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NATIONAL BUILDING REGULATIONS AND BUILDING STANDARDS ACT NO. 103 OF 1977 ( as amended ) 2 Application of Act (1) Subject to the provisions of any notice published in terms of subsection (2), the provisions of this Act shall apply in the area of jurisdiction of any local authority Building Regulations and Approved Documents index. An enhanced Manual to the Building Regulations designed to be clear and useful for a range of audiences, and a fully searchable PDF of all. Building Regulations, providing guidance on the Building Regulations system in England. Volume 1 of this manual gives a very high-level outline of how the Building Regulations system currently works. Volume 2 goes into more detail. The manual is only a summary. You should always rely on what is said in the legislation, rathe building regulations made in terms of section 17; (xii) (xv) owner, in relation to a building or land, means the person in whose name the land on which such building was or is erected or such land, as the case may be, is registered· in the deeds office in question: Provided that if- ' '.

Electrician's Guide to the Building Regulations Instn.of Electrical Engineers 2008-08-15 Spiral bound 210 English ISBN: 0863418627 EAN/ISBN13: 9780863418624 Helps domestic installers not only comply with Part P, but also with other Building Regulations, including Fire Safety, Ventilation and Conservation of Energy 9.39 MB. 103 of 1977. The National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act 103 of 1977 intends: to provide : for the promotion of uniformity in the law relating to the erection of buildings in the areas of jurisdiction of local authorities; for the prescribing of building standards; and. for matters connected therewith

Building: A separate building overlooking an approved road consisting of several stories, residential flats, business suites or independent business premises that are combined or separate in the entrances, staircase and lifts. Building Percentage: The maximum percentage allowed for the total building surfaces in relation to the land area The building regulations apply to the design and construction of a new building (including a dwelling) or an extension to an existing building. The minimum performance requirements that a building must achieve are set out in the second schedule to the building regulations. These requirements are set out in 12 parts (classified as Parts A to M.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government publishes guidance called 'Approved Documents' on ways to meet building regulations. general guidance on the performance expected of. Building regulations. Coronavirus (COVID-19): read information and guidance relating to building standards (April 2020). Building regulations set out technical requirements a pplicable to building work to protect the public interest. We publish technical handbooks which explain how to achieve the requirements set out in the Building (Scotland. s 1 6 s 4 Building Regulation 2006 No. 227, 2006 Part 1 Preliminary 1 Short title This regulation may be cited as the Building Regulation 2006. 2 Commencement This regulation commences immediately after the Building and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2006, section 5, commences

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Download Free PDF. Download Free PDF. Dubai Municipality Department of Buildings & Housing Building Code Regulations & Construction Specifications. 93 Pages. Dubai Municipality Department of Buildings & Housing Building Code Regulations & Construction Specifications. Arkan BC The design and construction of buildings is regulated under the Building Control Acts 1990 to 2014, in order to ensure the safety of people within the built environment. Who to contact If you wish to keep up to date with changes to Building Standards please email buildingstandards@housing.gov.ie and ask to be added to our mailing list

G1 to G6 and regulations 7 and 36 of the Building Regulations 2010 (SI 2010/2214) for England and Wales, as amended. The Building Regulations 2010 are referred to throughout the remainder of this Document as 'the Building Regulations'. Where appropriate the Approved Document also gives guidance on relevant requirements in th The 2010 amendments reflect the Building Regulations 2010 and Building (Approved Inspectors etc) Regulations 2010. The changes mainly reflect regulation number changes as a result of re-ordering. There have been no amendments to the substantive requirements in Part A of Schedule 1 to the Building Regulations Contact Us UDA Sunshine House, Sunville. SUN12 8LU. 019223 8092344 info@flexorinc.co

The National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act (No. 103 of 1977) forms the basis of how buildings in South Africa should be constructed and developed to suit human habitation. The legislation became enforceable as law in September 1985, and two years later were published by the SABS as part of the original Code of Practice for The. Manual to the Building Regulations (2020) — Official PDF. Official Free PDF (8.94 MB) Updated on 14 January 2017 to add #6. Updated on 26 January 2017 to add the latest edition to #3. Updated on 10 May 2017 to add #7 , #8 and the orange box with the BR update Building regulation in England covering the structural elements of a building. Cookies on GOV.UK. We use some essential cookies to make this website work. Ref: ISBN 978-1-4098-4803-5 PDF, 44.

