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In ihrem Inneren ist sie eine verspielte, aktive Hauskatze, die sehr anhänglich sein kann. Sie sieht aus wie eine echte Wildkatze, doch das stimmt Hochwertige Blühpflanzen in allen Preisklassen online bei toom bestellen. Mehr Zeit zum Selbermachen. Alles rund um Garten und Freizeit online bei toom bestellen Tag - gerbera cultivation in west bengal Gerbera Flower Farming Information Guide Gerbera Flower Farming Guide: The following information is about Gerbera Flower Farming

The growing area is situated between 22°43' N latitude and 88°34' E longitude with an average altitude of 9.75m above mean sea level at Mondouri Horticultural Research Station of Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, Mondouri, North 24 Parganas West Bengal under Gangetic new alluvial plains The major Gerbera producing states in India are Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, Tamilnadu, West Bengal, and Himachal Pradesh. 1) Soil Structure Required for Gerbera Cultivation Two primary factors are considered while selecting soil Gerbera is also known as Transwal Daisy or African Daisy. It is an ornamental flowering plant. It belongs to compositae family. Maharashtra, Uttaranchal, Arunachal Pradesh, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Orissa, Karnataka and Gujarat are the major Gerbera cut flowers growing states in India

cultivation in warm subtropical plains of West Bengal, were Stanza (T1), Rosalin (T9) and Preintense (T3) respectively. References Acharya, Baral, Gautam, Pun. (2010). Influence of Seasons and Varieties on Vase Life of Gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii Hook.) Nepal Journal of Science and Technology Vol.11 41-4 Protected Cultivation of High Value Cut flowers West Bengal 19.5 21.9 23.1 23.9 Andhra Pradesh Lilium, Gerbera, Tulip, Anthurium, Orchids, Alstroemeria, Eustoma, Gypsophila, Statice, etc.) 1. Rose: Rose is the leading cut flower in the international cut flowers trade and is also the leading cut flower exported from India. In India, over. Private entrepreneurs have set up several green houses for production of gerbera of international standard. Roses Variety : First Red, Grand Gala, Sangria, Arjun. Time of planting is September to October, Spacing required is 100cm x 60cm, Pit size requirement is 30cm x 30cm x 30cm and No. Of Plants per 0.04HA will be 600 No Gerbera plants grown in locations with insufficient light will not bloom well. The optimum day and night temperature is 27 o C and 14 o C respectively. For flower initiation, the optimum temperature is 23 o C and for leaf unfolding it is 25 - 27 o C. Soil. There are two primary factors to be considered while selecting soil for Gerbera cultivation

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The major production of gerbera has been reported in Assam, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Sikkim, Uttarakhand and West Bengal. It is native to tropical regions of South America, Africa and Asia and suitable for growing in hilly ranges at an altitude of 1000 to 2000m. Improved production technology i Gerbera Flower Farming Guide: The following information is about Gerbera Flower Farming.. Gerbera Flower Farming. Introduction of Gerbera:- Gerbera is an exotic/ornamental flower plant grown throughout the world and known as African Daisy (or) Transwal Daisy. This flower originated from Africa and Asian continents and belongs to Compositae family

Siliguri and Dalkohla in West Bengal in market on an average @ Rs. 25-30/kg. He also He has already organised two training courses on Gerbera cultivation for SHG of . two villages namely Bong Busty and Deorali for a period of 20 days. Among them Ms.AnuChettri has already adopted his techniques on flower cultivation and many other. Best conditions for cultivation. In India, Gerbera flowers are extensively distributed at heights of 1300 to 3200 meters. They grow very well in states like Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir and other Himalayan regions. A good thing about the Gerbera flower is that it can be grown all over India through 'greenhouse farming'

