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Gewinne bis zu 2.000.000€ mit einem Glücks-Los der Aktion Mensch. Jetzt online bestellen! Soziale Projekte unterstützen und dauerhaft Gewinne sichern mit den Aktion Mensch Losen Das Lottoknacker System von Klaus Herzig, so funktioniert es. Das kannst du auch! Endlich mit System spielen. Folge Klaus Methode und feiere deine eigenen Erfolge Hot numbers which are drawn the most times in the past 10, 20, 50, 100 and 150 draws. Super Lotto Cold Numbers Cold numbers which are drawn the least times in the past 10, 20, 50, 100 and 150 draws 21 25 30 34 42 18. The California Superlotto Plus lottery is a Carlifonia based lottery which is very popular in the state. The draws for this lottery are conducted twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7:57 p.m. This lottery is a 5/47 which means that for you to hit the jackpot, you are required to match five winning numbers from 1-47 as.

39. 10. 4. 33. Select one of the options below to see past results, check your numbers, get predictions and more for the California SuperLotto game. Past Results. Quick Picks. Statistics. Hot and Cold Numbers Window SLP-1 in the lower left displays a tabular analysis of the most common white and Mega lottery balls. The total occurances of each ball is shown for: 3 Month, 6 Month, 1 Year, 2 Year, and All Time terms. The cells are color coded to illustrate numbers that are: Cold (Blue), Cool (Light Blue), Warm (Light Red), and Hot (Red)

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  1. The latest California SuperLotto Plus winning numbers for Sat, Jun 13, 2015 are 14-15-33-38-41/27. The hot numbers (most common numbers) are 11, 42, 22, 39, 43. The cold numbers (least common numbers) are 30, 37, 21, 32, 8. Check California SuperLotto Plus lottery draw results, number frequency, hot & cold numbers, historical winning numbers
  2. STEP 1. Using a Lottery playslip, which you can find at any Lottery retailer, pick 5 numbers between 1 and 47 and 1 Mega number between 1 and 27. You can also select Quick Pick ®, or just ask the cashier for a SuperLotto Plus Quick Pick, and the random number generator will choose the numbers for you. To play the same numbers for consecutive.
  3. SuperLotto Plus Smartpicks. Smartpicks are calculated using the hot and cold numbers from the most recent 20 SuperLotto Plus draws. The main numbers are randomly chosen from the top ten hottest and coldest with a 60/40 weighting in favour of hot numbers
  4. Hot numbers are those numbers that appear most often in winning lines while cold numbers are those numbers that rarely appear in winning lines. There are also number sets that appear together often. When deciding how to pick lotto numbers for your entries be sure to take advantage of the hot numbers in your chosen draw

Superlotto Statistics. These Superlotto statistics are completely up to date and include the latest winning numbers. You will find a breakdown of the frequency that each Superlotto ball has been drawn, in a table and graphical form. Below that, there's two tables showing the most-picked and least-picked numbers throughout the history of. For Pick 3 and Pick 4 games, the top 3 hot/cold/overdue numbers will be utilized. For games in which the last number is drawn separately - for example, multi-state Powerball, Big Game and California Super Lotto - the top 3 hot/cold/overdue numbers of the last digits are being used to generate combinations. For example, in the last 50 draws of a. Superlotto Winning Numbers. These are the Superlotto winning numbers for the last seven draws. The latest CA Superlotto results will appear here within minutes of the draw taking place on Wednesday and Saturday nights at 7:57 PM PT. Click the Prize Payout button below each draw to go to a page showing the prizes and winners in each category.

Thunderball. Superena Lotto. German Lotto. La Primitiva. If you're a lottery player, you might have heard about the Hot and Cold lottery numbers. This effect has been known since the lotteries began. There are many lottery software based upon the theory of Hot and Cold numbers. Some are good, and some are even better Number Generator; California SuperLotto Plus Number Generator. Next Jackpot $7,000,000 . Time remainin Hot and cold lottery numbers. Choose the lottery and the period you would like to find out the hot and cold numbers for. Hot numbers Cold numbers Main numbers. 23 Drawn 61 times Last drawn: ( 71 days ago) May 5 2021 32 Drawn 60 times Last drawn: ( 85 days ago) April 21 2021. SuperLotto Plus (California) From: SAT 01/02/21 ~ Thru: WED 06/23/21 Total draws in selected range 50: Top 6 hot numbers: 04, 07, 08, 22, 21, 27: Top 6 cold numbers.

