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Aussie Marine - What to look for when buying a second hand boat Transom replacement is the only correct cure. I've seen guys put aluminum or steel plates on the transom and remount the engine, but, that's like putting a bandaid on cancer. And there again, does the expense of a new transom increase the value of the boat---no. It only maintains the value Look for any signs of cracking around the transom. Look for any signs of transom bowing or deformation. Look for any signs of the motor mounting bolts and washers being pulled into the transom. If the customer knows his boat, he will not have any issues with you to tug up and down on the bottom of the motor with the motor tipped fully up best way I know to check the transom quickly. put your finger on the transom shield to transom joint. have a 250#-300# person jump up and down on the end of the outdrive in the up position. if you feel that the transom shield moves with respect to the transom, you have a soft transom assuming that is not the case Maby everyone already knows this trick. A very easy way to test for a wet transom in a glass boat is to check it with an ohm meter. If you use a good digital volt/ohm meter, set to read resistance, you can test between lifting rings on the transom. Since water conducts electricity, the lower the resistance reading, the wetter the wood inside

Quick Transom Test. Have some one look at the transom from the side and with the motor at an angle put your leg or arms on the lower unit and push down with your weight. Whole boat should move down a little on the trailer. If the transom bends on top even just a little run Thanks for your help, I will check for thoughs' signs of rot. A Moisture meter would sure be nice. Even if the boat was well taken care of. Do you think there a chance that just from the boat being so old that the transom wood rot regardless of condition? I'm alittle confused about it being a 21 or 22' Outrage Clearly mark the inner transom at 8 inch square grid pattern, drill 1/8 inch holes 3/4 the depth, don't do through outer glass. Catch the remains in hand and wipe out of drill bit, f, compare to above test. If it is wet, it will feel cool, if also rotted, will feel cool and look very dark or black On inboard and sterndrive boats, where transom flex is not as prevalent, a core sample can be taken from the inside of the transom to check for moisture or rot. Deck and stringer system problems go hand in hand. Soft spots on the deck are a sign of rotted and delaminated core materials Boat is on its way back to the manufacture for warranty replacement of the whole transom and a new paint job! Do your selves a favor and check yours out for rot! Ps. Boat is always stored in a heated garage with the cover on. He won't drive on gravel roads. I guess what I'm trying to say, his baby gets the pampered treatment. And this.

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  1. Check for any stress cracks or chips in the gelcoat or paint. Even those tiny hairline cracks and small chips can slowly let in moisture, and depending on the type of core material it can spread pretty quickly. Remove and reseal any screws or bolts that penetrate the transom. Check your rub rail
  2. Here are the good sounds and the bad sounds that a transom on a boat can make
  3. Eg: apply pressure downwards on the tilted engine leg and observe if the boat transom compresses around the engine bolts. Observe for cracking on the fibreglass around the engine bolts. Remove some screws or an engine bolt to observe if water spits out of the hull. Brown or brackish water is usually an indication of rot
  4. Look for cracks in high-load areas, such as the corners of the transom and around the outboard brackets or engine well, says Group. Check for cracks on the lifting strakes and cracks just above or below the chines. That is where the bottom and hull side flex in relation to one another
  5. After disasembling the transom and other pieces, he made a new transom board out of two pieces of 3/4 inch green treat sandwiched around fiberglass. Then he re-assembled and resealed everything. The repair took about a week. Now when I pull up on the lower unit the whole back end of the boat comes up but the transom does not flex at all
  6. An outboard boat's power rating is based on a number of factors- hull volume, motor well type, transom beam, tiller vs. remote steering, etc. that are combined, according to formulae set out by the appropriate regulatory agency, to produce the power and cargo/passenger capacity ratings. It's assumed that the structure will be designed accordingly
  7. If this is the case the next time you look at a used boat, make sure to check for these ten common issues. Engine Problems. Electrical Systems. Failing Or Broken Bilge Pumps. Saturated Foam Cores. Rot (Wood, Transom And Deck Coring) Bad Stringers. Cabin Leaks. Hull To Deck Joint Separation