12. Keeping the net sown area same we can start protected cultivation in fallow and uncultivated land excluding fallow. (679 thousand ha; 7.8% of total land of WB) 13. Potentiality according to economic status of farmers in West Bengal Potentiality according to economic status of farmers in West Bengal. 14 West Bengal, India Population dynamics and management of yellow mite, Polyphagotarsonemus latus (Banks) (Acari: Tarsonemidae) infesting gerbera under protected cultivation Soumita Pal and Krishna Karmakar Abstract The present experiment was conducted in an experimental unit, at Horticultural Teaching Farm, o •Gerbera cultivation can be very profitable for the farmers in the West Bengal especially for the farmers who have small land holdings. The freshness and long lasting characteristics of this flower made it to use as decorative flowers in parties, function and flower bouquets. Market commercial value of this flower is excellent in India

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Browse listings of gerbera dealers in Kolkata, West Bengal with traders, distributors, wholesalers, manufacturers & suppliers. Get best gerbera price in Kolkata offered by verified companies West Bengal is endowed with varied agro climatic conditions suitable for growing a number of flowers but the traditional floriculture is predominant in this state. 4.1Traditional FloricultureTraditionally, flowers have been grown in India as well as West Bengal in the open fields, where they have been exposed to both biotic and abiotic stresses under protected cultivation and major crops/plants and commercial use of protected cultivation are indicated below: Major States Major crops/purpose • Karnataka • Tamilnadu • Andhra Pradesh • Kerala • Telangana • Maharashtra • Gujarat • Haryana • Punjab • Himachal Pradesh • West Bengal • Noth Eastern State In food and agro processing sector West Bengal is one of the three front running states in India. Agriculture contributes 30% in the SDP and employs 57% of the workforce. Fruits, vegetables and cereals grow in abundance in West Bengal. The state accounts for 30% of potatoes, 27% of pineapples, 12% of bananas and 16% of India's rice production

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Gerbera Daisies. Learn Growing Gerbera Daisies, How to grow Gerbera plants inside, Gerbera in containers, Pests, and diseases of Gerbera, and more information in this article. Daisy is almost everyone's favorite flower. Gerbera Daisy is really very cute, and one of the most popular cut flowers. If they keep you in a vase, then run for at least one week, that is the reason people like to see. West Bengal is talented as a flower producing state in the atlas of Indian floriculture because it is one of the foremost state in flower production and trade. West Bengal with diverse agro-climatic conditions is placed in a very advantageous position in respect of climate and soil for gerbera, carnation, and anthurium etc [10].. 2.1 Production Areas. The estimated area under flower growing in the country is about 65,000 hectares (Table 1). The major flower growing states are Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh in the South, West Bengal in the East, Maharashtra in the West and Rajasthan, Delhi and Haryana in the North The scientific name of Gerbera flower is Gerbera Jamesonii. These flowers are very pretty and these flowers are variable in color like yellow, pink, red, orange, white and cream etc. These plants are growing in our normal temperature, but its need sunlight and at afternoon its must be placed under shed

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কৃষি সমস্যা সমাধানের জন্য মাটির কথা টোল ফ্রি নম্বর ১৮০০ -১০৩. Gerbera cultivation economics in - Agricultureguruji. If you find this article interesting, you can get more knowledge from the book on Gerbera production here. Apart from that you can sell them in the local flower market. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published The official said demand for gerbera flower is huge in the world market. In India, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, West Bengal have emerged as major floriculture centres.While West Bengal, Karnataka and Maharashtra are the leading cut-flower production states, accounting for 33.1%, 12.3% and 10.3% of the country's produce, respectively, Tamil Nadu (18.

under protected cultivation in India is presented in Table 2. Maharashtra is leading state in India in protected cultivation followed by Karnataka and Himachal Pradesh. Other states which have area under protected cultivation are Punjab, Uttarakhand, Haryana, U.P., Gujarat, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, J&K, Delhi, West Bengal, Orissa, Bihar, M.P., etc. Micronutrients are involved in all metabolic and cellular functions of the plant and are essentially as important as macronutrients. The present experiment was conducted with four micronutrients like Fe, Mg, Zn and B at three levels 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8% were applied with three replications by following randomized block design. The results were significant for plant height, plant spread, number of..