Using SuperLotto Plus CA Predictions. Using predictions with patterns analysis can help you figure out which numbers to play. If you are a serious CA Lottery player, then take time to learn how to use this information. Click the button below to get a deep dive into what each of these patterns mean. Learn How to Use Breakdowns Please note: These results are unofficial. Always check with the official source for lottery numbers in a particular state. Lottery USA is an independent lottery results service and is neither endorsed, affiliated nor approved by any state, multi-state lottery operator or organization whatsoever

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Super Lotto Hot & Cold Numbers. You probably noticed that some numbers just seem to appear in every other draw! These frequently drawn numbers are known as hot numbers and they are used by many experienced lottery players due to their likelihood to be drawn. Check out the list of the most, and the least, frequently drawn numbers in Super Lotto. Recent Super Lotto Winning Numbers. 6 July 2021. Tuesday. 06 08 09 24 35 Super Ball 02. 2 July 2021. Friday. 04 10 13 25 27 Super Ball 05. 29 June 2021. Tuesday Lotto Hot Numbers. These are the hot Lotto numbers from every draw since the game began, those that have been drawn more times than any other. You can see how many times and how recently each number has been drawn. 1. 60 10 Jul 2021 (5 days ago) 49. 60 3 Jul 2021 (12 days ago) 13. 55 14 Jul 2021 (1 day ago) 6

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23. 3 Times. SuperLotto Plus is California's biggest state lottery game. Players must pick 5 numbers from 1 to 47 as well as a MEGA number from 1 to 27. To win the jackpot, you have to match all 6 winning numbers drawn — a 1 in 42 million chance. Your chances of winning any kind of prize, though, are considerably better at around 1 in 23 Philippines Lottery Super Lotto 6/49 Today's Hot Number Sets based on the last 100 lottery draws Create your own lotto system strategy for your lottery in under 5 minutes Download our professional lottery software for the Philippines Lottery Super Lotto 6/49 NEW version, with One-Click function SuperLotto Plus hot numbers are the lottery numbers that appear the most in drawings. SuperLotto Plus cold numbers are the numbers that appear infrequently. Some lotto players choose them specifically because of the frequency, believing that their reappearance in SuperLotto Plus results is only a matter of time, while others stay clear > SuperLotto + hot numbers Superlotto Plus SuperLotto Plus, also known as The California Lottery, is a multi-state lottery that offers MEGA jackpots starting at $7 million, making it one of the most popular lottery games in the US The latest SuperEnalotto winning numbers for Sat, Aug 2, 2014 are 29-38-54-58-72-86/81/65. The hot numbers (most common numbers) are 48, 19, 81, 31, 54. The cold numbers (least common numbers) are 71, 2, 30, 26, 34. Check SuperEnalotto lottery draw results, number frequency, hot & cold numbers, historical winning numbers

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Hot and Cold numbers for the Mega Millions lottery results. Help predict which numbers will be in this weeks drawing SUPANumbers - Bet on Lucky Numbers. FIRST DEPOSIT BONUS Please note: All lotteries with more than one bonus ball, Supabets will only take the result of the 1st bonus ball into consideration. Join Now. JOIN US click here to register. DEPOSIT minimum deposit 50$. GET 100% bonus match. Search Lottery Lotto Max Statistics. Use this page to find out about various Lotto Max statistics, including the latest hot and cold numbers. The main table shows how many times each number has appeared since the first draw in 2009, and the following tables show the most common numbers, most overdue numbers, and least often picked numbers, plus a whole host of other statistical analysis regarding pairs and. Advanced Lottery Random Number Generator for SuperLOTTO Plus (5/47 + 1/27) Lottery numbers: . from 47 Tickets

