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gpodder.net is a libre web service that allows you to manage your podcast subscriptions and discover new content. If you use multiple devices, you can synchronize subscriptions and your listening progress. It works best with the gPodder application, but you can also use it with Amarok , other supported clients or as standalone web application. gPodder downloads and manages free audio and video content (podcasts) for you. Listen directly on your computer or on your mobile devices. It supports RSS, Atom, YouTube, Soundcloud and XSPF.. gPodder is described as 'downloads and manages free audio and video content (podcasts) for you. Listen directly on your computer or on your mobile devices' and is a well-known app in the Audio & Music category -= advertisement =- gPodder is a simple Open Source podcast client capable of downloading and management of your podcast subscriptions. It is written in Python using GTK+ and includes support for MP3 and mobile phone players. The interface is easy to navigate, allowing for almost immediate use after downloading and opening

gpodder.net is described as 'libre web service that allows you to manage your podcast subscriptions and discover new content. If you use multiple devices, you can synchronize subscriptions and your listening progress.It works best with the' gPodder // Media aggregator and podcast client. gPodder is a simple, open source podcast client written in Python using GTK+. In development since 2005 with a proven, mature codebase. The latest version is 3. 91. Downcast. Version History · Known Issues · Blog · Dev StreamLIVE NOW. Downcast. A very cool podcast player for iOS, Mac, Apple. Clementine; Clementine is a cross-platform free and open source music player and library organizer. It is a port of Amarok 1.4 to the Qt 4 framework and the GStreamer multimedia framework, focusing on a fast and easy-to-use interface for searching and playing your music natural sciences. Planetary Radio: Space Exploration, Astronomy and Science. Catalyst. The Science Show - Separate stories podcast. WGLT-FM: Assorted stories from WGLT-FM : NPR. The Infinite Monkey Cage. Naked Neuroscience, from the Naked Scientists. Welt der Physik | Podcast You can go for gPodder it's available for Mac, Windows & even Linux based distros. Just install the app, create a free gPodder account and set your devices to sync with each other under account preferences. gPodder: Media aggregator and podcast clien

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gPodder for openSUSE is an open source software that downloads and manages free audio and video content (podcasts) for you. Listen directly on your computer or on your mobile devices. It supports.. GPodder is a very simple app that we can download and listen to podcasts in a comfortable, fast and easy way. From the program window itself, we can select which podcasts we want to download for a variety of content. When the download is complete, with a simple click we will start listening to it in our default player gPodder - gPodder is a Podcast receiver/catcher written in Python, using GTK. It manages podcast feeds for you and automatically downloads all podcasts from as many feeds as you like. Guayadeuqu - Open source, lightweight setup - plenty of features. icePodder - Cross platform gPodder is a GTK+ client that is written using Python, designed to be a podcast client and media aggregator. The interface is very minimalistic, so if you're looking for something with a bunch of bells and whistles, you might want to look elsewhere. Note: Jack Wallen reviewed gPodder back in 2011

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Podcasts have all the latest news about the songs or from the websites. Some of the best podcasters for Windows, iOS, Android are listed here: Contents [ hide] 1 Top 8 Free Podcast Downloader tools. 1.1 gPodder. 1.2 iTunes AntennaPod is a powerful podcast manager and player for Android that offers an impressive number of customization options. The integration of multiple directories to find and subscribe to podcasts, import and manual URL options, and synchronization support using gpodder, makes it easy to find, subscribe to, and sync podcasts The aforementioned gPodder app is also available on Windows. OS X. For OS X users who do not want to use iTunes, Downcast ($7.99) provides a great alternative, or you can just use Pocket Casts' web version which costs $9. gPodder also works on OS X. Mobil Hi. gPodder 3.10.17 (installed by brew cask) on OSX 10.14.6, MacBook Pro 2015 hangs in these cases (a similar issue is #932, but it could be different 2 comments Show more activit

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Gpodder is an open source podcast management tool for Linux, Mac, and Windows.On the Linux platform specifically, it is known as one of the oldest and most reliable podcast clients. The app, though popular, doesn't come pre-installed on any Linux distributions While Gpodder's device support isn't great with new smartphones, it still exists and can be used if you don't like adding podcasts via the Linux file manager. To use the sync feature, do the following. Step 1: Click on the Gpodder menu. From there, find Preferences and click on that Grover Podcast is a free tool for finding, playing and listening to podcasts. The program opens in an empty My Podcasts area, but entering something in the (iTunes API-integrated) Search box should give you plenty of hits from the Podcast Store You can simply get it done by following these steps: 1. Tap Library. 2. Tap a show to see its information page, tap , then do any of the following: * Change the.

