of V-shaped flute It's my go to gouge although it's not the Ellsworth signature version. I'm fairly certain the only difference is that the Ellsworth signature version comes pre-ground to Ellsworth's signature grind. I'm too cheap to spend the extra $40 or so for the signature version but th e grind is relatively easy to replicate A bowl gouge is often ground using the method developed by Liam O'Neill and later adopted by other such as Ellsworth. The shape is somewhat fingernail-like, but the tip is more blunt and the gouge is rolled as it is sharpened, resulting in the bevel reversing on the sided and creating a cutting edge on the top of the sides with a negative bevel All our 5/8 Bowl Gouge - Fingernail Grind flutes are individually inspected and hand polished to remove all machine marks. This extra step assures the sharpest cutting edge possible. They are shipped sharp. The 5/8 finger nail grind bowl gouge is my go to tool for roughting out, especialy bowls, howlow forms and platers. I use the Finger Nail Ground Bowl Gouges for all of my roughting out. spindle gouge with a fingernail grind and a gently rounded profile for the tip. The bevel angle should be in the range of 35° to 40°. This is a useful general- Bowl gouge profiles Ellsworth Glaser Traditional Bowl gouges Bowl gouges are workhorses of bowl turning. Their size, the profile of th

The swept-back profile is also called an Irish, Celtic or Ellsworth grind. It's the most versatile profile. Your bowl gouge can be used as a roughing, scraping and fine finishing tool. It's easy to level any surface, inside or out, when using the gouge in a shear cutting or shear scraping action It would depend on what size it is and what I want to do with it. My large 5/8 inch bowl gouges get the Ellsworth grind and is used mostly for rough turning and sheer scraping. 1/2 inch bowl gouges get close to a 40/40 grind or a traditional grind for cleaning up cuts. 3/8 in bowl gouges get the 40/40 grind and another with the traditional grind

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  1. So a 1/2 Crown bowl gouge is roughly the same size as a 5/8 Thompson bowl gouge for example. I have 2 Crown Pro PM 3/8 bowl gouges, and a set of the spindle tools and they are hands down some of my favorites, I think you will like yours a lot! I think Crown, Hamlet and Henry Taylor have the best flute shapes for bowl gouges (parabolic)
  2. I was first introduced to the fingernail grind and how to really use it at the AAW symposium (1997 San Antonio) by watching David Ellsworth and John Jordan demonstrate. (For some insight to the origin of the grind, read this interview with David Ellsworth ) I was amazed at how clean of a cut they were able to accomplish with just a gouge, no.
  3. Chestnut, from a local NAW club member, 1/2 Ellsworth grind bowl gouge. Walnut oil finished. Pin. Dedicated in memory of an inspiringly wonderful angel who received her wings last week. Artist: William Cash
  4. um handles. Interchangeability, without compromising strength and tolerances

This is a simple Ellsworth style grinding jig I made to fit a Hurricane 5/8 bowl gouge. Just add a threaded rod/cut bolt and a thumb screw. I have a bunch of them. I was so glad to print since that allows you to make a round hole with a flat top that keeps the gouge from rotating. If you make this by hand with wood or aluminum, the gouge can rotate in the hole, which makes you grind more. When started tuning bowl & spindle gouges came with square grind and bevel angle of between 35 and 45 degrees. While that is true today vendors also sell fingernail, Irish, Side ground tools too. When started turning Ellsworth and Craft Supply M-2 only gouges exception to square grind from manufacturer and vendors

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Adjustable Jig Settings for an Ellsworth grind While holding Turn-n-Learn workshops and a Sharpening demo at our monthly club meeting, the Ellsworth grind has come up several times. David Ellsworth has developed a particular grind for a bowl gouge which he advocates, and he sells a gouge pre-ground and a uniqu Bowl gouges are also often confused with detail gouges, which are also called spindle, fingernail or shallow gouges. A detail gouge has a shallower flute than a bowl gouge. A detail gouge is designed for shaping small elements, particularly in spindle work, although it is used in bowl turning for shaping rims, bases and feet Sharpening Jig for Woodturning Gouges: I'm really happy with the grind that my vary-grind jig from OneWay gives my gouges. But, the exception is my spindle gouge. I want an ellsworth grind on that particular tool, but I don't want to buy the ellsworth jig....so, why not make one Description. This tool is a grinding jig guide; it sets up the bowl gouge for a two inch setback from the tip of the gouge to the jig. It is designed to be used with the Ellsworth and Jamieson Grind Bowl Gouges, but I use it for all my gouges now. The guide will work with all grinding jigs including Wolverine, Ellsworth, Truegrind and Packard jigs The bowl gouge however, would seem to benefit more from a jig like the Wolverine, or the one Captain Eddie shows in his video, which is specifically about the Ellsworth gouge. I saw a video the man said he likes to put an Ellsworth type grind on his bowl gouges

