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Accreditation of journalists and media practitioners for the year 2021. The Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) is advising all stakeholders, journalists and other media practitioners that the Commission has not yet started is... January 6, 2021. CONDOLENCE MESSAGE: FOSTER DONGOZI This Bill makes additional provisions with regard to the Zimbabwe Media Commission which is established by section 248 of the Constitution and whose functions are detailed in section 249 of the Constitution with the objective to protect the rights to the freedom of expression and the freedom of the media granted under section 61 of the Constitution The Constitution, in section 248, tells us that there is a Zimbabwe Media Commission known as the Zimbabwe Media Commission consisting of: a chairperson appointed by the President after consultation with Parliament's Committee on Standing Rules and Orders; an The Zimbabwe government gazetted the Commentary on the Zimbabwe Media Commission Bill (hereinafter the Bill) on 9 August 2019. This relatively short Bill seeks to give effect to Sections 61, 248 and 249 of Zimbabwe's 2013 Constitution. Section 61 of the Constitution is on the right to freedom of expression and freedom of the media while Sections 248 and 249 set out the establishment, composition, and functions of the Zimbabwe Media Commission The Zimbabwe Media Commission Bill (H.B.8, 2019) (the Bill), is a piece of proposed legislation that intends to address Government's reforms in the media sector

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Account Name Zimbabwe Media Commission. Bank FBC. Branch Centre Branch. A/c Number 2210064030168. Accreditation. Personal Information. Title: Surname First Name Other Names Date of Birth Place & Country of Birth Marital Status. Clause 4 provides additional functions of the Commission and these relate to ensuring compliance with any laws governing media practitioners and media services and any international instruments to which Zimbabwe is a party The reference to treaties is welcome, because it means the Commission will have the function of ensuring that Zimbabwe complies with treaties such as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (article 19), the African Charter on Human and People's Rights (article 9) and the Declaration of Principles on Freedom of Expression in Africa (Banjul, 2002) THE MEDIA INFORMATION COMMISSION . HIGH COURT OF ZIMBABWE. MAKARAU J. Harare, 28 November 2005 and 8 February 2006 . Opposed Application . Mr A.P deBourbon, for applicant. Ms Chizodza, for respondent . MAKARAU J: On 28 July 2005, the applicant filed a court application in terms of Order 33 of the Rules of the High Court of Zimbabwe, 1971 ZIMBABWE MEDIA COMMISSION. VACANCIES. 1. Finance Officer Job Objective: The objective of the job is to take charge of the Commission's Statutory Fund book-keeping and accounting responsibilities and to prepare books of accounts, periodic budget forecasts, annual budgets, management accounts and final accounts for auditing purposes as well as to supervise accounting assistants and clerks

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Media Coverage of Elections) Regulations SI 33 of 2008 is the primary instrument that is used in regulating and monitoring the conduct of the media in covering elections When passed into law, the Zimbabwe Media Commission Bill is meant to give effect to repeal sections of AIPPA that dealt with regulation of the media in Zimbabwe. In its current wording, the Bill subordinates the commission to the ministry, which highly compromises its functions and independence The Zimbabwe Media Commission, being the regulator of the media industry in Zimbabwe is a constitutional body whose functions include the duty to uphold, promote and develop freedom of the media. The core functions of the National Media Commission are to: Promote and ensure the freedom and independence of the media for mass communication or information; Take all appropriate measures to ensure the establishment and maintenance of the highest journalistic standards in the mass media, including the investigation,. Statement on the Recently Gazetted Zimbabwe Media Commission Bill. By Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe (VMCZ) | Legislation, Media. The Zimbabwe government on 9 August 2019 gazetted the Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) Bill, one of the three media Bills lined to replace the repressive and widely discredited Access to. Read More

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100N.Establishment of Zimbabwe Media Commission. 100P. Functions of Zimbabwe Media Commission. 100Q.Powers of Zimbabwe Media Commission. PART IV ZIMBABWE HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION 100R.Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission. CHAPTER XI FINANCE 101. Consolidated Revenue Fund. 102. Withdrawals from Consolidated Revenue Fund or other public fund Section 203 provides for the functions of the Commission including appointment of qualified and competent persons to hold posts in the Public Service, fix and regulate conditions of service, exercise disciplinary powers, investigate and remedy grievances of members of the Public Service THE Zimbabwe government on August 9, 2019 gazetted the Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) Bill, one of the three media Bills lined to replace the repressive and widely discredited Access to. The National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) was constituted in accordance to the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No.20) Act 2013 and the National Peace and Reconciliation Act Chapter 10:32 of 2018. The establishment of the NPRC is the realisation of the social and political will and aspiration of Zimbabweans to transition from a. The official functions of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission are: Preparing for, conducting and supervising all Elections in Zimbabwe and referendums. Ensuring that elections are free, fair, transparent, and perfectly in accordance with the law