Replacing the transom's core from the inside is the preferred method, because it keeps the boat's original structure intact. The first step is to gain access to the interior of the transom, so I used a Rockwell Sonicrafter Oscillating Multi-Tool to cut the cap and deck off the rear of the boat, which proved to be one of the easier steps Sitting at a red light with boat on trailer and get rear ended. Prop is cracked lower unit and motor bracket slightly bent (motor wont go down flush w/transom). The boat was pushed forward up the trailer about 6 and the posts that hold the winch were bent. The boat is fiberglass a 19' Seaway commercial style lobster boat from 1991 Now my boat has inboard power and the transom is closed all the way up. If your boat has an outboard you might actually replace the whole transom including the fiberglass on the outside. I only replaced the core and the Fiberglass on the inside. I had to make a few minor repairs to the fiberglass on the outside (the hull) Check corners of transom for stress cracks. This can be a major deal breaker. The corners of the transom, especially on fiberglass boats, are often the weak spots on a boat's hull. If there is any damage, you'll usually find it where the internal gussets sit. There are usually three or four gussets in the back of the boat When mounting the engine, you want the cavitation plate to be 1″ above the boat bottom for every 12″ away from the transom. To sum up, there is a simple calculator of the shaft length for outboard motors: Outboard Shaft Length = Transom Height +/- Factors

Outboard motors apply a considerable load to the transom. The effects of the motor's weight are magnified when the boat is accelerated under normal operating conditions, and when the boat is bouncing along on a trailer. These loads are concentrated on the fiberglass skin and core where the mount is located. Over time cracks develop From the looks of the transom in this boat, I would estimate a typical transom will last about 20 years or so before they need to be replaced. This boat is a 1972 and the pictures were taken in late 2007 and as you can see, the transom was in bad shape. It should have been replaced years ago

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1. level 1. 2lovesFL. · 3h. check out boatworkstoday on yt. I would probably cut the back skin off, with a oscillating tool, or skill saw, and replace it from the back. *if the floor is good. the other way to go, is cut out the floor, splash well, then the transom, and you get access to the stringers too. -if the stingers are bad, then go in. A: If you have a small boat with a 18 to 21 inch aft transom, you'll most likely need a long shaft outboard. Other boats that need long shafts are. Sailboats and small Jon boats; Pontoon boats; Carolina Skiffs; What types of boat need an extra long shaft? A: Any boat that has a 21 to 27 inch aft transom will need an extra long shaft outboard Next, in order to test its performance, do this: Conduct the first test in water of medium depth, where you already have a good idea of the depth. The first test should be done without the boat moving. Turn on the display and check if it's receiving a signal from the transducer. Check if there is a depth reading, and if it looks accurate Look for cracks in high-load areas, such as the corners of the transom and around the outboard brackets or engine well, says Group. Check for cracks on the lifting strakes and cracks just above or below the chines. Start the engine. Depending on your engine type, insert the key or pull the starter to engage the engine. For some electric engines, you'll also need to push and release a button after turning the key. Make sure the motor's water pump is working. You should see a stream of water flowing out of the top of the motor

For a boat to be considered a fiberglass boat, the hull, deck, liner, and even large parts of the console are made from fiberglass. Fiberglass boat construction in a mold first uses a gel coat; fiberglass cloth layers are applied, with resin applied on each layer. Before fiberglass, boats were constructed from bark, wood, animal skin, iron, or. 5 Basic Steps to Trim a Boat. Trim is controlled with a toggle button on the control lever or on the dash. The trim system uses hydraulic rams to change the angle of the outboard motor or sterndrive gearcase—and with it the angle of the propeller shaft—relative to the boat transom, through a range of about 20 degrees.; When the boat is on plane and the prop shaft is parallel with the water.

A transom for a boat with 21, 23 or 25 pontoons might not work. The engine will sit too high. Replacement transom can be difficult to find and locating one that properly fits an old boat can be difficult. New boat builders are usually the only source for a replacement transom The transom is a major structural element of the hull. When the boat is tied to a pier, the cleats transfer the stress from the motion of the water in the dock to the hull. If a cleat is near the transom door, the door will affect the load-bearing capabilities and effectiveness of the cleat

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I have aquired this 1973 ranger bass boat from my dad after discovering it has a rotted transom. After removing part of the cap to expose the transom, i found that the majority of the wood was nothing but dried chips that I could basically remove with my hands. Once getting 3/4 of the way to the bottom, the wood became much more solid and even wet The Mean Mount Motor Transom Savers are a high end, top of the line transom saver when it comes to quality and protecting your boat and motor during towing. The Mean Mount Saver takes pressure off your hydraulic system, which helps to prevent damage and secures your boat by eliminating any movement as you trailer your boat