Window MM-1 in the lower left displays a tabular analysis of the most common white and Mega lottery balls. The total occurances of each ball is shown for: 3 Month, 6 Month, 1 Year, 2 Year, and All Time terms. The cells are color coded to illustrate numbers that are: Cold (Blue), Cool (Light Blue), Warm (Light Red), and Hot (Red) At Lottery Post's lottery results pages, you can get the latest winning lotto numbers, game information, current jackpot prize amount, statistics including hot/cold/overdue numbers, search past. Daily Lotto Hot Numbers. These hot numbers are those that have been drawn the most in Daily Lotto. Find out the frequency of the most popular numbers and how long it has been since they were last drawn. 12. 145 9 Jul 2021 (6 days ago) 25. 139 4 Jul 2021 (11 days ago) 29. 132 2 Jul 2021 (13 days ago) 36. 130 14 Jul 202 Game Type: 5/47 + 1/27 Bonus Number: 1 number between 1 and 27 (the Mega Ball) Drawing Days: Wed, Sat Drawing Time: 7:57 PM Pacific Time (GMT-8:00) Draw Method: Mechanical Lottery Ball Machin

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  1. 7. $2.00. 1 of 10+B. 4. $4.00. Overall odds for 10 Spot: 1 in 9.1, Bulls-eye 1 in 8. For the 10 of 10-spot plays the prize amounts are shared equally by the total number of winners. See payouts tooltip above for full details. Hot Spot Payouts
  2. DAYWA Prediction Ghana. Check Ghana DAYWA Lotto forecast for 2021-07-15. Best Ghana Lotto forecaster for today game including 5 number prediction. The goal of all lottery strategies is the prediction of winning numbers that will hit in the next draw. Lottery players in most cases search for the most frequent or the least frequent numbers, then.
  3. Latest Numbers; The latest lottery results from games around the world are listed below. To view previous results for a particular lottery draw, and to view additional information about the game, click the More Numbers button
  4. I help pick 3 & pick 4 lottery players, who want to WIN by providing calculated concepts through strategies designed for their state. Also I like to give out suggestions, tips and positivit

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California Super Lotto Plus Big Rollovers History. A ticket with main numbers 11, 13, 23, 27, 29 and additional Mega Number 10 won a massive jackpot worth $70 million that also after 41 rollovers. The largest jackpot offered by California Super Lotto Plus ever since its inception has been whopping $193 million in 2002 Your Chance To Win A $50 Kansas Lottery Coupon! Redeem points for an entry by 11:59 PM CT June 30, 2021 for your chance to win. Earn DOUBLE points for Super Kansas Cash and $10 Flaming 777 game #224 tickets submitted into PlayOn. Submit $10 Flaming 777 and Super Kansas Cash tickets into PlayOn by June 30, 2021 to earn double points Check 06 Lotto Prediction for Today, Baba Ijebu 06 2Sure Lotto Numbers for Today. The goal of all lottery strategies is the prediction of winning numbers that will hit in the next draw. Read Comments. 06 Prediction. We only use Hot numbers to generate lucky numbers for you Anguilla Lottery Results. Latest Anguilla lottery results for SUPER LOTTO , LUCKY PICK . Find all the information you need about lotteries in Anguilla. Check your ticket or search past draws if you won the jackpot How to play Barbados Super Lotto. 5 principle balls are drawn from a drum of balls numbered from 1 to 35. 1 bonus ball (Super Ball) is drawn from another arrangement of balls numbered from 1 to 10. To win the Super Lotto Jackpot, you have to coordinate every one of the 5 fundamental balls and the Super Ball drawn. Barbados Super Lotto Number.