The potential of floriculture in West Bengal West Bengal has been the highest producer of cut flowers, of over 250 crore pieces, in the domestic market and recorded the highest compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 597 per cent during five-year period of 2007-08 and 2011-12, Assocham noted in a study.West Bengal was also at the top in terms of share of flower production (about 34 per. West Bengal's climate varies from tropical savannah in the Southern portions to humid sub-tropical in the North. West Bengal is situated in Eastern India. The state shares the borders with Jharkhand, Bihar, Odisha, Sikkim and Assam. The state shares international borders with Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal. The Bay of Bengal is in the South of.

kunzeana, Gerbera viridifolia etc. Only Gerbera Jamesonii is under cultivation. Gerbera is treated as a very popular cut flower in Holland, Germany & USA (Choudhary and Prasad, 2000[3] and Sujatha et al., 2002[15]). However, in India, the commercial cultivation is confined to Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Jammu & Kashmir, Andhr In India gerbera occupied approximately 820 ha area and obtained17.84 MT of cut flower in few states like Assam, Maharastra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, Manipur and Mijoram. There are so many entrepreneurs invest huge quantity of fund for gerbera flower production in India around Pune, Bangalore and Chennai

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States that have continuously expanded the area under protected farming for 2007-2012 are Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Haryana, and Maharashtra. Maharashtra and Gujarat had a wide area of 5,730.23 hectares and 4,720.72 hectares, respectively, under the protected cultivation till 2012 The State of West Bengal is a significant producer of many horticulture and agriculture produce. The State has achieved significant growth in agriculture production over the past decade (CAGR of 4.5% during 1996-2001). The State accounts for nearly 20% rice, 28% potato & 27% pineapple out of the national production

SEED PRODUCTION: A VENTURE FOR INCOME GENERATION Name: Sri Jogen Ghosh Address: Vill.- Kartik Danga, P. O.- Raipur, District- Birbhum, West Bengal Crop Variety Quantity sold (Kg.) Amount earned (Rs.) Paddy Khitish 700 7000 Niranjana 100 1000 Wheat Sonalika 50 1000 Black gram WBU 108 55 1650 Green gram PDM-84-139 70 2800 Mustard RW-351 60 1500. Chrysanthemum Cultivation Information Guide Agri Farming Gerbera Wikipedia Shutter N Aperture Flower Beauty Chrysanthemum 13 Different Types Of Chrysanthemums Plus Planting Tips And Chrysanthemum Plant Manufacturer In West Bengal India By Th The major Gerbera producing states in India are Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, Tamilnadu, West Bengal and Himachal Pradesh. 2/12 1) Soil Structure Required for Gerbera Cultivation There are two primary factors are considered while selecting soil - 1. The soil pH must be between 5.5 to 6.5. 2 Floriculture is a growing industry in West Bengal. It's the highest producer of cut flowers in India. Major flowers produced within the state are rose, tuberose, carnation, gerbera, gladiolus, hibiscus, orchids, and marigold Profitable Fast Growing Trees - Gmelina arborea, Melia Dubia, Bamboo, Casuarina hi, i am jayanta ghosh from west bengal.i was a big garden. but in flood that is destroyed. now i missed them. Flowers of bean (1) gerbera (1) Glorisoa superpa (1) Gmelina Arborea( Kumil ).

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Gerbera jamesonii Bengal™ Series. SKU. 31589. A new gerbera daisy mix with bigger, beefier flowers than the popular Jaguar series. Strong, vigorous plants bloom profusely to add a bold splash of color to patio pots or at the front of a border. The Bengal Series™ includes six classic colors, including orange, rose and white There are about 45+ plant houses in the capital city of West Bengal. This is article is to list 10 best Plant Nurseries in Kolkata for your convenience.. You can get a range of decorative, medicinal, herbal, floral plants here