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  1. David Ellsworth. 208 Ox Creek Rd., Weaverville, NC 28787. david.ellsworth3@gmail.com. Order Now. Videos. The Ellsworth Library of Tutorial Videos/DVDs on Woodturning. Tape #1 - Open Bowls. Turning an open bowl using the 'Signature' gouge with the Ellsworth grind; sharpening gouges; faceplate designs, function and usage; jam chucks and sanding
  2. Oct 26, 2014 - This HD video shows you how to grind and sharpen a Swept Back, Irish or Ellsworth grind on a woodturning bowl gouge. My setup uses the Oneway Wolverine Shar..
  3. Ellsworth grind, O'Neill grind— whatever the term, what we're talk- ing about is the deep-fluted (bowl) gouge with the sides ground back so that the corners are well back of the cutting edge. I won't get into who originated this grind; I know that I didn't. But it has certainly served me well since I learned it from David Ellsworth some years.

Crown Tools 42KW 1/2 M42 Bowl Gouge Side Grind 16 Handle.Introducing the new range of Ultra high performance lathe chisel from `Crown Tools Corp' our new 'Razor Edge' range of high performance turning tools combine the use of cobalt infused M42 HSS with Crown Tools sophisticated cryogenic treatment process to bring a range of tool that we believe gives a cutting edge previously unseen in the. Yes a spindle gouge can and will work on shallow bowls but not design to reach too far over the tool rest. Ellsworth, Irish, and side ground all the same thing! There are other names used too for same grind! Other than Ellsworth grind some bowl turners use finger nail, and square grinds on their bowl gouges Bob Pegram turned a green Bradford Pear bowl. Various BAT members gave advice and tried their hands at mak-ing cuts. Standard grind gouges, Ellsworth grind gouges, and Carbide-tipped tools were used. Wayne Kuhn, Court Robinson, Chris Kunzle, Steve Lane and others took turns hollowing. Chris coached Bob in using the pull cu Tape #1 - Open Bowls Turning an open bowl using the 'Signature' gouge with the Ellsworth grind; sharpening gouges; faceplate designs, function and usage; jam chucks and sanding. Ihr, 45min. DVD S35 Tape #3 - HoUow Turning David Ellsworth's classic method of bringing the log to the lathe and turning a hollow form

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This gouge is ideal for making bowls and is a must in the shop for every bowl turner! Features: • High speed steel blades are hardened to Rc 62-64. • Set in extra long 16 hardwood handles with brass ferrules. • Extra length of the handles allows greater control and comfort for those long turning sessions replicate the Ellsworth grind?, a bowl gouge grind? Fingernail grind? Roughing gouge grind? What about skews? I know it is a good system, I just hope it is good enough to overcome my grinding inadequaticies. Thanks. RP. Wolverine Jig: Rusty Myers: 8/18/03 2:03 PM: Yes to all. It is just a matter of adjusting the vari-grind for th The gouge should be presented to the turning at the same angle as the bevel is ground this will allow much greater control. My favorite is a 5/8 gouge with a Ellsworth grind, which has been modified. I use a 60 degree grind and roll the top of the wings in slightly towards the center 1/2 13mm Pro-Pm Ellsworth grind, with 16 Handle-Pro-PM Signature Gouge made of advanced particle steel, giving the tool up to 3 times greater edge holding ability. The Pro-PM Ellsworth Gouge also has an 8 long flute and comes fitted with a 16 Black Ash Handle. These Signature gouge's have a blade length of 10and Ellsworth Grind Gouge After watching a DVD by Bill Grumbine from USA who uses this grind almost exclusively, I paid $149 from Timbercon and it is a pleasure to use. I use it for a number of things besides bowls and even some spindle work