Get a chance to become a SUPER MILLIONAIRE, twice a week, with the Caribbean's Jackpot game Super Lotto. Choose 5 numbers between 1-35 plus Super Ball Every effort has been made to ensure that the winning numbers posted on this website are accurate; however, no valid claim may be based on information contained herein. In the event of a discrepancy between the numbers posted on this website and the official winning numbers, the corresponding live draw results for the respective draw date and. California SuperLotto Plus Numbers From 2019. Below is a comprehensive list of all California SuperLotto Plus Numbers for 2019 ,beginning with the most recent. For more information on a particular draw just click on the 'Prize Breakdown' link. Saturday December 28th 2019. Jackpot $ 8,000,000 Rollover About California SuperLotto Plus. California's Super Lotto Plus 5/47+1/27 began in June 2000 and has over 1100 drawings to work with. SuperLotto Plus is a Powerball type game, in that five numbers are selected from one group (of 47 numbers) and one number, the Mega number, is selected from a different group of (27) numbers

Super Ticket Super Giveaway Hot and Cold Numbers News All Promotions If you have questions about winning numbers, contact the Lottery at 1-401-463-6500 or visit your nearest Lottery Retailer for the official winning numbers and game information Caribbean Super Lotto 5/35+1/10 is a Powerball type game. To play, choose five numbers from one group of 35 numbers and one number from a different group of 10 numbers (changed from the original game structure in which the bonus was drawn from a separate set of 35). The winning numbers are drawn twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays

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We call them Lotto hot and cold numbers. You can see frequency data not only in the table with numbers, but on the special chart we generate for you. The most common numbers have highest columns on the chart. This type of visible lottery data is useful for predictions. Below you see last generated chart by one of the players with this tool Winning numbers and jackpots can only be verified through our gaming system, accessible at any Ohio Lottery office. Play Responsibly. For help, call the Ohio Problem Gambling Helpline 1-800-589-9966

There is no state tax for lottery winnings in the state of California. But, for prizes greater than $5,000, you still owe federal taxes at a withholding rate of 24%. Use our Mega Millions payout and tax calculator to find out how much taxes you need to pay if you win the Mega Millions jackpot - for both cash and annuity options Hot Lotto Multi-State 5/47 + 1/19. Illinois Little Lotto 5/39. India Thunderball PlayWin 5/42 + 1/15. Indiana Lottery Lucky Five 5/36. Indiana Lucky Five Evening 5/36. Iowa Cash Game 5/35. Kansas Super Cash 5/32 + 1/25. Lotto America 5/52 + 1/10. Maryland Match Five 5/39 + B Draw-Based Lottery Game Played Online means any of the games made available through OLG.ca from time to time that: (i) constitutes a lottery scheme for purposes of the Criminal Code (Canada), (ii) requires the Player to select a set of numbers or other play elements (whether chosen by the Player and/or randomly generated), and (iii. Check out our statistics below based on all Saturday Lotto draws since and including Draw 413 (Sat, 6 Jul 1985). It's important to note that Saturday Lotto is a game of chance where all numbers are drawn randomly. Each number has an equal chance of being drawn Lotto America® costs $1 per play. Select five numbers from 1 to 52 for the red balls, then select one number from 1 to 10 for the Lotto America Star Ball®. Choose your numbers on a play slip or let the lottery terminal randomly pick your numbers. Players win the Grand Prize or one of 8 set cash prizes by matching one of the 9 ways to win

The Daily 3 is a $1, twice daily game in which the player and lottery each pick three numbers from 0 to 9, with replacement. Prizes are pari-mutual style, where the lottery takes a 50% cut (source: California Lottery Regulations, pages 21,22) of the total ticket sales and returns the rest to the winners Hot Spot is a California Lottery quick-draw game. You have to select any quantity of .spots. from 1 to 10 from the numbers 1 to 80. For 10 spot play, prize of $100,000 is extended Endings. Compare appearance histories of SuperLotto Plus number combinations grouped by their ending digits. Select the required amount of SuperLotto Plus numbers and press Check Numbers. The Number Checker tool will then analyse every result from the past 12 months and let you know whether your numbers won any prize within that time frame Thankfully for lottery players, they've also cracked the digits you want to avoid when playing the international super lottery. They claim number 18 is rarely drawn, making only four appearances Add the fourth lottery number and the fifth delta number. For our example, 28 is our fourth lottery number and 1 is our fifth delta number. Twenty-eight plus 1 equals 29. (28 +1 = 29) So, Twenty-nine is our fifth lottery number. Thus far, the numbers are 5,8,19, 28 and 29. Example: 5-8-19-28-29-