Part M (2010) of the Building Regulations requires that adequate provision be made for people to access and use a building, its facilities and its environs.Technical Guidance Part M provides guidance that will, prima facie, indicate compliance with Part M. To satisfy the requirements of Part M, all buildings should be designed and constructed so that REGULATIONS 1. These regulations may be cited as the urban development authority planning and building regulations 1986. 2. The provisions of these regulations shall be applicable to Mannar Island for the time being declared by the minister by notification published in the gazette to be an urban development area. SUBMISSION OF PLANS 3

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  1. View Building Regulations & Design Guidelines- Structural .pdf from BSCE CEIT-02 at Rizal Technological University. & BUILDING REGULATIONS & DESIGN GUIDELINESSTRUCTURAL Department of Planning an
  2. ation in relation to protection work will need to be identified. However, section 10(2) does not apply, the permit will simply be a co-
  3. BUILDING REGULATIONS 2018 (SR NO 38 OF 2018) TABLE OF PROVISIONS Division 1--Introduction 1.Objectives 2.Authorising provisions 3.Commencement 4.Revocations Division 2--Definitions and interpretation 5.Definitions 6.Interpretation 7.Numerical values 8.Use of buildings 9. Approved forms PART 2--BUILDING CODE OF AUSTRALIA 10..

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International Building Code (IBC) except where specifically amended in these regulations. 101.2 Scope. The provisions of this code shall apply to the construction, alteration, relocation, enlargement, replacement, repair, equipment, use and occupancy, location, maintenance and removal of every building or structure or an Building Regulations 2012 Part 1 Preliminary r. 3 page 2 Version 04-f0-02 As at 01 May 2020 Published on www.legislation.wa.gov.au builder work has the meaning given in the Building Services (Registration) Regulations 2011 regulation 13(1); Building Code means the Building Code of Australia which i the renumbering of regulations in the Building Regulations 2010 and Building (Approved inspector s etc) Regulations 2010. There have been no changes to the requirements in Part J of Schedule 1 to the Building Regulations, but please note the simpler definition of 'room for residential purposes'. MAIN CHANGES MADE BY THE 2013 AMENDMENT

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Green Building Regulations and Specification Guidebook: Issued in 2011, it is the first guidebook for the regulations and specifications for Green Buildings in Dubai. It includes detailed explanations on how to implement these regulations and specifications Design and Building Practitioners Regulation 2021 [NSW] Contents Page 25 Time within which notice of application for occupation certificate must be provided 14 26 Further circumstances in which building compliance declaration must be provided 15 27 Variations other than for building elements or performance solutions after building work commences 1 Master List of Building Codes and Standards . The Executive Regulations (also known as Local Amendments) are available in Adobe PDF format. To view or print a copy of the Executive Regulations please click on the appropriate ER number in the table below. For administrative interpretations, policies, pending codes and other related informatio

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Regulation 3 Building Regulations 2014 Page 6 SD No. SD2014/0165 c patient accommodation and , for the purpose of this definition, a cluster is a group of rooms for residential purposes which is — (a) separated from the rest of the building in which it is situated by a doo NFPA develops, publishes, and disseminates more than 300 consensus codes and standards intended to minimize the possibility and effects of fire and other risks. Virtually every building, process, service, design, and installation in society today is affected by NFPA documents the requirements of Schedule 1 to and Regulation 7 of the Building Regulations 2010 (SI 2010/2214) for England and Wales. At the back of this document is a list of all the documents that have been approved and issued by the Secretary of State for this purpose Building Regulations 2018 on the 2 June 2018. The summary describes what will change because of the new Regulations, in comparison to the status quo. The new Regulations are numbered from 1 to 286 and the previous principle Regulations (the Building Interim Regulations 2017) are numbered from 101 to 2101. To assist you to use the new.