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Bowl Gouge • Common size: ⅜ & ½ sized by span of flute • European sizes are bar dia. • Flute is usually parabolic -some are more V shaped • Edge angle usually flat except for Ellsworth grind • Most common shape: Fingernail, Irish or Swept Back Grind • Stuart Batty 40-40 grind TOOLS: Various bowl gouges COMMENTS: The top gouge is my 5/8 Glaser. The grind is close to a factory grind. It is my workhorse gouge, but very easy to control for fine finishing cuts. The middle gouge is an artisan gouge that was my first bowl gouge. I use it mostly for shear scraping and for running down a steep side wall Every gouge arrives at your lathe with a beautifully sharpened profile, and a second bevel to reduce catching or tarnishing the cutting surface. Premium M42 high speed steel and meticulously polished flutes ensure the sharpest edge in the industry. Enjoy cleaner cuts and fewer trips to the grinder

A concave grinding wheel periphery can also be used to grind hollow-ground bevels on gouges (Photo. 16). Fig. 3 Taking measurements in order to determine other measurements which enable the bottom surface of the bowl to be turned accurately and the intended base thickness to be achieved Henry Taylor ellsworth bowl gouge sharpening on pro edge « on: April 17, 2018, 06:11:52 PM » Hi, does anyone have a Henry Taylor 5/8 ellsworth bowl gouge, and sharpen it on the sorby pro edge, i have just bought 1 and wanted to know what settings to use , do i need the long grind Jig, or will the standard fingernail jig do it,

The profile of the bowl gouge should be that of a fingernail grind where the end is rounded, not square or pointed. Making Contact. Put on your faceshield, turn on the grinder, and place your gouge on the toolrest at an angle so the middle of the bevel will touch the surface of the wheel PRO-PM woodturning tools made of ultra hard sintered steel with black stained ash handle and ready-to-use bevel. Designed by master woodturner David Ellsworth, these versatile bowl gouges are for rough and finish shaping of the inside and outside of hollow forms. Ellsworth special grind (ready-to-use bevel) Crown Bowl Gouge. Overall length: 24; 1 = 27-1/2. Crown Tools' M2 High Speed Steel turning tools give turners a real choice. Big, stout handles are stained beech. Quality is excellent throughout the line. Another feature of Crown Tools, one we've come to expect in everything they make, is terrific value for the price BOWL GOUGE: There are many variations. This is a safe place to start, with a 50°-60° nose bevel, swept-back wings with convex or straight profile (not concave/dipped - dangerous). Move toward 45°-40° as skills permit. A bottom of the bowl gouge may have a 70° angle and no sweep. The list goes on! 40-40 Bowl Gouge: The 40/40-grind. Ellsworth Gouge This tool was developed in conjunction with David Ellsworth well known U.S. woodturner. It is made from 16mm roung bar with a 7 ½ flute. The special feature of this gouge is a side grind which enables roughing and fine cuts can be achieved on bowls

5.0 out of 5 stars. 2 product ratings. - PROFESSIONAL 1/2 HSS WOOD LATHE BOWL TURNING CHISEL GOUGE WITH ASH HANDLE. C $48.39. Top Rated Seller. Top Rated Seller. Buy It Now. From United States. +C $18.92 shipping estimate Crown Hand Tools #240PMW Pro-PM 1/4 Bowl Gouge. C $78.87. Buy It Now. +C $22.68 shipping. 1d 14h left (Wednesday, 5:14) From United States. Customs services and international tracking provided

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Big Horn 24155 (242EW) Ellsworth Signature Gouge. This gouge was designed by internationally recognized woodturner David Ellsworth with a special hollow, fingernail type grind. This allows its use for a wide variety of cutting actions, making it extremely versatile. Its comfortable 17-Inch tapered handle adds to its stability and helps reduce. Used a combination of bowl gouges. Did the last finishing cut with a 1/2 gouge ground with a 60° Ellsworth grind or Irish grind. In order to cut the lip and the following 1 or 2 inches of depth, I used a deep U shaped gouge with a fingernail grind starting at about 40° I have a 3/8 bowl gouge, and am looking to buy a bigger one. What size would you recommend 1/2 or 5/8? Suggestions would be be appreciated. Thanks: Joe S Bowl Gouge Techniques. Woodturning expert Brian Simmons talks you through the simple steps for turning a bowl using a bowl gouge. Read more about . Woodturning, Scrolling, and Carving or Woodworking Videos. Grind your teeth for no-stress flush cuts. Onboard bit storage for easy access