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Gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii; family Asteraceae) is one of the most popular commercial flower crop and ranks 4th among cut flower demands (Sujatha et al., 2002). In India, 0.190 million hectares of area is under flower cultivation with a production of 1.031 million loose of flowers and 690.27 million of cut flowers in the year 2010-2011 Home > Crop Guide > Ornamentals > Gerbera. Recommendations. Research. Articles. How to maximize the yield of gerberas grown in greenhouse Read More. All related tags for Gerbera. Gerbera Leaf Tissue Nutrient Sufficiency Ranges by Chronological Age Read More

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Surat and Navsari are the major districts cultivating Gerbera under protected condition in South Gujarat region. The production of gerbera in Surat and Navsari districts was 612.5 metric tonnes during 2015. A major challenge before the Gerbera cultivators is to minimize the cost and increase the returns. Keeping in view the challenges the present study was conducted to estimate costs and. cultivation [1]. Marigold can also be adopted and grown profitably in various weather conditions though mild climate during growing period (14.5-28.6°C) greatly improve flowering while higher temperatures (26.2-34.4°C) adversely affected flower production [2]. Jhargram is the district in West Bengal with leas Top Fruit producing state in India: Almond: Jammu & Kashmir: Guava: Uttar Pradesh: Mango: Uttar Pradesh: Sapota: Gujarat: Grapes: Maharashtra: Ber: Gujarat: Papaya.

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Table 1.1 Flower cultivation in India 1 Table 1.2 Flower Cultivation in West Bengal 2 Table 2.1 Key determinants of global value chain governance 11 Table 4.1 Types of Cut Flower Value Chain in Research Area based on Gereffi et al. (2005) 35 Table 5 Floriculture: Share of West Bengal in India 5 Commercial cultivation of rubber in West Bengal, the scope of processing to make finish products - the scope of cultivation in West Bengal Darjeeling tea, production, challenges and future scope of continuous cultivation scope of coffee production in West Bengal, present scenario and future possibilities, an initiative of GTA to make a brand. Find Fresh Flowers manufacturers, Fresh Flowers suppliers, exporters, wholesalers and distributors in West bengal India - List of Fresh Flowers selling companies from West bengal with catalogs, phone numbers, addresses & prices for Fresh Flowers India ranks second in vegetable production next to China w.r.t. area and production contributing 13.38 % to the total world production. India occupies first position in cauliflower, second in Onion, third in cabbage in the world. West Bengal, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Karnataka are the important states fo in mid-hill conditions of West Bengal. The survey was conducted at the farms of RRS, UBKV, Kalimpong; RRSS, UBKV, Pedong and other adjoining areas for 3 consecutive years during 2005-07. The ornamental plants like Gladiolus, Carnation, Anthurium, Gerbera, China Rose, Chrysanthemum, Bird of Paradise and Straw flower were taken up for the study

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  1. Seventeen plant whitefly species belonging to widely separate families were reported in the Kalyani area of West Bengal. In Andhra Pradesh, B. tabaci was found to survive on 14 off-season hosts (Verma et al. 1989). Later, (Arneja 2000) from Punjab reported B. tabaci from 16 different host plants comprising field crops, vegetables, and weeds
  2. Barashara, Kolkata Village & PO Barsahara, PS Sabong Sabong To Kharika Road, Barashara, Kolkata - 721144, Dist. Kolkata, West Bengal TrustSEAL Verified Call +91-804883570
  3. g 30-40 Lac per acre with Polyhouse Subsidy and Polyhouse cost Introduction to Polyhouse Cultivation and Polyhouse Subsidy. Everyone knows what is polyhouse, In simple way it is just doing far
  4. WBPSC Botanist Syllabus 2020-2021: West Bengal Public Service Commission has been officially uploading PSC Botanist Syllabus 2020 PDF. Here, you can get also, WBPSC Botanist Exam Pattern. We know, many candidates are waiting for this West Bengal Food Department Botanist Syllabus