Click Download in the Tools section of the pop up screen. Click Download video. Video will download in MP4 format at medium resolution (480p) with all available languages embedded in the file. To view the video with subtitles: Open the TED video. In VLC, click Subtitles in the menu bar. Hover over Subtitle Track in the menu gPodder is an easy to use podcast receiver that will download and manage your podcast subscriptions. It includes support for MP3 and mobile phone players. gPodder can pull RSS, Atom, Follow gPodder. gPodder Web Site. Other Useful Business Software. Remote Access From Anywhere to Everywhere. Get quick remote access from Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux to any desktop or mobile device, such as Android or iOS devices. SolarWinds® Dameware® Remote Everywhere is a new lightweight remote support solution. Connect to workstations in. Portable gPodder is a useful piece of software that lets you easily sort and manage your favorite podcasts, but also find new ones. The program is portable, thus you can directly run the executable as soon as it finishes downloading. The application allows you to add your podcasts by pasting their URLs in the related box

If you don't want to use iTunes, gPodder is also available for the Mac. iOS. iOS should work by clicking on the RSS link above. Android. For Android, download a podcast client, such as Podcast Addict. If your client is well written, clicking the iTunes link should add it to your podcast client There are instructions out there (here specifically) for getting gPodder running on an Android phone.At this point, what you get is a command-line version. Since I don't yet know whether this version is capable of syncing with gpodder.net, the only definite advantage this podcatcher has over the popular android podcatchers is that it is Free Software (capitol F for free as in freedom, but. gPodder YouTube Access Has Stopped. In the mornings I like to watch my favourite video podcasts while I eat breakfast. I use gPodder to aggregate my video podcast feeds and then I watch them using SageTV or XBMC/Kodi. But this morning I had a surprise. Instead of my weekly The Ben Heck Show episode, I was provided with a silent movie. Play your music LIVE, together with your friends, co-workers and other Beatsters around the world. Discover great music in a single click 1. gPodder. If you'd like to use a dedicated podcatcher, check out gPodder. It is available not only for Linux, but for Mac OS X and Windows too. When you first run gPodder, it will give you the following options: choose from a list of example podcasts, add a podcast by entering its URL, and restore your subscriptions from gpodder.net

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Surprisingly I can't find any from some cursory Google searches. It's worth a shot searching for gpodder.net in the app store though. As large as the ios community is, you would think a solution would exist, unless there's some rule against third party podcast apps or podcast syncing GPodder Sync. replicate basic GPodder.net API. Hancom Office Connector. Enable seamless integration with Hancom Office Online and Hancom DocsConverter. iOS and MacOSX. Synchronize your contacts and calendars with your iOS and MacOSX devices. iOS Nextcloud app. Official Nextcloud iOS client

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  1. Computer with a modern browser; tablet or phone. The webinterface is tested with recent versions of Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and iOS (iPad/iPhone), modern versions of Android (Chrome Mobile, Firefox Mobile). Internet Explorer version 10 works, earlier versions don't. You can also use an MPD client to connec
  2. YTPodcaster is a combination AIR utility and webapp that work together to turn any YouTube channel into a feed that automatically launches, subscribes itself, and updates with the latest episode.
  3. When starting to play or watch a video on YouTube, YouTube may block the video with a Content Warning message. The Content Warning indicates that this video may be inappropriate for some users, and requires you to sign in to confirm your age. If you have always signed into a Google account, the Content Warning shouldn't be a problem to you. However, if you want [
  4. 1. Install a podcast manager. If you want to listen to podcasts offline, you'll need to download a third-party client to convert URLs into MP3 files. Though there are tons of free cross-platform options, managers such as Juice, gPodder, and Zune all come highly recommended. Another great option is iTunes
  5. iOrange.
  6. iOS 14.5; Home / Software / How-To. How to add a podcast by URL feed to Apple's Podcasts app and other apps. While it's usually a click or tap, you may wind up with a URL you want to add manually