Water can also leak into the boat from a corroded exhaust pipe. The exhaust pipe leads down from the engines exhaust elbow to the inner transom. It's an aluminum pipe which can corrode through and leak. To check the pipe for leaks, haul the boat out of the water and run the engine on a garden hose What is the structural condition of the boat: Take note on the failure of the fuel tank. You might check out the transom and the stringers before doing the replacement. If the stringers are beginning to rot and the transom is getting soft, then the tank replacement will get to be way more expensive than you originally planned for In our example boat, you can see the transom core is soaked and it has lost nearly all of its stiffness. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. Step 2: Gain Access to the Transom. The first step is to gain access to the transom. In the case of the example boat, there was a motor well bulkhead that made a natural place to cut through the liner.

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Boat Repair: Alternative transom, deck and stringer. A recent column covered a process for replacing a rotted and water saturated transom. That process required cutting away the interior. Transom Reinforcement Mounting Plates & Templates Our transom support plates are all made of heavy-duty aircraft-quality aluminum. Designed to absorb stress that it's exposed to and evenly distribute it throughout the transom, our transom plates protect the exterior of your transom from scratches and dents while also providing reinforcement for the structural components of your transom This transom saver model is designed to lessen the boat's transom's stress when using an outboard motor. Its heavy-duty head secures firmly and can be adjusted from 44 to 56 inches. You can opt to attach it with a roller bracket or a trailer mount bracket Pounding a 7000lb boat at 18 knots through a 2-3' chop will certainly put a strain on your saturated core. How easy will it be to sell a wet core boat with cracks all over the bottom ? Quick, put on another couple of coats of bottom paint, maybe the buyer won't notice Jack plates perform two key functions. One is setback, which distances an outboard from the boat's transom, allowing the propeller to run in less-turbulent water. Jack plates also move an outboard up and down to optimize performance and enable a boat to venture into shallower water than it might otherwise

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· Check the transom area around the motor and look for cracks or signs of stress. Tilt the motor up and shake the lower unit to check for movement in the transom or in any existing cracks. These could be signs of a bad transom and very expensive repairs. · Get into the boat and walk around. Feel for soft spots in the deck by bouncing a little The same boat was used on Sunday, and took on several pints of water. The curious thing is that the boat held air pressure (the kit worked!!), and soapy water couldn't find any leaks. Here are my hypotheses: The rig places stresses on the boat, and these cause a very minor leak to open up to take considerable quantities of water The cost to replace the transom on a boat will vary greatly depending on whether you pay someone to do it, or if you do it yourself. After some research I came across prices as high as $5,000 to have it done professionally, but I'll show you how I was able to do it myself for about $263

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The first thing I check for is any wires grounded to the boat itself. there should be no electrical component wiring grounded to any part of the aluminum hull, steering, etc. More likley, your problem is caused by galvanic corrosion when the boat is in the water, especially if it is concentrated around the transom area Transom mounts are a lot easier for the do-it-yourselfer to deal with. The most important factor of installing a transom mount is choosing the transducer location. Crouching behind the transom, look for an area as deep on the hull as possible, with no strakes, intakes, or other items in front of it Check out the below headings to know briefly about the factors. Outboard Engine Horsepower. The size of the outboard motor you need to repower is determined by how happy you were with the boat's performance with the amount of power previously. If the boat has always felt a little disappointing, it is obvious that you should boost the stakes Seachoice scupper valves are specially mounted on the transom above the waterline to wash out the boat's excess water. It has a ball inside which keeps moving back and forth to remove the water. It has a ball inside which keeps moving back and forth to remove the water But it's easy to see when an outboard boat's cored transom has started to fail: There will be stress cracks all over the place. Water generally gets into the core via failed bedding, but the design of the hull-to-deck joints on some boats will let water in, too. (Turner's crew reworks the joint to prevent this.