Judicial Service Commission of Zimbabwe The Judicial Service Commission as a policy making body is supported by a Secretariat headed by the Secretary whose responsibility shall, subject to the Commission's directions, supervise and manage the Commission's activitie Vision. A Zimbabwe in which world class justice prevails! Mission. In accordance with the laws of Zimbabwe and best practice, to promote the maintenance of a transparent, accountable,and independent judiciary and provide administrative support to the judiciary for an afficient and effective justice delivery system that inspires public trust and. Other functions of the commission also deal with the current like function (b) which seeks to promote national healing, unity and cohesion in Zimbabwe and the peaceful resolution of disputes. Function (d) seeks to facilitate dialogue among political parties, communities, organisations. The Zimbabwe Media Commission, the Zimbabwe Electoral. 202. Establishment and composition of Civil Service Commission. 203. Functions of Civil Service Commission. 204. Ambassadors and other principal representatives of Zimbabwe. 205. Permanent Secretaries. Law Development Commission zowa@zol.co.z

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  1. Media Commission 13.15 Establishment and functions of Media Commission 13.16 Membership of Media Commission. Part 8 Office of the Public Protector 13.17 Establishment and functions of office of Public Protector 13.18 Appointment and tenure of office of Public Protector. Chapter 14 Provincial and Local Government (Parked) Chapter 1
  2. ister's powers to interfere with its operations are removed
  3. Media Gallery; Online Services; News; The Insurance and Pensions Commission (IPEC), is a statutory body regulating insurance and pensions business in Zimbabwe. It is a result of the enactment of the Insurance and Pensions Commission Act [Chapter 24:21]. Functions and powers of the Commission

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The functions of the Commission. In terms of section 6 of the Act, the Commission must perform the following functions: protect consumers from unconscionable, unreasonable, unjust or otherwise improper trade practices; as well as deceptive, misleading, unfair or fraudulent conduct. conduct conciliation and arbitration between parties Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe (RBZ) Insurance and Pensions Commission (IPEC) Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) Financial Securities Exchange (FINSEC) Investor Protection Fund Chengetedzai Depository Company. Social Media Links. Contact Us. Block C, Ground Floor,Smatsatsa Office Park, Borrowdale Road, Harare +263242870042-46 Media Releases. Annual Reports; The Commission therefore has the twin mandates of implementing Zimbabwe's competition policy and execution of the country's trade tariffs policy, with the primary objective of enforcing the Competition Act [Chapter 14:28]. Box 1: Statutory Functions of the Commission. The statutory functions of the. The media environment is slowly improving in Zimbabwe, on July 28, 2009, Zimbabwean journalists set up a rights body, the Zimbabwe Journalists for Human Rights to defend media freedom in the countryand the establishment of a new government body, the Zimbabwe Media Commission to replace the defunct Media and Information Commission

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The National Media Commission was allocated a budget of GH¢5,149,381.00 in 2018 and GH¢3,917,254.00 in 2019 financial year indicating a downward trend of about 23.9% variance. In 2018, the total expenditure for the period was GH¢ 2,922,766.22 THE Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) has rejected an invitation to appear before the Information and Media Panel of Inquiry (IMPI) accusing the panel of usurping the functions of a constitutionally appointed body Zimbabwe is home to the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) and the proposed secondary bourse Zimbabwe Emerging Enterprise Market (ZEEM). Section 3 of the Securities Act (Chapter 24:25) provides for the establishment of the Securities and Exchange Commission which is the regulatory body for the securities and capital markets in Zimbabwe ZIMBABWE MEDIA COMMISSION (ZMC) INTERVIEWS. The Committee on Standing Rules and Orders (CSRO) is mandated, in terms of Sections 237 & 248 of the Constitution, to select suitable candidates for appointment by His Excellency, the President, to serve on the Zimbabwe Media Commission. There are eight (8) vacancies in the said Commission PART I—ESTABLISHMENT AND FUNCTIONS OF COMMISSION Section 1—Establishment of National Media Commission. (1) There is established by this Act a body to be known as the National Media Commission referred to in this Act as the Commission. (2) The Commission shall be a body corporate with perpetual succession and a common seal and.