Podcasts in Catalina. The new Podcasts app deleted years of downloaded podcasts when I updated, including a lot that are no longer hosted on the web. For some reason the sensible default in the new app is to delete anything beyond the most recent ten episodes. Now I need to remember to restore from backup before it gets overwritten, heh gPodder. gPodder // Media aggregator and podcast client. gPodder is a simple, open source podcast client written in Python using GTK+. In development since 2005 with a proven, mature codebase. The latest version is 3 Every iPhone comes with a Podcast app by default, and opening that is a great way to get started with podcasts. Android users can listen to podcasts using Google Play Music . Open either app and start browsing. Some people prefer third party applications for listening to podcasts—I like Player FM on Android, for example gPodder. gPodder is quite famous among Linux circles. The app was the default podcast catcher for many a user at one point. gPodder proves you with the flexibility to choose your frequency of updates to your channels. Unlike some of the apps on the list, gPodder requires you to physically input the URL of the podcast you are looking for 6. gPodder. Tải gPodder cho Windows. gPodder là một ứng dụng podcast mã nguồn mở đơn giản cho Windows 10. Với ứng dụng này, bạn có thể phát các file âm thanh và video từ RSS, YouTube, SoundCloud và Vimeo. Bảng điều khiển bên trái bao gồm các nguồn cấp âm thanh và video

If you've got podcast software installed on your computer (such as iTunes, Juice or gPodder) you can use the URL for the podcast feed to subscribe to your chosen podcast. Macs, iOS devices and. Now, gPodder is available as one of the leading Podcast Apps on popular operating systems like Linux, Windows, Mac OS, as well as Android. Pros and cons: gPodder enable you to create podcast playlist and synchronization of the playlist with media devices. It allows you to track YouTube, sound cloud, and other feeds Google Podcasts. With Google Podcasts, you can play the latest episodes from your favorite shows, explore podcast recommendations just for you, and manage your listening activity. • Subscribe and listen to all your favorite podcasts for free. • Explore show and episode recommendations just for you. • Browse popular and trending shows in.

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  1. iTunes is the popular music and video manager developed by the company Apple. IS very common today, to have our music and movies collection in digital format. To organize these files, we need to use some kind of software that will help us to organize our collection and allow us..
  2. Sync your subscriptions, playback and filters between Android and iOS devices, and backup your data to the cloud. Pocket Casts alternatives. Close Add Information About Podcast Addict. Email. 200 characters max. Pos. Something, you like. If None, type None. Cons. Something you dislike. If None, type None. Tags
  3. FBReader is the most widely available open source ebook reader, available on all major operating systems (except iOS) and supporting a wide variety of document formats. When tied with the open.
  4. It too uses the iOS media library, and does not make it's. Document folder visible to the laptop computer. There are two solutions to this dilemma. 1. Delete all the built-in apps which have these arbitrary. restrictions, or, 2. Find a way to slide media from the laptop computer over. USB into the iOS media library
  5. Amaze - File Manager. To replace your existing file manager, F-droid lists the Amaze app which is a file manager that follows the Material Design guidelines. In addition to basic features like cut, copy, delete, compress, and extract, the app offers the ability to work on multiple tabs, theme support, a navigational drawer, and an app manager
  6. USA. podcastaddict.uservoice.com. @Podcast_Addict. podcastaddict@gmail.com. Android. 40 / 10. 3.2. known in Google Play as Podcast & Radio Addict; Version for legacy Android also available in the Play Store. 2017-06-05

gPodder. This straightforward app allows you to download and manage your podcast subscriptions and find new content. For those using several devices, you can sync subscriptions across and your listening pace. Whether you want to sync your podcasts with an iOS device using iTunes, or you opt for a compact and delicate media player like VLC. List of podcatchers. A podcatcher, or podcast client, is a computer program used to download various media via an RSS or XML feed. While podcatchers are most known for downloading podcasts (generally audio files in MP3 format), many are also capable of downloading video, newsfeeds, text, and pictures. Some podcatchers can also automate the. Collider Jedi Council is one of the best Star Wars podcasts around, with its professional production values, experienced hosts, and special guests who are either big fans of the Sci-Fi franchise or directly involved in the making of its films and TV series themselves. Listen to Collider Jedi Council. 10. of 12 WikiZero Özgür Ansiklopedi - Wikipedia Okumanın En Kolay Yolu . A podcatcher, or podcast client, is a computer program used to download various media via an RSS or XML feed.. While podcatchers are best known for downloading podcasts (generally audio files in MP3 format or similar), many are also capable of downloading video, newsfeeds, text, and pictures Dr.Fone - Phone Manager (iOS) allows you to transfer any file from your iPod, iPad, iPhone to iTunes, or PC to take a backup. It is able to back up your music, videos, podcasts to manage music freely without any hassle. You can get it for windows or Mac both OS and transfer your music to any iDevice or computer without any problem