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First, you need to confirm that your boat has a wooden deck. Most boats longer than 14 feet would have it. If you do not have a wooden deck, you may consider installing one or going for a transom mount instead. However, bow mount trolling motors are entirely different from transom-mounted ones. Make sure to check your boat first before purchase Pursuit S268 Sport Boat Test. A midsize, twin-engined center console fishing boat. Pursuit's new S268 Sport delivers 5 gallons from a 4-gallon bucket. The S268 Sport boasts a bigger cockpit, bigger helm, 3 inches of additional beam, and 7 more inches of internal volume fore and aft. Additionally, Pursuit added 8 more inches of deck extension. The outboards and bracket stretch that length to 43 feet 5 inches. The design means more comfort and fishability while minimizing weight and maximizing performance. The Regulator 37 test boat came with triple Yamaha 425 XTOs and a transom bracket that extends the length of the boat to 43 feet 5 inches. Courtesy Regulator Marine Transom Boat Pontoon Log Tube 27 Ft X 25 Inch W Ski Locker Dents. $3,384.75. Heavy Duty Pontoon Boat Transom Log 24 Ft X 26 Inch W Locker Scuffs. $3,384.35. Pontoon Boat Log End Cap 6419947 24 14 Inch Aluminum Curved. $176.15. Transom Pontoon Boat Log Float Tube 25 Ft X 27 Inch W Dual Strakes 2. Centurion Vi22 (Best Wakeboard Boat for Deadrise) Check Latest Price. Centurion is best known for its sleek and stylish range of boats. If sporty-looking crafts are your thing, then you will love the Centurion Vi22 series.. One of the first things you'll notice is its lower gunwales in addition to the built-in wave/wake-maker that delivers an impressive 20 degrees of deadrise

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  1. Adjusting the transom height: This applies only to those who built their own boat or completely rebuild an existing transom. All other have no choice about transom heights and must install an engine that fits the existing transom but if you build the transom, you can set or change the height of the clamping board
  2. Motor mounting bolts: Those long boat rides in rough water can be brutal on the outboard motor attaching bolts, both from transom to jack plate and jack plate to outboard. When the Elites fished up north where we encountered a lot of rough water, I periodically checked the motor bolts for tightness
  3. If mounting directly to a boat transom: Measure from the top of the transom down to the bottom of the hull or keel (lowest point). Measure the area of the transom directly where the engine will be mounted. This measurement is primarily designed for single motor propulsion. A deep Vee hull will result in a different measurement than a flatter.
  4. Please be very careful when doing this and make sure you have on your PFD and have a trusted captain at the helm of your boat. I like to stand towards the transom of the boat while it is underway and look over the transom at the water flowing from beneath the boat, particularly on the starboard side
  5. d and more: Your boat will thank you with better performance and improved reliability. Learn how to check the system here
  6. Particularly check the following: Spar checks, hatches, deck seams, transom, companion slides, checks in planking, toe rails, exposed end grain, stem, ribs, and stringers. Amount required: For complete saturation and ultimate strength, in average type rot, it will require a volume of GIT-ROT approximately equal to half the volume of the.
  7. Mount the motor on the transom of the boat and check to see where the cavitation plate sits in relation to the bottom of the boat. As Bodo mentioned you can add a shim on top of the transom if enough room remains to clamp/bolt the motor securely. Also you can pick up a jack plate, a piece of gear designed especially for intermediate length.

Like with the GPS speedometer, the pitot tube speedometer has to be installed in a good place on the transom. The area of choice should be clear of any trim tabs, strakes, propellers, and rudders. Plus, the tip of the pitot needs to extend until it gets at least 2 inches below your boat's hull To master the use of one takes time and should be used with soundings, something many DIY's don't have the ear for and other measures to cross check the moisture meters findings.. Using one to rule in boats that may be a good candidate for a survey or to rule out boats that have a pegged meter all over is fine and can save you money Find the boat history report on this Boat History Report and buy with confidence. Don't risk buying a used boat with hidden problems. Use Boat History Report to check for accident, hurricane, salvaged, environmental lien, fire, submerged, seized, warranty and recall A boat's identification number can be checked by requesting a report at the Department of Motor Vehicle office where the boat was last owned. The hull identification number is a 12-character serial number usually located on the transom of the boat at the starboard side