There are a number of gouge sharpening jigs available for purchase that aid in putting a fingernail grind on a bowl gouge or splindle gouge. This method of sharpening bowl and spindle gouges has several advantages over hand sharpening. The main benefit is that a minimum of metal is removed from the gouge during sharpening if the setup of the. The bowl gouge Unless you are doing small bowls, I recommend at least the 1/2 gouge. Although I have the gouge ground with only the regular grind, many people recommend using an Ellsworth grind on your bowl gouge. From what I've seen, I would recommend it too

of a bowl. a tight area and to clean up will produce fine shavings and torn grain. For an even finer a cleanly cut surface On the shear-scraping cut, rotate the outside a bowl. tool slightly clockwise and drop the handle. Medium bevel, positions one through five Ellsworth-grind bowl gouge Traditional-profile grind Ellsworth jig and a new jig called the 'Robo-Jig'. Craig demonstrated how each one of these jigs works on different chisels. Craig first showed how to use the Ellsworth jig by putting what is called an 'Ellsworth Grind' on a bowl gouge. He discussed the differences between the vari-grind jig and the Ellsworth jig, an

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Now let's set-up to sharpen an Irish/Ellsworth style grind on a bowl gouge. To secure the stop ring into place, tighten the setscrew against one of the flat surfaces on the ! Important note! 2 Relief bevel (3) ground to approximately 50°. Note: The width of each of bevels 1 & 2 can be adjusted to your preference T tools are not priced badly to begin with. they are quite well made, they guy is a nice guy- and should be considered by anyone wanting to turn wood!. The various grinds one can use are a total different discussion. I have 3 that are 1/2 inch and a 5/8 and a 3/4 that see use on.. how bowl gouges are ground. There at times have been dif-ferent grinds used throughout the world; the typical English grind of a bowl gouge has less of a swept back edge than that of a U.S. grind. There also is the 40/40 grind which has become popular with some bowl turners due to its simplicity fo Sharpening a Swept Back Grind or Irish Grind on a Bowl Gouge - How To This HD video shows you how to grind and sharpen a Swept Back, Irish or Ellsworth grind on a woodturning bowl gouge. My setup uses the Oneway Wolverine Shar.. This deep fluted 13mm bowl gouge comes sharpened with a specialized side grind, offering exceptional versatility in bowl turning. Powerful roughing cuts to delicate shearing cuts are made with ease, making this tool a favorite for turning bowls. This gouge is based on the David Ellsworth design developed in conjunction with Crown with slight variations that have allowed for a big reduction in.

Crown 241E 3/8-Inch Ellsworth Signature Gouge : Amazon.sg: DIY & Tools. Skip to main content.sg. Hello Select your address All Hello, Sign in. Account & Lists Returns & Orders. Cart All. Best Sellers Customer Service New. The Crown Bowl Gouges are made from M2 High Speed Steel (Rockwell 62/64) and have an attractive Beech handle (Rosewood handle available upon request) with a heavy duty brass ferrule. These tools are held in great esteem by wood turners world wide and have the edge and balance required when producing the finest outcomes in your projects and their HSS property means they intend to last up to six. 1Qty: The Wolverine Vari-Grind will properly shape and maintain the edge on standard bowl gouges, the modern side grind (also known as the Ellsworth grind, Liam O'Neil, or Irish grind), and the traditional fingernail shape for spindle work detailing. ONEWAY has spent considerable time and effort to develop a system which will consistently. The included and versatile Multi-Grind Jig will correctly shape the edge on bowl gouges, side grinds (aka Ellsworth grind, Liam O'Neil grind/Irish grind) or fingernail grinds for spindle work and detailing. Not only will it correctly shape your tools, you will also be able to repeat the process to produce consistent results every time Tape #1 - Open Bowls Turning an open bowl using the 'Signature' gouge with the Ellsworth grind; sharpening gouges; faceplate designs, function and usage; jam chucks and sanding. 1hr, 45min. DVD $35 Tape #3 - Hollow Turning David Ellsworth's classic method of bringing the log to the lathe and turning a hollow form