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  1. JSW Bengal Steel had 10 million tonne steel plant in West Bengal. This landmark project will have capital outlay of 35000 Cr and is the largest ever investment project in West Bengal and I made recommendation on financing of the project. B-Plan:Cultivation of Gerbera Flower under Polyhouses Feb 2012 - Mar 2012. This is a complete Business.
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  3. WBPSC Horticulture Assistant Director Syllabus 2020 | Geography Mistress Exam Pattern: West Bengal Public Service Commission officials will organize a Written Test for Assistant Director of Horticulture, Geography Mistress posts. So candidates who had applied for the WBPSC Horticulture Assistant Director Exam 2020 must know the complete WBPSC Horticulture Assistant Director Syllabus 2020
  4. Unnati Manz Biotec Dairy Farms Pvt Ltd - Progress of Infrastructure Development. The Development of the Farm from Nov 2011 till 31st Jan 2015. This One of a kind High Tec Dairy Farm is located in Jevali, in Maharastra , India
  5. Price : Get Quote Shelf Life : 10days Type : Gerbera Flower Style : Fresh Application : Decorative, Garlands, Vase Displays, Wreaths Cultivation : Organic Color : White The White Gerbera Flowers, which we supply, are acclaimed for their freshness and sweet fragrance. Buyers will not regret purchasing our products, as they conform to industrial quality management standards
  6. e, gerbera and.

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Company has mandated a minimum land area of 200 acres under progressive cultivation to support over 2000 farmers via its outreach and enablement programs by 2020. Our current portfolio encompasses 60 acres+ land area under cultivation and has a retail footprint in the state of West Bengal CONTACT US National Horticulture Board Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Government of India 85, Institutional Area, Sector - 18 Gurugram - 122015 (Haryana DISEASES OF GERBERA Alternaria leaf spot . Brown specks form on florets and the leaves. Centers become white on the leaf spots of tuberose floral malady is wide spread in tuberose growing areas of West Bengal and Orissa and a potential threat for cultivation of tuberose in West Bengal. i) Nature of damage. Above ground symptoms of nematode.


  1. g facilities. These are available in the markets in distinct colors and sizes that suit the choices of our clients. Jakpur District - Paschim Midnapur, Kharagpur, West Midnapore-721301, West Bengal, India. Get Directions. A. N.
  2. a). It is mainly cultivated in West Bengal, North Eastern States, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. In Gujarat, the area under gerbera cultivation is concentrated around Surat, Navsari, Valsad, Vadodara and Ahmadabad districts. Due to its ability to withstand long transportation
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  4. During 2012-13, floriculture covered an area of 0.23 million ha with a production of 1.73 million tons of loose flowers and 76.73 million tons of cut flowers. The leading cut flower producing states are West Bengal (33.1%), followed by Karnataka (12.3%), Maharashtra (10.3%), Andhra Pradesh (9.07%) and Orissa (7.9%)

According to him, these varieties have tolerance to certain pests which would reduce the application of pesticides and also reduce the cultivation cost. In India, gerbera cultivation accounts for. Gerbera: macro nutrients - N (nitrogen), P (phosphorus), K (potassium) Haifa Group is a world leader in the field of specialty fertilizers. The company sells a wide range of quality products in more than 100 countries through 16 subsidiaries spread throughout the world cultivation of temperate and sub-temperate fruits, flowers, vegetables, medicinal and aromatic plants in West Bengal, present area, production and productivity of temperate, sub-temperate horticultural crops of West Bengal - reasons for decline of Mandarin orange production, ways and means to rejuvenate it, area, productio