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easy, you simply Klick The Building and Buildings: The Building Regulations 1985 ebook save attach on this area while you may delivered to the absolutely free enrollment manner after the free registration you will be able to download the book in 4 format. PDF Formatted 8.5 x all pages,EPub Reformatted especially for book readers, Mobi For Kindle which was converted from the EPub file, Word. Since publication of the first edition in 1976, The Building Regulations: Explained and Illustrated has provided a detailed, authoritative, highly illustrated and accessible guide to the regulations that must be adhered to when constructing, altering or extending a building in England and Wales 4 Green Building Regulations & Specifications Green Building Regulations & Specifications 5 101 Chapter 1: General 101.01 Title a) These regulations shall be known and cited as Green Building Regulations and Specifications in the Emirate of Dubai. b) Within this document, they are also referred to as the regulations Building Regulations Part K (PDF) This is a short video on a project for our staircase which involves making newel posts and fitting pipes/rails instead of balustrades. Inspired by Grand Designs this is a project in our own home. The staircase is built to part K of the UK building regulations Building regulations guidance. First published: 27 August 2015. Last updated: 3 July 2018

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  1. All building work needs to follow the rules set out in the Building Regulations. To help builders comply with the Building Regulations, which are set out in law in both NI and ROI, relevant government departments have published technical booklets which provide guidance for the most common cases
  2. Building regulations guidance: part M (access to and use of buildings), file type: PDF, file size: 3 MB . PDF. 3 MB. If you need a more accessible version of this document please email digital@gov.wales. Please tell us the format you need. If you use assistive technology please tell us what this is
  3. Building Regulations The following is a high level summary of the Building Regulations relevant to most types of building work. Where there is any doubt you should consult the full text of the regulations, available at: www.legislation.gov.uk. Building work Regulation 3 of the Building Regulations 2010 defines 'building work'
  4. View 06. SANS 10400 Application of National Building Regulations.pdf from ENGINEERIN 2601 at University of South Africa. This document may not be resold. UDC 69.009.182 ISBN 0-626·08699-X SAB

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Regulation 2(6) and (7) amends regulation 7 of the Building Regulations to provide that, subject to the exempted items in the new regulation 7(3) of the Building Regulations, only materials which achieve European Classification A2-s1, d0 or A1 may become part of an external wall or specified attachment of a relevant building The building regulations help ensure that new buildings, conversions, renovations and extensions (domestic or commercial) are going to be safe, healthy and high-performing. Detailed regulations cover specific topics including: structural integrity, fire protection, accessibility, energy performance, acoustic performance, protection against falls, electrical and gas safety

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  1. The Building Regulations are legislation approved by Parliament that relate to standards of design and building work for the construction of domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. The building regulations contain a list of requirements that are designed to ensure the health and safety of people in around the building
  2. Building Regulations Part M . The Building Regulations (Part M Amendment) Regulations 2010 (S.1. No 513 of 2010) were signed by the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government on the 1st November 2010 and published as a Statutory Instrument on the 5th November 2010
  3. ates and moisture supersedes the previous 2004 edition by incorporating the changes made as a result of the Building Regulations 2010 and Building (Approved Inspectors etc) Regulations 2010 and the 2013 amendments
  4. And Local Order No (1) on Building Regulations issued on 21­1­1974. And Ministerial Decision No. 40/81 on Building Regulations issued on 24/10/1991. And according to Royal Orders from His Majesty, The Sultan that building specifications and architectural design should be a combination of Omani
  5. The current building regulations are the Building Regulations 2010 and The Building (Approved Inspectors etc.) Regulations 2010 which came into force on October 1st 2010, and applies to England. A separate system of building control applies in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales