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  1. If you are using iOS 5.x, the library that Rhythmbox (and others) use to do this does not yet support the newer database version. If your iOS device has recently been updated, then you simply need to wait for libimobiledevice to be updated (watch the [website][1] under Music/Video Synchronization Status for updates)
  2. Overcast (https://overcast.fm/) is easily my favorite podcast manager for iOS. It just works exactly as I want in my head. In fact, if they improved the web interface, it would be my only podcast manager. If you're just listening using iOS almost all of the time and rarely listen elsewhere, this is my top recommendation
  3. Apple releases iOS 14.5, iPadOS 14.5, and watchOS 7.4, allowing Apple Watch owners to unlock with Face ID while wearing a mask. Apple AirTags could enable domestic abuse in terrifying ways. Bitcoin Industry Grapples With Age-Old Problem of Inheritance. Warren Buffett's Deputy Calls Bitcoin 'Disgusting' And Bad For Civilization
  4. Reviews of the Magellan MiVue 658 HD Dashcam, Shure Motiv MV88 iOS Digital Condenser Microphone, Mattel View-Master, Asus Chromebook Flip C100 and a first look at the Zeiss VR One
  5. Foobar2000 Versatile audio player with separate podcatcher component Donationware 22 October 2020 Android, iOS, macOS, Windows Google Podcasts Official Google podcast software Proprietary 4 December 2020 Android, iOS gPodder[7][8][9][10] Simple, open source podcast client written i

Big changes are coming to the podcasting world: Apple is going to let the people who make podcasts learn what podcast listeners actually like -- and what they ignore. A new version of Apple's Podcasts, which is by far the most popular podcast app, will provide basic analytics to podcast creators, gi.. Enable the Snapcast backend and plugin in the Platypush configuration of each of the machines that will be running the client or the server: backend.music.snapcast: hosts: - server1 - server2 - server3 music.snapcast: host: default-server-ip-or-name. Restart Platypush and head to the web panel on port 8008 The free version of NewsBlur is limited to 64 feeds, but that is enough for many users. Free iPad/iPhone iOS, Android apps, Windows Phone apps, browser add-ons, and more. RSS Subscription Extension adds RSS feed discovery and subscription options to Chrome. The extension comes with 4 feed readers predefined (Google Reader, iGoogle, Bloglines. gPodder is an easy to use podcast receiver that will download and manage your podcast subscriptions. It includes support for MP3 and mobile phone players. gPodder can pull RSS, Atom, YouTube and Soundcloud feeds. It also has a built-in list of top podcasts to explore gPodder is a podcast manager written in Python with a GTK interface. After telling it which podcasts you like, it sits in the system tray, regularly checking for updates to your favourites. When an update becomes available, gPodder downloads it ready for you to listen to. Once downloaded, you can listen to it through gPodder or transfer it to.

Orthographe alternative : gpodder-3.9..tar.gz, gpodder.tar.gz Dernière mise à jour le dimanche 27 mars 2016 à 22:50:51 par crapoulou . Ajouter un commentair The SAASPASS for gpodder.net password manager is free for personal use and can be used on multiple devices as well. Multiple Devices SAASPASS password manager can be supported on multiple devices including tablets like the iPad

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gPodder is a program that helps you download and manage free audio and video content like podcasts. From there you can choose to listen to this media on your computer or move it over to your mobile device. The program supports downloading from Atom, RSS, Soundcloud, XSPF and even YouTube. Pros. Program is small, yet full of features First, you complained about us having hardcoded the download folder to /media/mmc2/. Well, gPodder still uses this as the default download folder, but you can now simply move this folder from the SD card to your the external card (mmc1), to your home folder (/home/user) or even to an attached USB key (you can do this with a special USB female adapter)