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  1. St. Lucia National Lottery - Winning Numbers. Winning Numbers Tuesday 13-Jul-2021. 3. 5. 10. 18. See Previous Draws. Max Prize on $ 2 Bet. $ 2,000
  2. 48. Matching Combinations 6/6. Number of Winners 0. Matching Combinations 5/6. Number of Winners 1. Matching Combinations 4/6. Number of Winners 127. Matching Combinations 3/6. Number of Winners 2,614
  3. There are a lot of different ways to use numerology to find lucky numbers. One of these is to create a table with the numbers 1 - 9 at the top and one letter in each column below. So A = 1, B = 2, and so on. After the ninth letter, I, you'd wrap around again so that J = 1, K = 2, and so on. Then, plug in the letters of your name to get one.
  4. Kansas (KS) lottery results (winning numbers) and prize payouts for Pick 3, Super Kansas Cash, 2by2, Lucky for Life, Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto America
  5. Something about 20 is lucky for both lottery games, with the number frequently being drawn for both Mega Millions and Powerball. Take a look at the top winning numbers for the Powerball and Mega.

The top 3 White Ball cold numbers are 47 (5 times), 24 (6 times) and 25 (6 times). The Frequency Chart shown below offers more information on each of the White Ball numbers of Super Lotto lottery for the past 100 draws. Different colors mean different levels of hotness or coldness, with blue being the coldest, and red being the hottest If your lucky number is 2: They are very familiar people, they love home, society and They are cordial and romantic, although sometimes they may suffer from conformism or weakness. Your lucky numbers are: 2, 7, 9, 11, 29, 38, 47, 56, 65, 74, 83, and 92. The best days of the month are: 2 nd, 11 th, 20 th and 29 th PCSO Lotto Past Results PCSO 6/55 Lotto Hot & Cold Numbers. You probably noticed that some numbers just seem to appear in every other draw! These frequently drawn numbers are known as hot numbers and they are used by many experienced lottery players due to their likelihood to be drawn.. Check out the list of the most, and the least, frequently drawn numbers in 6/55 Lotto NLB Lottery Results NLB Mega Power Lottery Hot & Cold Numbers. You probably noticed that some numbers just seem to appear in every other draw! These frequently drawn numbers are known as hot numbers and they are used by many experienced lottery players due to their likelihood to be drawn.. Check out the list of the most, and the least, frequently drawn numbers in Mega Power

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  1. Guaranteed Lottery Numbers. Win lottery or lotto money this year. Lottery Numbers Guaranteed To WIn Money | About. Full Moon Magick Shoppe $100,000 Cash Game, Pick 4, Pick 3 Kansas - Powerball, Mega Millions, Hot Lotto, Super Kansas Cash, 2 By 2, Pick 3 Kentucky - Powerball, Mega Millions, Decades of Dollars, Cash Ball, Pick 4,.
  2. Lottery Quick Pick. This form allows you to quick pick lottery tickets. The randomness comes from atmospheric noise, which for many purposes is better than the pseudo-random number algorithms typically used in computer programs. If your lottery is not listed, pick any country, then select 'Other Lottery' and fill in the other fields
  3. SuperLotto Advanced random number generator - Philippines. LotteryRandom.com. Select country: --- Australia Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile Colombia Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany Ghana Hongkong Hungary Ireland Italy Israel Lithuania Netherlands New Zealand Philippines Portugal Romania Russia Singapore Slovenia South.
  4. 6/49 Super Lotto Result Today and Winning Numbers History from PCSO. By Lotto Result Today - July 4, 2021. MANILA - July 4, 2021 - Check your tickets here! Know the latest 6/49 Super Lotto Result Today based on the official draw of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO)
  5. How to win in Lotto America including odds of winning on $1 ticket; Match Win Odds; 5 numbers and the Star Ball : Jackpot** 1 in 25,989,600.00: 5 numbers but not the Star Ball: $20,000: 1 in 2,887,733.33: 4 numbers and the Star Ball: $1,000: 1 in 110,594.04: 4 numbers but not the Star Ball: $100: 1 in 12,288.23: 3 numbers and the Star Ball: $20.