The Building Regulations apply to any building work defined in regulation 3 or to any building work in relation to a material change of use as defined in Regulation 5 of the Regulations. However, section 4 of the Building Act 1984 provides exemptions for some buildings Building Regulations 2010 and Building (Approved Inspector etc) Regulations 2010. The changes mainly reflect regulation number changes as a result of re-ordering. There have been no amendments to the substantive requirements in Schedule 1 (i.e. Parts A to P) of the Building Regulations BUILDING REGULATIONS The Building Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2012 Made - - - - 15th May 2012 Coming into operation - 31st October 2012 CONTENTS PART A Interpretation and general 1. Citation and commencement 5 2. Interpretation and general 5 3. Transitional provisions 8 4. Exemptions 9 5. Application to erection of buildings 9 6 These Regulations are made under the Building Act 1984 (the Act). They revoke and replace with amendments the Building Regulations 1991 (the 1991 Regulations) and consolidate all subsequent amendments to those Regulations. They impose requirements on people carrying out certain building operations A. Building Code: The Minnesota State Building Code, as adopted by the Commissioner of Labor and Industry pursuant to Minnesota Statutes chapter 326B, including all of the amendments, rules and regulations established, adopted and published from time to time by the Minnesota Commissioner o

building codes, health regulations, special purpose ordinances (such as floodplain ordinance, grading ordinance and erosion control ordinance) and other applications of police power. The term describes such state or local regulations, in any combination thereof, which provide standard building code, it now had to be the State Building Code. Legislation established that the State Building Code would be enforced statewide beginning Jan. 1, 1977, but no later than Jan. 1, 1978. Subsequent legislation passed in 1978 extended the date for mandatory state-wide enforcement of the State Building Code to Jan. 1, 1979 29. Power of building authorities relating to taxes, fees and other moneys 30. Payment of certain moneys to building authority 31. Liability of building authority Part IV - Miscellaneous 32. Delegation of powers 33. Deviation and exemption from the building regulations 34. Breaches of duty by the building authority 35. Existing buildings 36. 2005 IRELAND BUILDING REGULATIONS, Technical Guidance Document J HEAT PRODUCING APPLIANCES [PDF] (2005) 2010 UK BUILDING REGULATIONS, COMBUSTION APPLIANCES AND FUEL STORAGE SYSTEMS J, [PDF] (2010) Electrical Codes. AFCIs ARC FAULT CIRCUIT INTERRUPTERS 2008 National Electrical Code Update on AFCIs and GFCIs in home

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These Regulations shall come into force from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette. 1.3. Applicability Subject to the provisions of the Gujarat Town Planning and Urban Development Act-1976, these Regulations shall apply to all the developments within the Development Areas of the following Appropriate Authorities Building (Administration) Regulations (Cap. 123, section 38) [1 January 1960] (Format changes E.R. 1 of 2012) Part 1 Preliminary 1. Citation These regulations may be cited as the Building (Administration) Regulations. 2. Interpretation In these regulations, unless the context otherwise require

NATIONAL BUILDING REGULATIONS AND BUILDING STANDARDS ACT 103 OF 1977 REGULATIONS UNDER SECTION 17 (1). Published under Government Notice R2378 in Government Gazette 12780 of 12 October 1990 and amended by: GN R432 GG 13054 8/3/91 GN R919 GG 20314 30/7/99 GN R574 GG 31084 30/5/2008. The Building Regulations Pocket Book is the must have reliable and portable guide to compliance with the Building Regulations. Part 1 provides an overview of the Building Act. Part 2 offers a handy guide to the dos and don'ts of gaining the Local Council's approval for Planning Permission and Building Regulations Approval

Building Regulations in Kuwait - قوانين البناء فى الكويت Download Digitally signed by Yasser Yasser Mahgoub DN: CN = Yasser Mahgoub, C = KW, O = Kuwait University, OU = KU-ARCH Mahgoub Reason: I am the author of this document Date: 2006.03.27 11:38:23 +03'00 THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS 1963 (L.N. 256 of 1963) IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred by regulation 210 of the Local Government Regulations 1963, the Minister for Local Government hereby makes the following Order:- THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT (ADOPTIVE BY-LAWS) (BUILDING) ORDER 1968 1 The Building Code Standards Committee, in accordance with the rule making authority of Title 23, Chapter 23-27.3, Section 109.1, paragraphs a through c inclusive, has formally adopted and promulgated as the Rhode Island State Building Code, the provisions of the Internationa

