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Adyar Banyan Tree or the Adayar Bodhi Tree, believed to be around 450 years old, is located on the campus of Theosophical Society at Adyar in Chennai. Its sprawling branches cover 40,000 sq ft.is one of the largest tree in the world. It measures 238ft from north to south and 250ft from east to west. The total area exceed 59,500 sq ft THE LARGEST BANYAN TREES IN THE WORLD IS IN MAUI, HAWAII AND IS THE SIZE OF A CITY BLOCK WITH TWELVE TRUNKS ID: AXG62Y (RM) India, Tamil Nadu, Chennai (Madras) The Thimmamma Marrimanu of Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, also sometimes called as the Old Banyan tree is the largest Banyan tree in the world and holds a Guinness record for it too. There is an eerie legend that surrounds this Banyan tree

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Banyan tree is the national tree of India. TAMIL TEMPLES. Over six temples in Tamil Nadu have got the tree as its temple tree (sthala Vriksha): Thiru Alankadu, Thiru Alampozil, Thirup pazuvur, Thiru Anpilanthurai, Thiru Meyyam and Thiru Vilipputhur temples. Ancient Tamil native doctors used its root, leaves and latex (milk) as medicines The YGP family. (I have a lot of data on this family, and for a few days, may keep answering questions on this topic. Bear with me.) It may go on like a banyan tree. This is going to be a head spinning journey. Start with Mrs.Rajalakshmi Parthasar.. Named after the Tamil poet, This 500-year-old Neermaruthu tree is one of the oldest in the state. Situated in Esanthimangalam village near Nagercoil, the bark of this tree is used in medicinal remedies, including those for the heart and skin, by the locals of the region. They have nicknamed the tree Arjuna, after the sacred figure who protects Andhra Pradesh, a territory of India, situated in the southeastern piece of the subcontinent. It is limited by the Indian conditions of Tamil Nadu toward the south, Karnataka toward the southwest and west, Telangana toward the northwest and north, and Odisha toward the upper east. The eastern limit is a 600-mile (970-km) coastline along the Bay. A 70-year-old banyan tree (Ficus benghalensis), which leaned on the roof of the police outpost at the Coimbatore Medical College Hospital (CMCH) in the recent gusty winds and rain, got a new life as

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  1. In Tamil it is called akil (அகில்) though what was referred in ancient Tamil literature could well be Excoecaria agallocha. Agarwood from Aquaria tree. Farmers prefer agar to sandalwood A crop that has no equals in the field of natural incense,.
  2. T he World's Second Largest Banyan Tree is on Saline Drip. The 700-year-old Ficus tree, known as Pillalamarri, spread over four acres in the Mahabubnagar district of Telangana is almost dying. Efforts are being made by forest officials to rejuvenate it with a saline drip
  3. 3. STORY: Adyar Banyan Tree or the Bodhi Tree at Adyar, believed to be nearly450 years old is considered to be one of world's oldest banyan trees .Located on the campus of the Theosophical Society at Adyar city in India's southern Tamil Nadu state, this tree attracts hundreds of curious visitors. The sprawling branches of one of the largest.
  4. Largest canopy area According to Bar-Ness, Thimmamma Marrimanu ranks first in canopy cover (19,107 square metres). With a canopy area of 17,520 sq m, Kabir Vad is the second largest banyan tree. The road leading to Thimmamma Marrimanu is dry
  5. ● In Mahabubnagar of Telangana state India, there is an 800-year-old banyan tree, Pillalamarri. It covers the area of 4 acres. ● Adyar in Chennai, Tamil Nadu has a 450-year-old giant Banyan tree
  6. It's big, and it's bold. AJIO has the most desirable fashion sale up powered by Superdry, and it will end on July 5, 2021 46% self falls among two-wheeler riders were fatal in Tamil Nadu: IIT.
  7. Tucked amidst a whopping 219 acres of grassland, Banyan Tree is a welcome retreat to discover nature at its immaculate best. Experience a divine solace in the vicinity of a private waterfall and a century old Banyan Tree inside the resort premises. Location: No 31-1, Rathinaswamy Gounderpathy Sethumadai, Pollachi, Tamil Nadu- 64213