Check flapper in front of livewell port allows water to exit through transom drain. AUTO Check flapper in front of transom port allows fresh water to enter when off plane, but not exit. Will automatically close when boat is on plane or pump is turned off. Livewell port remains open for recirculation of livewell water. RK2-BG 4 3/4 2 5/8 Where it is clearly visible when the boat is in the water and On the outside starboard (right) side of the transom. If the boat does not have a transom, the HIN must be displayed on the right side at the rear of the hull. The HIN may include a two-character country code To find the suitable shaft length, the principle is to make sure the top of the propeller is matched to the lowest point of the transom. Hard to put it into practice? Well, in order to get the right shaft length, first, measure the transom height, the length from the top of the boat transom to the bottom of the boat Tech Support Hours M-T 9-2 EST (9-12 Fridays) -email us photos info@transomrepair.net and/or call 386-428-4722. Seacast™ Facts. Seacast™ is almost 3 times the strength of a marine plywood transom. Seacast™ is Green! it has 35% recycled FRP which gives it it's secret strength. Seacast™ is .03 pounds lighter than a marine plywood transom. The hull identification number (HIN) is the boat's serial number. Boats built after 1972 must have a Hull Identification Number (HIN) permanently attached to the transom on the starboard side above the waterline

If the boat does not have a full transom, the transom width is the broadest beam in the aftermost quarter length of the boat . (2) Locate horsepower capacity corresponding to the factor in Table 183.53. (3) For a boat with a factor over 52.5, if the horsepower capacity calculated in Table 183.53 is not an exact multiple of 5, it may be raised. I recently replaced the transom on my 18' SeaCraft project boat. No D.E. but the procedure is similar for any boat. I tried this Carbon Core pourable transom compound from LBI and was very pleased with the results. It saved me a lot of time because no re-coring of the transom is necessary. It.. Here are the steps we took when installing one of two Flow-Max drains on a center-console boat: Step 1: First, remove the original scupper assembly. See tools needed (see above). Step 2. Fill the original screw-mounting holes with marine-grade sealant. Step 3: Fit the Flow-Max base-mounting plate over the scupper hole and use the screws.

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  1. um. This plate distributes the stress of the motor mounting bolts to protect the transom. Approximately 15L x 2-1/8W. Protects transom. Strong, cast alu
  2. amount of water in my bilge. The guy who hauls me out and blocks the boat in the fall tilts my boat up off his trailer in my driveway at such a severe angle. that it actually scares me. The transom is about two inches of the ground and the bow is way up in the air suspended by the winch cable. I was surprised to see
  3. Bumpy roads, abrupt stops and harmonic vibrations all put stresses on your rig, especially the boat's transom and the outboard's tilt/trim system. Trailering with the engine in a vertical position puts the least amount of strain on the motor and transom, but that's not possible for many boat/trailer/engine combinations due to ground.
  4. Our Bass Pro Shops® Outboard Boat Motor Transom Saver protects your boat's motor, transom, and steering components by absorbing road shock to relieve strain. Outdoor-grade construction ensures long-lasting reliability. Adjusts 23-28. Protects motor, transom, and steering components. Relieves strain of road shock
  5. To get the correct length, if you have a transom trolling motor, the general rule is that the top part of the motor should be submerged 12 inches in the water . If you have a bow trolling motor, you need to measure the length between your boat's gunnel and the waterline then add an extra 20 inches

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The transducer mounting board is installed on the transom of the boat with two screws and these are the last two holes you'll ever need to drill in the transom of your boat. Installing this will save you a ton of headaches over the life of the boat and also help with assuring you've got good clean images on the screen Reach to the back of the engine housing to the back transom — the very back edge of the boat. Look for two metal pins connecting the shaft to the trim-motor. Use an adjustable wrench to unscrew the pins from the trim motor, preparing the shaft-propeller to be raised manually The boat itself, and usually the transom height, will dictate how long of a shaft you need. Measure the freeboard (height of boat sides above the waterline) at the transom and allow for another 10.

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If you are an avid or a newbie fisherman, using a trolling motor to run your boat can make fishing a lot easier.. But knowing what type of trolling mount is suitable for your boat is important.. If you are deciding between a bow mount and transom mount, you have to take into account the size of your boat, weight, and even the way it's designed.. For the reason that both mounts are designed. Leading edge (the edge closest to the transom of the boat). One click too high: the transducer is tilted out of the water and cannot maintain a sonar signal. If the transducer is installed higher than the bottom of the boat, turbulence will roll off the edge of the boat bottom and cause interference