Building regulatory framework in Victoria. The Building Act 1993 sets the legal framework for the regulation of building construction, building standards, maintenance of specific safety features and for registration of building and plumbing practitioners in Victoria.. All building and plumbing work in Victoria must be carried out in accordance with the Building Act, the Building Regulations. which the Building Control Regulations is one part thereof. The Building Control Regulations which have been adopted by the cabinet at its session of 11 th February 2009 will be a nationally recognised document, which will serve as a standard reference for the regulation of building design and construction Building Permit 9 2.3 Construction Procedures 9 2.4 Completion Procedures 10 2.5 Building Operations 11 2.6 Alterations and Additions to Buildings 11 2.7 Powers of the Authorities 11 2.8 Responsibilities and Disputes 12 3. General Planning Regulations 13 3.1 General Provisions 13 3.2 Zone H - Residential Apartments Zone 14 3. BUILDING AND BUILDINGS The Building Regulations 1991 Made - ---6,h December 1991 Laid be/ore Porliamem Coming mlo force 10,h December 1991 Is, Jllne 1992 ARRANGEMENT OF REGULATIONS I. Citation and commencement. 2. Interpretation. PART I General PART II Control 0/ building work 3 Meaning of building work Acces PDF Guide To Building Regulations Guide To Building Regulations Thank you categorically much for downloading guide to building regulations.Most likely you have knowledge that, people have look numerous times for their favorite books taking into account this guide to building regulations, but end going on in harmful downloads

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  1. Building Act 1984 CHAPTER 55 A Table showing the derivatio of the provisions of this con- solidation Act will be found at the end of the Act.The Table has no official status. ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS PART I BUILDING REGULATIONS Power to make building regulations Section 1. Power to make building regulations. 2. Continuing requirements
  2. Schedule 1 second clause F5 number: revoked, on 22 December 1994, by regulation 6 of the Building Regulations 1992, Amendment No 1 (SR 1994/263). Schedule 1 clause F5.2 number: inserted, on 22 December 1994, by regulation 6 of the Building Regulations 1992, Amendment No 1 (SR 1994/263)
  3. ister and enforce these regulations. 2.1.2 MISSION. It is the mission of the Building Department to safeguard the public through enforcement of Ohio construction codes and county regulations. The Building
  4. istrative rules, and local ordinances occasionally adopt, incorporate, or refer to technical codes published by independent organizations. These codes describe scientific and safety standards for structures and discuss specifications for construction practices, electrical systems, plumbing fixtures, fire.
  5. Building Regulations 2018 OVERVIEW The Building Regulations 2018 will commence on 2 June 2018. The changes improve the documentation of permits to improve information for the regulator, the general public and building owners. The new Regulations also are designed to improve fire safety in multi-storey residential buildings. Further information Building Regulations 2018: Summary of changes and.

building, through a final exit of the building, to a place of safety outside the building. (2) An evacuation route includes the space above a path of travel. 6 Meaning of common area (1) A common area of a building means a part of a building that is designed or constructed to be used as a thoroughfare. Examples of a common area building and shall be made reasonably available to the public in writing. Regulation 2. Authority. Pursuant to the authority vested in the Joint Committee on Judicial Administration and the Executive Officer under D.C. Code §§ 11-1701(b)(9) and (d) and 11-1742(a), these regulations are promulgated for the protection of the D.C. Courts. Planning And Building Regulations In Sri Lanka Pdf. Unled implementing sendai framework capacity building for post disaster the urban development authority sri lanka renewable energy program housing reconstruction standard size of rooms in residential diffe types plans fsi guidelines hindu electricity sector wikipedia Building regulations. The Building Regulations 2018 (the Regulations) came into effect on 2 June 2018. The Regulations are a subordinate legislation of the Building Act and contain, among other things, requirements relating to: (PDF, 485.37 KB) on the use of the external wall cladding products ACP and EPS for any building work in connection.