This banyan tree is the fourth largest among the ancient banyan trees of India. The first three giant banyan trees are located in Mehboob Nagar in Andhra Pradesh, Kolkata, and West Bengal in Chennai and Tamil Nadu respectively Sita worshipped Banyan Tree. I have already written about the Indian Wonder: The Banyan Tree. Valmiki gives more information about this tree in Ayodhya Kanda chapter 55: Rama, Lakshmana and Sita crossed the river Kalindi in a raft. Sita offered obeisance to the river. Then she went to a banyan tree (nyagrodha) named Shyama Largest canopy area. According to Bar-Ness, Thimmamma Marrimanu ranks first in canopy cover (19,107 square metres). With a canopy area of 17,520 sq m, Kabir Vad is the second largest banyan tree. The road leading to Thimmamma Marrimanu is dry

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  1. Tree Top Education In Tamil Nadu: Connectivity Issues Force Students To Climb Trees To Attend Online Classes Kavitha, a class nine student says it's risky, but the only way she can attend classe
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  3. Karaikudi is a Municipality in Sivaganga District in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is part of the area commonly referred to as Chettinad. Karaikudi became popular because the area is famous for houses built with limestone called 'karai veedu'. It may also be due to a plant called Karai which is widely spread over this area
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Leaving behind the rice paddies and wide slow rivers of lowland Tamil Nadu, we drove 180 miles to Jayanthi and Prabhu's (Tamils don't traditionally use surnames) farmstay, Banyan Tree (full. The ten centres which are to be opened in the next six months in southern Tamil Nadu will be the seeds of a big banyan tree, he said. Chairman, CII Tamil Nadu Council, Hari K Thiagarajan. The Dodda Alada Mara or Doda Alada Mara, literally translated to Big Banyan Tree, is a giant 400 year old Banyan tree (Ficus bengalensis), located in the village of Kettohalli in the Bangalore Urban district of Karnataka, India. This single plant covers 3 acres (12,000 m2) and is one of the largest of its kind

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  1. YMCA College of Physical Education was founded by Mr. Harry Crowe Buck in the year 1920. Mr. Buck was a pioneer in physical education training in India. The college stands as a hallmark for training physical education teachers, coaching the students who can teach physical education, skills and techniques of games, organizing sports competition.
  2. Kumar said the Howrah's botanical garden has the world's largest banyan tree aged 342 years with the circumference of its core stem once measuring 15 metre and that of its peripheral stem now.
  3. A part of the African Big Five, the Baobab is not a naturalised tree in Madras. The Great Banyan tree, known as the Aalamaram in Tamil, is believed to be over 450 years old, older than Madras.
  4. The Pillalamarri Banyan Tree is 700 years old and is 5 kms from Mahbubnagar city. We arrived at the park housing the tree after a short drive through the city and our first thought was that we were looking at the Home Tree of Avatar movie ! The Pillalamarri Banyan tree has stood at the place for over 7 centuries and has spread it's branches.
  5. Plan for Sunday was visit big banyan tree near Bengaluru. The Big Banyan Tree of Ramohalli, Bangalore is a favorite weekend haunt of most Bangaloreans. 28 kilometers west of Bangalore, it is very easily accessible by road, with clear signboards towards the location of the Banyan tree. Each time we make a visit there we+ Read Mor

The Banyan farm resort home stay is located inside a 500 acre farm just at the foot hills of the Anamalai hill range . in Pollachi ,Tamil nadu and is abundant with Coconut , Arcanut , cocoa , fruit trees, flowering trees and banyan trees in addition to many native wild trees The tropical growing trees are found in Tamil Nadu. So, if you are looking for trees names in Tamil, we have prepared a list for you. Here is the list of the most common trees found on the soils of Tamil Nadu with their Tamil and English names. English Name of Trees: ஆலமரம்: Banyan Tree

The Banyan is the largest of trees, The Peepul quivers in the breeze, The Coconut grows up straight and tall, The Neem tree's fruits are very small, The Tamarind gives us pleasant shade, The Date's leaf is as sharp as a blade, The Teak tree gives us useful wood, The Mango gives us fruit that is good. Rhyming Words: trees-breeze, tall-small. At The Banyan, we are working to substantively change this scenario. We offer comprehensive mental health services in a range of institutional and community settings for people with mental health issues living in homelessness and poverty. We work in the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Maharashtra with a population of 1 million servicing low. There is a Mango tree in the temple dating back to 3,500 years. The divine tree with its four branches representing the four Vedas yields fruits in four flavours - sweet, citric, spicy and bitter. Legend has it that once Parvati was doing tapas under the temple's ancient Mango Tree. In order to test her devotion Lord Shiva sent fire on her Formerly known as Madras, Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu, and one of the largest cultural and economic centres of India. With evidence of settlements from as far back as the prehistoric era, Chennai is one of the longest continuously inhabited places in the world. The 100 plus year old Banyan tree around which Auroville was set-up.