The commissions are the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission, Zimbabwe Gender Commission, Zimbabwe Media Commission and the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission These include the Zimbabwe Media Commission Bill, Access of Information Bill and the Broadcasting Services Bill. whish used to allow the ZMC to delegate its regulatory functions to a.

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governance in Zimbabwe. DAs function as chief advisor to council, chief implementer, government regulator and monitor, with powers spread over 13 different pieces of legislation. Commission (PSC), are also typically more highly educated than their colleagues i Functions of Commission. 13. Powers of Commission. 14. Staff of Commission. 15. Meetings of Commission. 16. Committees of Commission. 17. Reports of Commission. 18. Funds of Commission. 19. Regulations. in Zimbabwe, in respect of an offence involving dishonesty; or (ii) outside Zimbabwe, in respect of conduct which, if committed in Zimbabwe heard. The media environment is slowly improving in Zimbabwe, on July 28, 2009, Zimbabwean journalists set up a rights body, the Zimbabwe Journalists for Human Rights to defend media freedom in the countryand the establishment of a new government body, the Zimbabwe Media Commission to replace the defunct Media and Information Commission


By Mutsa Makuvaza PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa ok Thursday swore in nine Commissioners of the Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) Commissioners. According to the Ministry Of Information, Publicity, and Broadcasting Services, the nine are: Prof Ruby Magosvongwe(Chairperson)Ms Dumisani MashingaidzeMrs Susan MakoreMs Miriam Tose MajomeRtd Major E MbeweMr Tanaka MuganyiDr Phillip PasirayiMr Jasper. AIPPA, was passed by the Parliament of Zimbabwe on 31January 2002 and signed into law by President Mugabe on 15 March 2002. It may accurately be described as the leading weapon of the government and the ruling ZANU PF party in their ongoing campaign to stifle independent media reporting in Zimbabwe Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe. VMCZ is a professional media self-regulatory body set up in 2007 by Zimbabwean journalists and other stakeholders in civil society who subscribe to the principles of media freedom, accountability, independence, and ethical journalism. VMCZ's mission is to promote a strong and ethical media with the ability. The Securities and Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe was established through the enactment of the Securities Act (Chapter 24:25). Section 3 of the Act provides for the establishment of the Securities and Exchange Commission which is the regulatory body for the securities and capital markets in Zimbabwe exercising any other functions, including legislative functions, that may be conferred or imposed on it by or under an Act of Parliament. Socio-economic development encompasses social related services, such as the provision of health, education and sanitation, and economic orientated activities including tourism, natural resources extraction.

Government has gazetted registration fees for accreditation of journalists by the Zimbabwe Media Commission, with locals required to pay $120 for a new applicant, $80 renewal and $50 for a card. ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: The Constitution of Zimbabwe: Prisons and Correctional Service and its functions There is a Prisons and Correctional Service which is responsible for: The protection of society from criminals through the incarceration and rehabilitation of convicted persons and others who are lawfully required to be detained, and. This analysis looks at what the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) is, its role, functions and mandate. The ZHRC is a national human rights institution mandated with the promotion and protection of human rights. The functions of the ZHRC are to investigate human rights violations and recommend effective measures to promote human rights and. Article 167 (a) further provides that one of the cardinal functions of the NMC is to promote and ensure the freedom and independence of the media for mass communication or information

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>>The Public Service Commission does not request payment at ANY stage of the application, assessment, interviewing and placement process. Should you doubt anything, Kindly contact the Commission on: feedback@psc.gov.zw or call on +263 242 700881-3, 793936. The Competition and Tariff Commission ('the Commission') is a statutory body established in terms of the Competition Act (the Act). Its mandate, The Competition and Tariff Commission is closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID -19) outbreak and its impact on business continuity in Zimbabwe. Of conc. The Competition and Tariff.

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Table 2: 2004 Division of Personnel Functions (Kim: 2004 Presentation on Civil Service Commission). By June 2003, the CSC through another revision of the Government Organisation Act had taken over most of the personnel functions that were otherwise performed by MOGAHA. Stemming from the increased scope of functions on the part of th For example, one of the Commission's key functions is to develop procedures and institutions to facilitate dialogue between communities, political parties and other groups. 9 Finally, whereas TRCs (and, to some extent, war crimes tribunals) are essentially premised on the notion that truth is healing and represents a path to. Structure of the Commission Composition and Functions of the Board of Commissioners Pursuant to Article 13 of the Regulations, the Board shall consist of not less than nine (9) and not more than thirteen (13) Commissioners appointed by Council on the recommendation of the Secretary General. Zimbabwe: Ellen Ruparanganda: Staff of the. Zimbabwe had at one time three standing commissions which dealt with various aspects of the electoral processes, but progressively all functions have been moved to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC). The Electoral Supervisory Commission was abolished in August.2005 by a constitutional amendment (Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No 17.