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Hot and Cold Numbers. View Hot, Cold and Overdue numbers for Gosloto 6/45 based on latest 4 weeks, 12 weeks, half a year, year to date or last 10 draws, last 30 draws, last 50 draws, last 100 draws. You can also find detailed number statistcs in Russia Gosloto 6/45 Number Frequencies Tuesday Lotto: Most & Least Frequent Numbers *Number of times it came up on draws from October 2005 to February 2017. It seems odd numbers love to make an appearance in Tuesday Lotto's draws. From the 10 hottest numbers for this lottery, only one is an even number (2). The cold numbers list, however, has a perfect balance between evens and odds Looking for lottery numbers and results in your area? Lottery.com is the #1 choice for serious players, and is the information source you can trust. Get instant results for hundreds of games around the globe including Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto America, Lucky For Life and many more 35877. ~$1,372,579. LottoPrediction.com is a lottery prediction website that can be used by lottery players as an everyday tool for picking up lottery numbers. Our target is to create a community of lottery lovers, share our knowledge and experience and increase your lottery winnings. We truly believe that together we can win the lottery

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A ticket with five numbers, but missing the Mega number, in Wednesday evening's SuperLotto Plus drawing was sold at a convenience store in Desert Hot Springs and is worth $18,452, the California Lottery announced. The other ticket with five numbers, but missing the Mega number, was sold at a gasoline station in Irvine. It is also worth $18,452 Numbers; Pool Party; Draw Dates and Times; Claim Prizes; Scratch Game Claim Dates Casino Royale Millions Super Ticket: $10: Amazing Cashword! $5: Green Line Bingo: $3: Limited 6: $10 Blackjack: $5: More Games. Draw. Scratch. InstaPlay. Tabs. Raffles. Idaho Lottery. Must be at least 18 to buy, sell or redeem Lottery tickets. Benefiting. Both 52 and 58 are amongst the least drawn numbers in the UK Lotto, while 27 and 47 are drawn quite regularly. Then, of course, there's the Irish Lotto, with a current standing record of €18.9 million dating back to 2008. The lucky lottery numbers that time were 4, 12, 26, 27, 29 and 37 plus the bonus ball, 38 The Hot Lotto game ended October 28, 2017. Hot Lotto prizes must be claimed within 365 days of the drawing for which they were eligible. Tickets for Hot Lotto were sold in Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, West Virginia and District of Columbia

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The California State Lottery had its start in November 1984. Commanding a 58% majority, Proposition 37 authorized the creation of the first official lottery in the Golden State. It would go on to sell tickets with the first California Lottery winning numbers almost a year later, in October 1985 Draw Number: 358708 . 1-3-6-9-12-14-23-29-33-34-43-49-50-51-52-54-58-72-75-78 . Bulls-Eye: 29. Draw Date: 07/15/2021 . Draw Number: 358707 . 3-4-19-21-23-24-25-27-29-34-35-36-41-42-52-61-66-67-69-77 . Bulls-Eye: 27. Tennessee Lottery Android App Opens a new windo Italy SuperEnalotto Winning Numbers 17 July 2021 (2021-07-17), hot numbers, hot pairs, cold numbers : SuperEnalottoResults.inf Lotto, E loteria di Aruba. Was founded in 1982 with the ultimate goal to provide the financial backing and enhancement of sports, culture and physical education in Aruba

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SA Daily Lotto Predictions. Once we have the hot and cold numbers for the Daily SA Lotto, we then make a prediction based on these. We use our predictionEngine to analyse the hot/cold numbers and from that choose 3 balls which it thinks have a higher statistical likelihood of being drawn Wednesday Lotto Super Combos; Saturday Lotto Super Combos; PowerHit. PowerHit is a Powerball-only entry which increases your chances of winning a Powerball game by automatically playing every possible Powerball number as part of a Standard or System entry. Hot Numbers. Some lotto players analyse statistics from previous draws to try to predict.

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