The temple dates back to 1st Century AD. The 196 ft high temple tower is 2nd only to Srirangam's Rajagopuram (236 ft) among the Divya Desams. The 9 tier temple chariot is said to be the biggest in Tamil Nadu. It is the Srivilliputhur temple tower that is enshrined as the Tamil Nadu Government logo The Pillalamarri tree of Mahabubnagar district spans over 3 acres and is said to be the second largest Banyan tree in India. news Environment Wednesday, April 18, 2018 - 18:22 TNM Staff Follow. But not everywhere is this norm is being followed. Like exceptions, a couple of villages in Tamil Nadu, there is a different story. The people of Thoppupatti and Saampatti villages in Trichy district have been observing silent Diwali for years now to ensure that the thousands of bats that live on a big banyan tree in the village are not disturbed

Thambikottai is a small Village/hamlet in Orattanadu Block in Thanjavur District of Tamil Nadu State, India. It comes under Paruthi kottai Panchayath. It is located 21 KM towards South from District head quarters Thanjavur. 5 KM from Orattanadu. 337 KM from State capital Chenna 342 years old World's greatest Banyan Tree is damaged by Cyclone in Howrah Botanic Garden .A major tourist attraction of Howrah Biological Park in West Bengal, has been badly damaged. The Amphan Cyclone has damaged a tree in the park, which is about 342 years old and has become the world's largest banyan tree.Similarly, two [ 2. West facing house vastu, is west facing location is good for trees plantation. 3. North Facing House Vastu this link has information on plants and trees plantation. 4. South facing house vastu, note that South facing is the best option to plant trees. 5 A canopy and a walkway now installed in the Mahbubnagar district of Telangana—about 100 km from Hyderabad—form a pathway to the grounds of a 700-year-old tree. Hundreds of visitors roam around the vast expanse of the tree, which is spread across a 3.5-acres. This age-old tree is one of the largest banyan trees in India and holds heritage value

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  1. The city Madurai is the second largest city in Tamil Nadu, is known for its world renowned Meenakshi Temple. This Meenakshi temple is famous for its intricate carvings and scriptures. The city of Madurai is situated at the bank of river Vaigai and boasts of a rich ancient culture and heritage. Madurai is more than 2,500 years old; it is one of.
  2. The Adyar Banyan . Word of this mighty Banyan has travelled far and wide, attracting tourists from across the world to Chennai's Theosophical Society. The Great Banyan tree, known as the Aalamaram in Tamil, is believed to be over 450 years old, older than Madras itself
  3. Hindus Worship Banyan Trees - There is a beautiful verse in the Panchatantra about Banyan Tree:Deer recline in its shade;Birds in multitude gather to roostDarkening its dark-green canopy of.
  4. With the untiring efforts of the Management, Principal and staff the big banyan tree has spread its branches further to shelter 2000+ students. Read More . Maharishi Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School. Kovilpapakudi, Near Koodal Nagar, Madurai - 18, Tamil Nadu. principalmvmmadurai@gmail.com mvmmadurai2012@gmail.com +91 -7708066567. Key links.

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Seven stories Tamil Nadu's new Legislative Assembly building in Chennai has become India's largest government building to have been awarded the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Certification from the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). CM/VVIP Drive in India, the banyan tree is a symbol of longevity and constancy. Jackfruit Tree is native to southwest India and the fruit is largest tree borne fruit. The jackfruit is the state fruit of the Tamil Nadu and Kerala, Kerala is the largest producer of jackfruit in the world. Indian Jujube/Ziziphus mauritiana. Indian jujube or Indian plum is a tropical fruit tree from the Indian Subcontinent While my personal favourite is the panneer soda when in Tamil Nadu- you may want to try some of the called out the Rajiv Gandhi Nature park which is a relatively small park but under the canopy of a single large banyan tree with monkeys to keep us entertained with their antics. While smaller than a the big banyan tree in. Banyan trees are called aal maram in Kerala. The leaves have a special significance to the Hindus of Kerala. Our thaali or the wedding pendant that is worn by a married woman to show that she is married, is shaped like an aal ila or a banyan tree leaf. There is an elaborate choker necklace that is a part of our ancient traditional jewelry. Tree Top Education In Tamil Nadu: Connectivity Issues Force Students To Climb Trees To Attend Online Classes Kavitha, a class nine student says it's risky, but the only way she can attend classes