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On larger boats a common location is in the bow of the boat, usually inside of a locker on the starboard side or in the center anchor locker. On smaller boats a common spot is on the inboard side of the transom on center line in the splash well area, typically within about 3-5 inches from the top of the transom Getting to the Transom. To get to the entire transom, I had to cut the stringers and battery trays back a bit (about 8 on the stringers, about 12 at the battery trays). Stringers are the tall (approximately 6x6 boxes) that run the length of the boat. The engine probably sits on the stringers PSEQT 6 LED Boat Interior Navigation Courtesy Utility Strip Light Marine Deck Transom Step Cockpit Lighting Waterproof for Fishing Pontoon Kayak Yacht Sailboat (10pcs) Application: 1. Fit for marine boat, pontoon, kayak, yacht, dinghy, barge, freighters, hovercrafts, fishing boat, sailboat, Jon boat, bass boat, duck boat, inflatable boat braces for additional support, be sure to check with the hull manufacturer first, before adding a transom jack mount. A transom saver, which is not often associated with an out-board jet, may also be a smart choice if you travel rough roads or launch accesses (See Figure 3). Removing center keel af After having the boat about 1 year both welds at the transom cracked. Sent back to dealer for repairs. My boat was gone for nearly 5 months with little or no communication

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Your local dealer will be able to assist in determining the best prop for your boat. Contact your local Lund deale r for all motor and prop questions. For Mercury motors and assistance you may also contact Mercury customer service at 920-924-1899. I have questions about my Shoreland'r trailer or need parts for it. Contact your local Lund dealer It is a hull, three large seats and a big transom Note: in the Alpha series the transom is not a separate component as it was in the older Porta-botes. The 8′ version is a hull, two seats and a transom, and is reportedly just as difficult to set up according to a singlehanding friend of ours who has cruised 10,000 miles, first with a 10. Classic Wooden Boat Transoms. We can write anything you want on these transom replicas based on classic mahogany boat designs. Also have a new option for an outdoor sign for your street address check out photos below. We have 3 different sizes to choose from,33'' , 46'' , 70'' or we can custom make any size you lik

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  1. The 12 digit number can usually be found on the outer portion of the transom on a small plate, either attached to the starboard rear section above the pontoon log, or in the upper right corner of the transom
  2. Check for any space or gaps in the boat. Add epoxy putty to each of them before sanding flat. Start adding patches before sanding them flat. Turn your boat upside down. Add fiberglass, and then trim to blend with the boat's sides. To the boat's exterior, add epoxy resin using brushes or rollers. Cure the epoxy fully for two days
  3. Solace Boats 345 Boat Review. A unique FishThru transom leads a long list of bold innovations in the Solace 345 center console. The FishThru design on the Solace 345 places outboards on the outer edges of the V-hull and creates a fishing space between the motors. Solace Boats. On this August day, the pre-dawn sky above Stuart, Florida, played.
  4. Fishability Test: Everglades 235 CC. A versatile 23-footer for inshore and coastal duty. The 235 runs 46 mph with a Yamaha 300, and cruises at 32.1 mph with a yield of 2.2 mpg. Courtesy Everglades Boats. Everglades has built its reputation on unsinkable RAMCAP construction, a process that begins with high-density, structurally durable, foam.
  5. um boat does not mean parts can not rot out. This is what's involved in replacing the transom board on a Lund Barron 21'. First you have to remove the motors and the top cap some rivets must be drilled out. Then you need to remove splash well boxes to gain access to the top.

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the port-side of the intermediate housing, near the transom, on some boats it can be a pain to gain service access. Originally, OMC used a Prestolite ETK-4102 motor that draws 120 Amperes Check the hammer-blow coupler by removing the tilt motor from inside the boat. Be careful when removing the motor, as it will easily fall apart. Don't. • Bass boat • U.S. Coast Guard approved bass boat • V-hull pad design • Sponson hull capability concept • Production composite bass boat • Aluminum deck grid system • Completely closed transom with no splashwell • Full-length rod box and Rod Staze™ system • Bass boat rated for a 150 HP engin

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  1. Likewise, after you've removed all the furniture and stripped the deck wood and outboard from the boat, you can check for broken crossmembers in the deck superstructure and have them welded at the same time. Check carefully around the transom - where it's welded to the boat deck frame and where the outboard is bolted
  2. Check how this boat got a transom door fitted. When you get a bit older you find that you need a few comforts. This couple recently purchased this Masters 34 power cruiser but it had no transom door to access the boat from the generous duckboard behind it! Luckily this was a single skin transom making the fitment of the new door easier
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