The domestic industry is growing at annual rate of 7-10% per annum. This year the turnover was Rs.1, 000 crore with Rs 400 crore contribution form Delhi alone rest Rs. 600 crore comes from rest of the metropolitan cities. The area under production of flowers is around 1.67 lakhs hectares concentrated mostly in West Bengal, Karnataka, Tamilnadu Protected Cultivation of. Gerbera GERBERA CULTIVATION Contd. Vermiwash used @50% and 75% twice a week in addition to 19-19-19 of NPK. It is reported that performance of gerbera cv. Rosalin is reported significantly better under naturally ventilated GH where as followed Sunway performed better (upto 65-75 cm stem length) and found floriferous when sprayed with 75% vermiwash, grown in media. Manoj Kumar, R., Rao, M. S., & Ramachandran, N. (2010). Biomanagement of disease complex caused by Meloidogyne incognita and Phytophthora parasitica Dastur in protected cultivation of gerbera using formulation of Trichoderma harzianum and Pseudomonas fluorescens

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  1. Protect outer row of plants on South - West and Southern sides from sun scorching by covering the stem with areca leaves or leaf sheaths or by growing tall and quick growing shade trees. Planting Pits of 60x60x60cm should be dug and filled with top soil, cow dung and sand up to 50cm
  2. Area and Production during 2011-12 StateState Area Area '000 ha' Loose fls '000MT' Cut flowers 'Lakh No.' Andhra PradeshAndhra Pradesh 64.2 64.2 389.0389. 7099.47099.4 Tamil Nadu 32.3 332.8 -----KarnatakaKarnataka 29.2 29.2 211.5211.5 1038810388 West BengalWest Bengal 23.9 23.9 63.963.9 250422504
  3. Enlisting here the data of gerbera flowers suppliers, exporters and manufacturers. These leading exporting companies are offering high quality products to the clients on time
  4. Gmelina arborea is a fast growing tree. It is used in constructions, furniture, carriages, sports, musical instruments and artificial limbs. It can grow moderate to large height up to 30 m with girth of 1.2 to 4. It can be harvested in 8-10 years
  5. I. AGRICULTURE IN WEST BENGAL: AGRO-CLIMATIC ZONES On the basis of two primary factors climatic factors and soil, West Benga is divided into 6 agro-climatic zones which are: (01). HILL ZONE / NORTHERN HILL. The hill zone includes the districts: Darjeeling (except the Siliguri division) and the Northern edge of the Jalpaiguri district.Terrace cultivation primarily practices in this zone
  6. Flower cultivation is polyhouse based and, therefore, requires less space. Polyhouse is a 250 square metre protective shade of polythene in a steel or bamboo structure. In the past seven years nearly 5,000 farmers were introduced to floriculture and are growing cymbidium orchid, gerbera, lilium, carnation and rose

Surveys were conducted during November - February (2015-16 to 2017-18) to collect Sclerotinia sclerotiorum infected plant parts of various hosts from different agro-ecological regions of Assam, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and West Bengal. Thirty-seven S. sclerotiorum cultures were isolated from the infected plant parts collected from the crop fields with disease incidence ranging from 3.3. Register with us : Submit registration form online. After successful payment you will get ID & password on your registered email ID instantly Small but mighty 'Tiny Bee' is dwarf Asiatic hybrid lily that will glow along path edges and in patio containers. 'Tiny Bee' is an excellent choice for windy areas where taller specimens tend to snap and break. It blooms in mid-summer. Native Area: NA; this is an Asiatic hybrid lily. USDA Growing Zones: 2 to 9

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Commercial cultivation of cut flowers like roses, orchids, gladious, carnation, gerbera, lilum & anthyrium has become popular in recent years. In India the state of Andhra Pradesh has the maximum area under floriculture & followed by TamilNadu, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Haryana & West Bengal. Question 32 Institute Of Horticulture Technology established in 2009 is a premier Institute for conducting Educational & Research Programmes in Modern Horticulture and providing Residential Capacity Building Trainings for opening of numerous opportunities for career building in India and abroad. The Institute has Main Campus in Greater Noida, NCR, Delhi. It can grow in sandy soil and clay soil. Best grows in fertile soil with well drainage in it. pH of soil - 6.5 best for it. Cutting/Splitting -. Split in such a size where there are a least 2-3 nodes or sprouts on each stem. Leaves should be remove for the faster growth of the nodes. Temperature -. Low - 15C