The provided tree is precisely designed and manufactured under the stern supervision of our adept professionals using superior class material and modern techniques. This tree is perfect blend of contemporary and modern look. In addition to this, we are offering this tree in various sizes to meet the demands of our clients at a reasonable price CF1 Banyan Tree Apartments, CF1 Banyan Tree Apartments,154 Kariyammana Agrahara Road,Bellandur ORR,Bangalore 560103, bangalore, Karnataka, India. Banyan Tree · 3 BHK · 3 Baths · Flat/apartment · Security. Located at kadabeesanahalli, bengaluru, this 3 bhk apartment which is priced at 8750 with a security deposit of 21875 Here, the main tourist attractions are the shrine of all faiths, the Garden of Remembrance and a century-old library having invaluable collection of oriental palm-leaf manuscripts and parchments and the Big Banyan Tree, one of the largest in the world. Elliot's Beach of Tamil Nadu On this day we are excited to present the little big step Banyan Tree has taken towards the second year. Today, Banyan Tree attemps to journey through the challenges by documenting lives. Join with us and let's celebrate Banyan Tree. Supreme Court bans jallikattu in Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu, India. www.rsk.edu.in. rskschooltrichy@yahoo.in. New official RSK School website www.rsk.edu.in Be Just and Fear Not. The RSK Higher Secondary School, located in the premises of BHEL Township, 14 Kms to the east of Tiruchirapalli, in Tamil Nadu, India is the subject of this page. Founded in 1964 as a coeducation school by the BHEL.

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It hummed and groaned. Around the mid 1900's, the ten families who had been farming and living in the area near the tree, on the outskirts of the village, needed a protective deity. And so the granite stone was placed near the banyan tree. In a sense, this exposed the soul of the tree—its deity aspect, and the physical representation o Tamilnadu Samacheer Kalvi 6th English Solutions Term 1 Poem Chapter 2 Trees Questions and Answers. The banyan is the largest of all the trees. The peepul tree shivers (shakes) quickly in the breeze of the wind. The coconut tree looks majestic, growing up straight and tall. The Neem tree's fruits are very small Bursting of crackers and have become an integral part of the festivities around Diwali across the country. But in a couple of villages in Tamil Nadu, there is a different story. People of Thoppupatti and Saampatti villages in Trichy district have been observing 'silent Diwali' for years now. This, according to them is to ensure that the thousands of bats that live on a big banyan tree in the vil The God under the banyan tree (Some commentators say it was Vishnu who sat on a Banyan leaf and some others points out that is Siva who sat under a Banyan tree. An incident in the life of Krishna. Kalamkari in Tamil Nadu is done with blocks and in Andhra Pradesh with brush. In Tamil Nadu it is made in Masulipatanam. Fiber used is cotton & all natural dyes such as henna, turmeric, alum (mordant), indigo and jaggery are used. Designs are floral with painted shapes, stories of Ramayan & Mahabharat, Tree of Life motif, and auspicious symbols

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  1. Banyan Tree Homestay is categorised as Experiential Plantation Homestay (Nivalink Trip Dated - 25 February 2008) Banyan Tree is a plantation homestay near Annamalai National Park, Tamil Nadu
  2. Tamil Nadu is the _____ largest state of India. A) Eleventh B) Tenth C) Fourth D) Sixth: Which of the following is State Tree of Tamil Nadu ? A) Palm Tree B) Mango Tree C) Banyan Tree D) Iron wood: View Answer : 10) When did the Chepauk Stadium ( M. A. Chidambaram Stadium ) - home ground of the Tamil Nadu cricket team, was established in.
  3. Write about Tamil Nadu's National Symbols. Answer: Question 4. Explain the natural national symbols. Answer: Banyan tree (1950). It is a symbol of pride and has many medicinal values. Peacock (1963). It is native to Asia and the only bird which has a tail. River Ganges (2008) is a perennial river and many royal capitals flourished on its banks
  4. The capital city of Tamil Nadu awaits your arrival. The rich history of Southern India can not leave Madhurai out of it. The Lotus City, another name of Madurai was ruled by the Pandyas for a very long time. The multi-colored temples and the rich heritage makes Madurai one of the old cities and the third-largest city of Tamil Nadu
  5. In the Emerging Banyan Giants Ongoing Series, here in Part 67, we are delighted to reveal a stunning Great Mighty Banyan Tree in the Tamil Nadu town of Bel Alam,close to the border with Karnataka on the edges of green forests. This Banyan Giant is a MUST SEE for any environmentalist and green heritage lovers.It is strategically overseeing the.