AntennaPod is a podcast player that is completely open. The app is open-source and you can subscribe to any RSS feed. AntennaPod is built by volunteers without commercial interest, so it respects your privacy while giving you full control. Download Contribute IOS μόνο ; Μόνο Mac; Email & Μηνύματα Εγγραφείτε και διαχειριστείτε Podcasts χρησιμοποιώντας το gPodder. Linux Μάθετε πώς μπορείτε να εμφανίσετε ή να αποκρύψετε τους άξονες γραφημάτων στο Excel /^AmazonMusic.+CFNetwork/ Amazon Music Mobile App iOS AmazonMusic/9.15.2 iPhone12,8 CFNetwork/1128..1 Darwin/19.6. AmazonMusic/9.15.2 iPad8,1 CFNetwork/1128..1. The webservice for gpodder.net, a libre web service that allows users to manage their podcast subscriptions and discover new content. tree-sitter-legesher-python (label: OpenFoodFacts-iOS (label: help wanted) Collaborative, free and open database of food products from around the world. Scan barcode to get info or add a product gpodder windows 7 free download. 7-Zip 7-Zip is a file archiver with a high compression ratio. You can use 7-Zip on any computer, including While iOS 14 has disrupted the mobile marketing ecosystem, it's also a natural evolution of recent trends in privacy and data governance. Change is the only constant in this industry

本指南概述了gPodder的功能。 如何获取gPodder . gPodder将在大多数主要Linux发行版的仓库中可用,并且可以通过以下方式下载: Ubuntu,Linux Mint或Debian用户应该使用apt-get命令 ,如下所示: sudo apt-get install gpodder . Fedora和CentOS用户应该使用以下yum命令 : sudo yum安装gpodde Refer to this page: Making Friends with the Device The SSHFS Way. After this the easiest way to properly initialise a few things on the device's side is with the iPod convenience script.This is available in the AUR as ipod-convenience AUR [断开的链接:package not found]. Next do modprobe fuse to actually load the fuse module. You may also want to add it to your MODULES array in /etc/rc. Stitcher (iOS, Android, Web)Stitcher is an on-demand podcast app focusing on news and informative radio streams. The app provides a free online streaming service and aggregates content from multiple providers, organizing them into various stations for your listening and browsing leisure Download panet بانيت‎ - Panet is a leading news and general content website serving the young adult Israeli Arab community. The site offers local and international news, culture (art, music, television, cinema, radio), business, consumer, sport,.. My fixtags script is an extension for gPodder to automatically fix the MP3 tags (of the known podcasts) so that the Sandisk Sansa Clip+'s official firmware would properly recognize them. More information about this is in my old post.There are no new firmware versions anymore and the player seems to be discontinued. I've started using Rockbox on my player a few years ago and it's better.

Castro is a free iOS podcast app that is fairly average if you use the free version. However, if you upgrade to the $18.99-per-year Castro Plus tier, you get the Sideload feature, which allows you. The Best: Feedly. Screenshot: Brendan Hesse. Feedly got the most comments and upvotes from readers, which isn't surprising—i t's one of the few RSS readers with a modern design and active.

Windows 10 64 bit / Windows 10 / Windows 8 64 bit / Windows 8 / Windows 7 64 bit / Windows 7 / Windows Vista 64 bit / Windows Vista / Windows XP 64 bit / Windows XP. iPod Transfer. 1,518 downloads. gPodder is a freeware for downloading podcasts. It lets you transfer, download and search podcasts to various devices such as mtp based player, ipod or USB flash drive. It is based upon pyGTK and Python. It gives option to the users to subscribe for audio and video podcasts. gPodder supports soundcloud, atom, YouTube and RSS feeds Browsers Falkon Portable - web browser Google Chrome Portable (Freeware) - fast, simple, themeable browser Iron Portable - advanced web browser K-Meleon Portable - lightweight, customizable browser Links Portable - text-based browser Lynx Portable - text-based browser Maxthon Portable (Freeware) - fast, powerful browser Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition - the award-winning we

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Grub2Win is an open source program to safely dual-boot Windows and Linux. Using the simple Windows GUI and instructions, you can install Grub2Win quickly and safely. Boot-time messages and help can be displayed in multiple languages. Once installed, the interface makes it simple to boot into whatever operating system you want with ease Clementine is a modern music player and library organizer. Clementine is a multiplatform music player. It is inspired by Amarok 1.4 , focusing on a fast and easy-to-use interface for searching and playing your music. Clementine 1.3.1. Download the latest version now. for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Announcement - Changelog - Show all downloads Flatpak will enable us (as a Linux ISV) to distribute a better LibreOffice, with up-to-date dependencies and a platform that can run on many systems. I'm excited to see that happen. Michael Meeks. Director, The Document Foundation. image/svg+xml