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  1. ary . Division 1—Introduction . 1 Objectives . The objectives of these Regulations are— (a) to remake with amendments the regulations which control the design, construction and use of buildings and places of public entertainment; and (b) to prescribe standards for the constructio
  2. Building Regulations 2018 | Summary of changes 2 Building Regulation 2018 number Building Interim Regulation 2017 number Changes with the commencement of the Building Regulations 2018 24 301 Applications for building permits To apply for a building permit, an applicant must use the updated application form prescribed in reg 24 (Form 1).This Regulation has also been amended to clarify the.
  3. Building Control Regulations 2nd Edition Ministry of Infrastructure Rwanda Housing Authority
  5. The 2019 California Building Standards Code (Cal. Code Regs., Title 24) was published July 1, 2019, with an effective date of January 1, 2020. Information Bulletin 19-04 and Information Bulletin 19-05 provide detailed information concerning the 2019 publication. The active links below will take you to each publisher's website

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The National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act. This is the original legislation published in 1977 that governs all building and construction work in South Africa. Various updates have been made since this time, and these are also available for download. Guide for Architects Concerning Drainage Water and Storm-water Drainage Building Bulletin 2006-2 (PDF) - Building Code Update of the 2003 International Building Code, 2003 International Residential Code, 2003 International Mechanical Code, and 2003 International Energy Conservation Code. Fire Bulletin F06-01 (PDF) - Policy guidelines for third-party inspection of underground water pipes serving fire protection systems These Regulations revoke and replace the Building Regulations 2000 (S.I. 2000/2531) (the 2000 Regulations), and consolidate all subsequent amendments to those Regulations with minor amendments. The amendments include removing the requirement, where building work involves inserting insulation into a cavity wall, to submit along with a building notice a statement about the proposed. Part M in Schedule 1 to the Building Regulations has been amended but these amendments mainly affect dwellings. The 2015 edition took effect on 1 October 2015 for use in England. It will also apply to building work carried out on excepted energy buildings in Wales as defined in the Welsh Ministers (Transfer of Functions) (No. 2) Order 2009

The building control system is centered on the parent Act, the Building Control Act, 1990, which falls into 3 principal categories. Provides for the making Building Regulations -deals with issues such as building standards, workmanship, conservation of fuel and energy and access for people with disabilities National Building Regulations and Building Standards Amendment Act 49 of 1995 Mine Health and Safety Act 29 of 1996 Standards Act 8 of 2008 Regulations under this Act NATIONAL BUILDING REGULATIONS (GN R2378 in GG 12780 of 12 October 1990) REVIEW BOARD REGULATIONS (GN 2074 in GG 9927 of 13 September 1985

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Regulations under section 1 of, and paragraph 5 of Schedule 1 to, the Building Control Act 1991. 1 Title These Regulations are the Building Control (Fees) (No. 2) Regulations 2021. 2 Commencement If approved by Tynwald, these Regulations come into operation on 1 June 20211. 3 Interpretation (1) In these Regulations The building standards technical handbooks provide guidance on achieving the standards set in the Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004. This handbook applies to a building warrant submitted on or after 1 October 2019 and to building work which does not require a warrant commenced from that date the Building Regulations or relevant installation standards, we can instruct the contractor to go back and carry out the work to the required standard. If the contractor is no longer in business or disputes the matter we will have the work rectified by another registered contractor at n PN47-2018 Part 5 of the Building Regulations 2018 - Siting Issued August 2019 vba.vic.gov.au Page 3 of 14 Figure 3 - Determining natural ground level Where a new sub-division has been subject to 'reshaping' earthworks, the new levels can be taken as the natural ground level provided tha These studies resulted in a recommendation that a National Building Code be prepared to unify the building regulations throughout the country for use by government departments, municipal bodies and other construction agencies. The then Indian Standards Institution (now Bureau of Indian Standards) was entrusted by the Planning.

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