Grand Temples In Tamil Nadu 1. Grand Temples in Tamil Nadu The Indian state of Tamil Nadu, known as Land of Temples. Nearly 33,000 ancient temples, many at least 800 to 1200 years old, are found scattered all over the state. This presentation shows some very important Grand Architect Temples in Tamil Nadu. 2 trekking meaning in tamil. The course is loaded up with clip bends named after Tamil celebs, pleasant slopes, and new and lively woodlands. You ought to have the option to complete the trek in a day. the activity was merely lovable with many beautiful clicked in the lake, waterfall etc it was brilliant. For the ones who are specifically looking. 1. This is a banyan tree. Answer: It is a statement. It says that the tree is a banyan tree. 2. Is this a banyan tree? Answer: It is a question about the tree. It asks if the tree is a banyan tree. 3. What a beautiful banyan tree! Answer: It is an exclamation about the tree. It expresses that it is a beautiful banyan tree. 4. Look at this.

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The ornate monumental entrance tower, known as a gopuram, for the 10th century Nataraja Temple located in Tamil Nadu. Ballooning over India. Two hot air balloons flying over marigold fields and agricultural land in a rural area near Pushkar, Rajasthan, India Karnataka Vs Tamil Nadu Over Cauvery Drinking Water Project. Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa wrote to his Tamil Nadu counterpart - MK Stalin - earlier this month, asking for talks to clear the air on . Feds, Local Health Agencies Looking At High Lead Levels In Clarksburg.. Tamilnadu Tourism This Blog gives vivid description about places of interest in Tamil Nadu to help the the tourists visiting this beautiful and enchanting State. Page One giant tree that covers an area of 3.5 acres! The Great Banyan Tree in Calcutta is the widest in the world Which is the Biggest Tree in India? The Thimmamma Marrimanu banyan tree located in Andhra Pradesh is the largest tree specimen in the world. Haridra Nadhi of Tamil Nadu is the largest temple tank in India and also the largest tank among all of the Hindu temple

The banyan is a member of the fig family. It starts life as an epiphyte, its seeds germinating in the crevices of a host tree or building. What makes the Banyan remarkable is its way of sending roots down towards the ground from its branches; sometimes these roots re-engage with the original host which is why it is also known as the Strangler Fig 1. Banyan Tree. incrediblesnaps. Scientific name- Ficus benghalensis. Banyan tree is the most familiar shade giving tree in our country. Interestingly, it originated in India itself. These Indian trees have the largest canopy coverage in India. Not many people know but the banyan tree is also the national tree of India. How to recognise it Tree activist Vijay Nishanth said, It is a 35-year-old tree with which people of this area have developed an emotional connect. Though branches were burnt with kerosene, the tree may survive Oxygener. Chennai. 16/5 Bharathi 2nd Street, Perambur, Chennai - 600011, Dist. Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Verified Supplier. View Mobile Number. Call +91-8068970152 Dial Ext 507 when connected. Contact Supplier Request a quote. Fiucs Green Island Bonsai Tree. ₹ 1,500/ Piece Get Latest Price A celebrated Tamil Nadu IFS officer has launched an app which offers guidance and advice to the environment-conscious. One banyan tree is a micro forest in itself. a big tent for liberal.