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BleachBit has many useful features designed to help you easily clean your computer to free space and maintain privacy. Simple operation: read the descriptions, check the boxes you want, click. Feral Audio and Similar Sites to Listen to/Download Podcasts. Summary: Podcasts, as one of the greatest entertainment the last 20 years, has enriched your life. As one the podcasts network, Feral Audio, provides many of you wonderful episodes listening and shows Audio Projects Sometimes we overlook audio when considering all the different possibilities for multimodal composition. Even though video production is a lot easier than it used to be, don't forget about the rich possibilities for composing with sound. Common multimodal projects that use audio include podcasts, public service announcements (PSAs), and oral histories. This page [

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使用gPodder訂閱和管理播客. 播客提供了娛樂和事實信息的重要來源。. gPodder是一款輕量級Linux工具,可讓您查找和訂閱大量播客。. 您可以將每個播客設置為在發行新劇集時自動下載,或者在您選擇時下載它們。. 本指南概述了gPodder的功能。 The second beta of iOS 14.5 is available, and it and adds several new features. Shortcuts added actions for taking a screenshot, locking screen rotation, and setting the cellular network preference. New interface features in Apple Music include swipe gestures and the ability to share lyrics directly to social media or via text, and 200 new emoji will be arriving in the new version of iOS

Hvis du er fan af podcasts, er du sandsynligvis på et tidspunkt blevet træt af manuelt at finde og downloade dine favoritter. Dette kan være.. Today, we published version 2.2 of VLC for iOS on the App Store.It features a re-designed interface for iOS 7, which we demonstrated in early November last year.. Since then, we took the time for further improvements, polishing and most importantly adding features in addition a plain restyling Gpodder е инструмент за управление на подкасти с отворен код за Linux, Mac и Windows. Специално на платформата Linux е известен като един от най-старите и надеждни подкаст клиенти. Приложението обач A headless audio player for streaming music from Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Music, and Podcasts (with iTunes, gPodder directories), local and networked music files (MP3/OGG/FLAC/AAC), and Web/Internet radio (with TuneIn, Dirble, AudioAddict, Soma FM, and Subsonic). Includes AirTunes/AirPlay and DLNA/OpenHome for streaming from a phone, tablet.

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PDF Extra comes to iOS with productivity tools and free storage ‎PDF Extra: Scan, View & Edit Steve Jobs job application valued at $175,000 heads to auction gPodder: Media aggregator and podcast client Those interested in sponsoring the show can reach out to us at: steve@appleinsider.co 11. gPodder Portable gPodder is a podcast management application that lets you download and manage all of your podcast subscriptions. MP3 player, mobile support, Support for YouTube, SoundCloud, RSS and Atom feeds are some of the key features of this hand little podcast management application Android Podcast App. Podcasts are becoming the primary source of gathering information in the age of the Internet. It is a fantastic way to hear about the experts you care about, and it is relatively easy to find good podcasts Gpodder must be restarted after changing those settings. Enabling geo_bypass and setting country to 'SE' doesn't work for me (in the US). Using -v --geo-bypass from command line does nothing, the header wasn't even added. Using -v --geo-bypass-country adds the header with or without --geo-bypass. I don't have a swedish IP to test if --geo-bypass--ip-block works

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Over 400 Real Portable Apps (41GB!) Some with up to 150 locale, beta packages, etc Over 970 Million Downloads Free, Legal, Safe, and Fully Portable No Shovelware. No Bundleware.The PortableApps.com Platforminstalls and automatically updatesyour apps and let's you view by category, title, new, or recent updates The Latest: All Releases & News... | Just New Apps.. Oct 25, 2017. 5,528. Jun 1, 2021. #32. Chiming in a little late here because I've been trying out a bunch of difference podcast apps lately after using Pocket Casts for years and, well... Pocket Casts is still the best by a good margin Z. 0-9. (i POD broad CAST) An audio broadcast for playback in the computer or mobile device. A podcast is like a radio program that can be downloaded on demand. Although some are actual radio.