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08/06/2021. ZEC Commissioner Netsai Mushonga says women form 52% of Zimbabwe's population & form the majority of the voting population at 54.5% but they are not represented equally in decision making positions: The Chief's Council 5/286 as at 2018. Senate 44%. Parliament 32%. Local Councils 14% • keep Commission informed on all matters relating to exercise of his functions within the Act; • refer to Commission for advice on matters relating to registration of voters and conduct of elections; • may attend meetings but is not entitled to vote on any question before the Commission PARLIAMENT'S Committee on Standing Rules and Orders (CSRO) on Monday 03 August 2009 interviewed 27 commissioners short-listed to assume posts in the long awaited Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC.

Police Service and its functions. Protecting and securing the lives and property of the people maintaining law and order; and upholding the Constitution and enforcing the law without fear or favour. The Police Service must be non-partisan, national in character, patriotic, professional and subordinate to the civilian authority Officiating at the inauguration ceremony in Harare yesterday, Minister of Industry and Commerce, Mike Bimha said the chief mandates of the board include; developing, coordinating, and implementing key income and pricing policies that will enhance Zimbabwe's global competitiveness, to monitor evolving sector specific subjects and strategies for enhancing Zimbabwe's global competitiveness Justice Chinembiri Bhunu of the COMESA Court of Justice has been appointed and sworn in as a Commissioner of the Judicial Service Commission of Zimbabwe. The appointment took place on 13 May 2020 and entails representing the interests of all Judges in Zimbabwe. Justice Bhunu was unanimously elected at an electoral college comprising all Judges. See report of the Catholic Commission for Justice, Peace in Zimbabwe and Legal Resources Foundation (Zimbabwe), 1997, Breaking the Silence, Building True Peace: A Report on the Disturbances in Matabeleland and the Midlands, 1980 to 1988. This political settlement enabled ZANU-PF to subsume ZAPU, thereby creating a de facto one-party state

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Facebook Page: Insurance and Pensions Commission Twitter: @IPECZW Website: www.ipec.co.zw. Harare Complaints Handling Office. Kingstons House Cnr Kwame Nkrumah Avenue & Leopold Takawira Street Harare, Zimbabwe Tel: +263 (242)749491/94. Bulawayo Complaints Handling Office. Office Number 18 Bulawayo Centre Cnr Joshua Nkomo Street & 9th Ave. Zimbabwe Media Commission Feb 2012 - Present 9 years 5 months. Media Centre, Rainbow Towers Grounds, Harare Registration of Media Houses Accreditation of Journalists Media Monitoring Intern Zimbabwe Media Commission May 2011 - Feb 2012 10 months. Harare.

constituteproject.org PDF generated: 19 Feb 2021, 13:22 Zimbabwe 2013 Page 5 101. Succession in event of death, resignation or incapacity of President or Vice-President . . . 5 The Zimbabwe Media Commission, reconstituted in 2010 as a step to liberalizing the long-repressed sector, has proposed to set up media council to monitor practitioners, a move press freedom advocates say will put a chill on independent reporting. Commission sources said the media council will function as a statutory body under the authority. National Media Commission, where are you? While we may somewhat commend the Ministry of Communications and for that matter the Akufo-Addo government for succumbing to local and international pressure by grudgingly and half-heartedly intervening in the high-handedness of the National Communications Authority (NCA) after the latter had reneged on.

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The Zimbabwe Media Commission plans to start accrediting journalists and other media practitioners on Tuesday, 26 May 2020. The Commission is currently putting in place all necessary logistical arrangements taking into account the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare guidelines on Covid-19.In the past. 18 shortlisted for Zimbabwe Media Commission posts. EIGHTEEN candidates, among them, ZBC Montrose Studios' acting head Dr Omphile Marupi and Bulawayo lawyers Mr Tanaka Muganyi and Mr Kholwani. Functions. Pursuant to section 31 of the Media Act 2013, the Complaints Commission will; Mediate or adjudicate in disputes between the government and the media and between the public and the media and intra media on ethical issues. Ensure the adherence of high standards of journalism as provided for in the code of conduct for the practice of. MMCZ markets directly in some regional and international markets e.g. Diamonds to Belgium, India, Dubai, RSA. Read More The objective of the Bill is to provide for the establishment and outlining of the functions of the Zimbabwe Independent Complaints Commission in line with Section 210 of the Constitution