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This is a largest canopy of banyan tree situated in Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh, India. The tree occupies over 5 acres of land and is considered to be the largest banyan tree in the world.The age of the tree is around 200 years. This tree has also entered Guinness world record in the year 1989 2. West facing house vastu, is west facing location is good for trees plantation. 3. North Facing House Vastu this link has information on plants and trees plantation. 4. South facing house vastu, note that South facing is the best option to plant trees. 5 of villages in Tamil Nadu. The expelled placental waste of newly calved cow/buffalo was put in a gunny bag and tied/hanged on big banyan trees (Fig. 4). Similar findings were recorded by Manivannan et al., (2014). The afterbirths (placenta) of cattle are tied to a tree which yields a milky juice, in the belie Syed Rizwan | Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India | site engineer at Home Interiors | 53 connections | View Syed's homepage, profile, activity, articles. Even the biggest banyan tree grows from a small seed. Start with something small. Mat

The army of 7,000 men is supposed to have sheltered under the broad and intricately linked branches of this great tree. If this legend is indeed true, it makes this banyan tree one of the oldest living trees, apart from being one of the largest trees, in the world. Banyan in literature 6. Theosophical Society Photo by Ram Karthik, CC BY 2.0. The banyan tree has been long known to be the house for ghosts and witches. But, what if that is actually true? People in Chennai believe that the Theosophical society is one of the scariest places in the city. Rumours have it that during nightfall all are awakened and strange noises echo in this area The campus is home to rare tree varieties from across the globe such as mahagony, and also has a flourishing fauna that includes several species of spiders, wild cats, hares, jackals, and mongooses. It is open from 8.30am till 5pm. Theosophical Society, Besant Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600090, Indi A is for, Adyar Banyan Tree #BlogchatterA2Z. The Adyar Banyan Tree is one of the hidden gems of Chennai. While the jury is still out about whether this tree is the oldest one or the biggest Banyan in the World / India let me share what I learnt about it. Adyar Banyan Tree or The Great Banyan Tree is known to be around 450 years old famous big mother banyan tree in Auroville, India India Tamil Nadu Pondicherry India Tamil Nadu Pondicherry Puducherry Auroville Matri Mandir meditation spiritual centre center park gardens tented area woman lady sweeping Local people and tourists taking selfies if front of Matrimandir - the golden dome monument in Auroville - a concept.

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As decided, a lone Banyan tree is the geographical centre of the town of Auroville. Existence,Consciousness,Bliss,Light,Life,Power, Wealth,Utility,Progress,Youth,Harmony,Perfection are the names of the 12 Gardens of Matrimandir. There is the most pious Crytal Globe that sits inside the Chamber that has been there since 27-4-91, 9:45AM. It is. Vadamalleeswarar Temple is dedicated to Hindu God Shiva located at Oragadam in Kanchipuram District of Tamilnadu. There is one more Oragadam near Sriperumpudur and don't get confused with that. This small Sivan temple is built on a small hillock and is located amidst beautiful setting- a huge Banyan tree at the base and a big tank opposite to. The Banyan tree, (in Tamil: A rasa maram; name comes from Gujarati Baniya) is one of the most important trees in Hindu religion and one can find them in many Hindu temples. The Gujarati traders used to do business with the European merchants centuries ago under the Banyan tree; hence the name. Ficus religiosa or sacred fig is a species of fig native to Indian subcontinent, south-west China and.

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India - Tamil Nadu - Gingee Forts - Banyan Tree - 1 | FlickrDietilcarbamazinaBig Banyan tree 2 - Images WorthvieWBanyan Tree ; India Stock Photo: 83715554 - AlamyCyclone Gaja: A TN village mourns the destruction of itsBanyan Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & VectorsBanyan Tree Plantation Homestay, Topslip, Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is a bustling state in Southern India. There's many tourist places to visit in Tamil Nadu such as the big cities of Chennai, Pondicherry and Madurai and plenty of famous temples. It's not just the cities in Tamil Nadu that are worth visiting however Tamil Nadu is known especially for its blue beaches and sunny skies. philosophy and science and rational thought. 450 years old Adyar Banyan Tree or the Adayar Bodhi Tree, with branches of the tree in an area of 40,000 sq ft, located inside the Society's campus. It is believed to be largest of its kind in the world. Timigs: Holiday:. As a result, the tree expands and covers a very large area. Many places in India and other countries in Asia boast a 'big banyan tree' as a tourist attraction. The Banyan tree you see above is more than 450 years old and covers an area of over 4,500 square metres! No wonder then that it's believed to represent eternal life The Banyan is the largest of all other trees, The peepul shakes quickly in the wind, The coconut grows up straight and tall, The Neem tree's fruits are very small in size. The Tamarind gives us enjoyable shade, The Date's leafe is as sharp as a blade. The Teak tree gives us useful wood. The mango gives us fruit that is good. Trees Summary.